30 October 2019 08:38

Paul Hollywood The Great British Bake Off Diabetes

Spoiler alert: this review reveals the winner of the Great British Bake Off 2019. It was the twice-baked Stilton souffles that started the decline. Going into the final of The Great British Bake Off (Channel 4), she – the four-time star baker – was the one to beat. "It doesn't matter, alright?" he said, comforting her after the only thing her showstopper stopped was her Bake Off-winning dreams. But it also sort of does: this is the Great British Bake Off, cultural institution, a pick-me-up for troubled times, comfort food for the nation.

The showstopper this week suddenly seemed well chosen: the bakers had to create food that, deceptively, looked like something else. The three bakers left – David, Alice and Steph – did deserve their places. Neither, by all appearances, does his partner Nik. Having got to know the bakers over the past nine weeks, there is something really touching about seeing snippets of their home lives. There are videos of Alice baking as a child. There is a surreal moment when Paul and Prue pretend to freeze and fail to leave the tent before the start of the technical challenge.

Steph is struggling – she doesn't know a bain-marie needs hot water and her souffles are a puddle. David is making wedges of lemon pound cake that look like cheese, Alice is doing a carrot cake "pork pie" and Steph is making a lemon poppyseed cake in the shape of a chicken burger, but the cake has stuck to the tin. Maybe, like poor Steph, it's just having an off day. GREAT British Bake Off fans are furious after underdog David Atherton was crowned champion tonight — even though he never won star baker throughout the contest. This evening's final was an emotional roller-coaster which saw bookies' favourite Steph Blackwell suffer a disastrous night that left her in tears.

David Atherton was crowned winner of Bake Off 2019 Credit: Mark Bourdillon/ Channel 4 They were joined in the grand finale by Alice Fevronia - who was also tipped to be crowned champion baker. THIS IS SOME BULLS**T STEPH WON 4 F***ING STAR BAKERS AND SHE LOST TO SMUG A** DAVID BECAUSE SHE MESSED UP THE FINAL CHALLENGE. A third added: "David should not have won bake off, Alice was the most consistent all the way through he's never even won star baker #GBBOFinal". David is the first person to win Bake Off without winning star baker since it was introduced in series two. David impressed judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith Credit: Mark Bourdillon/ Channel 4 The health advisor was the underdog in the competition Credit: Mark Bourdillon/ Channel 4 He beat of competition from favourites Steph Blackwell (left) and Alice Fevronia (right) Credit: Mark Bourdillon/ Channel 4 "I didn't imagine for one micro second that I would get to the final, let alone win it.

David was thrilled with his big win tonight Credit: Mark Bourdillon/ Channel 4 The baker's Showstopper 'Picnic basket' was called 'exceptional' by Paul Credit: Channel 4 Shop assistant Steph, 28, from Chester, was the favourite to win the contest having been named star baker four times during the ten-week contest. Second favourite was teacher Alice, 28, from Essex, who was twice named star baker. The final saw the trio asked to create a chocolate cake, stilton souffles and a "illusion" picnic basket using cake, sweet bread and biscuits. Judge Paul Hollywood said: "David came in as probably the underdog into the final - he has gone from nothing to win the whole thing. His fellow bakers were thrilled for his big win Credit: Mark Bourdillon/ Channel 4 Fellow judge Prue Leith added: "It was really a question of the tortoise catching the hare - he just steadily went on and won." Fellow finalist Alice said: "David just blew us out of the water - the best baker won." Despite being a firm favourite to win the whole thing, Steph somehow managed to miss out on victory. Steph reduced to tears as her effort in the Great British Bake Off doesn't go to plan It was an emotional night for the pint-sized baker, who ended up in tears after one disaster after another. It was sad for all to see and resulted in Steph even getting a hug from Paul Hollywood after he judged her disappointing Showstopper. Noel Fielding had to comfort a tearful Steph Credit: Channel 4 Steph was left in tears after her Showstopper failed to impress the judges Credit: Channel 4 The Technical challenge was another beast for our bakers and poor Steph struggled to make something even resembling a double-baked Stilton souffle. Though she persevered and carried on baking through her tears, the bookies favourite came in last. While Alice managed to make a decent, it was David who stepped up the most and got top marks for the challenge. Bake Off 2019 finalists revealed as Rosie Brandreth-Poynter gets voted off in semi-final More on Bake Off showstopper SHAKE UP Who is David Atherton? Bake Off 2019 winner and health adviser from London BAKE TO SCHOOL Meet Bake Off 2019 finalist Alice - teacher who's won Star Baker twice STAR OF THE SHOW How old is Steph Blackwell? Bake Off 2019 finalist from Chester sweet love Who is Bake Off winner David Atherton's partner Nik Sariyski? HOLY CHEESUS How to make Paul Hollywood's Stilton Souffle from this week's Bake Off age of success How old are the Great British Bake Off finalists? Over the past nine weeks, a baker's dozen of floury-fingered hopefuls had been whittled down to just three - favourite Steph, steady Alice and underdog David - but only one could become champion. Last man standing David Atherton had come second in the technical challenge a remarkable six times in nine weeks and somehow reached the final without ever being crowned Star Baker. Yet likeable underdog David went up a level when it mattered most and deservedly lifted that coveted glass cake-stand trophy. Pictured: Great British Bake Off finalists Steph (left), David (middle) and Alice (right) The Great British Bake Off The final of The Great British Bake Off (C4), once the gentlest competition on TV, left millions feeling as if they'd been squashed flat by a runaway bread lorry. As the three finalists walked into the marquee holding hands at the start of the two-day trial, it was Steph who was the bookies' odds-on favourite. She had won the weekly contests four times and with so many Star Baker awards under her apron belt it seemed the big prize was just a formality. Pictured: David with Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood after the Great British Bake Off final For her grand finale, Steph Blackwell attempted a cake that looked like a chicken burger, but she was trembling so much she caught her fingers in the electric egg whisk Paul and fellow judge Prue Leith called them 'pancakes', then 'soup' and, after tasting them, as something that had been 'beaten to death'. Shop assistant Steph Blackwell, 28, whose confidence had been shaky from the first week, fell to pieces. For her grand finale, she attempted a cake that looked like a chicken burger, but she was trembling so much she caught her fingers in the electric egg whisk. Pictured: David Atherton, 36, with his showstopper, which featured a cheeseboard and pork pie picnic created from various kinds of cake Alice Fevronia, 28, made a clever scotch egg and pie illusion for her final GBBO showstopper The eventual victor, health advisor David Atherton, 36, got off to his usual downbeat start. He was the only finalist who had never won the Star Baker's ribbon – in fact, from all the previous nine series, I can't recall any contestant to reach the final week without coming first at least once. Victorious David was the only finalist who had never won the Star Baker's ribbon For the first round of the final, the bakers were asked to conjure up the perfect chocolate cake. As ever, David's looked stunning, and yet Paul and Prue criticised its flavour. In Bake Off's heyday with Mary Berry, there was no such thing as 'too much armagnac'. Nevertheless, David's twice-baked stilton souffles emerged from the oven like cupcakes made from champagne bubbles, and his showstopper – a cheeseboard and pork pie picnic created from various kinds of cake – was obviously so good that an official Government inquiry would have been demanded if he hadn't been crowned winner.