01 December 2020 22:31

Pedestrian Trier Germany

Five people including a nine-month old baby have been killed and 15 injured after a drunk driver ploughed his car into a crowd of people in the historic centre of the city of Trier, south-west Germany. Witnesses said people screamed in panic and some were thrown into the air by the car as it crashed through the shopping zone. Shortly before 2pm on Tuesday a 51-year-old man turned his silver-grey SUV on to the pedestrianised Brotstrasse shopping area, police said, where he "hit and ran over people at random". Play Video 0:31 Trier mayor says he is 'speechless' after car drives into pedestrians in German city – video In a short press conference at the scene, police said the driver had been arrested and his vehicle seized. "Inside the car was a 51-year-old German citizen from the Trier-Saarburg administrative district, who was arrested." News outlet Der Spiegel named the driver as "Bernd W".

Brotstrasse and Simeonstrasse, a 1km-long, straight street lined with shops and cafes that lead up to the Porta Nigra, the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps, remained sealed off on Tuesday afternoon as police searched for evidence. Malu Dreyer, the premier of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate where Trier is located, said she was shocked that a baby was among those killed by the driver's "brutal act". Germany has tightened security on pedestrian zones across the country since a truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market in 2016 that killed 12 people and injured dozens. A mangled pram stood in the wreckage of a German car rampage today after a baby girl and at least four others were killed when a Range Rover drove into pedestrians in what police say was a deliberate attack. Witnesses described the pram being flung off the ground, and victims 'flying into the air', after the car drove more than half a mile through a shopping area in Trier which usually hosts a popular Christmas market.

A 51-year-old German man was arrested near the city's Roman gate four minutes after the rampage began, and was being questioned tonight as police try to establish the motive for the attack. Five people including the nine-month-old baby were killed in the incident, the interior minister of Rhineland-Palatinate state, Roger Lewentz confirmed, with three others seriously injured, five 'substantially' injured and six suffering from non-life threatening injuries. The Range Rover was hoisted away for investigation tonight, hours after Trier mayor Wolfram Leibe, his voice breaking with emotion, said a young girl was among the dead in the attack. Leibe described seeing one of the girl's discarded shoes at the scene while another witness told the local Trierische Volksfreund paper that the dark grey vehicle had sent the pram flying off the ground. While authorities have not described it as a terror act, and security sources said they had no evidence of a 'political backdrop' to the attack, the incident has brought back memories of the 2016 Christmas market rampage in Berlin in which 12 people were killed.

A wrecked child's pram is seen on the pedestrian street in Trier today, after witnesses described seeing a buggy flung into the air and authorities confirmed that a young girl had died in the attack The driver is pinned to the ground next to the Range Rover believed to have run over pedestrians in Trier today, killing at least four people in what police say was a deliberate attack The Range Rover involved in the attack is hoisted away from the scene where it was stopped and its driver arrested today Debris was strewn around near an ambulance while emergency workers responded to the deadly incident in Trier today Rescue workers and onlookers stand near the scene in a pedestrian area which in a normal December would be full of people at the city's popular Christmas market Armed police in the cordoned-off pedestrian street as authorities investigated following the deadly rampage in Trier today The car is thought to have driven around half a mile through a pedestrian area near the Porta Nigra, an old Roman gate The car was stopped near the Porta Nigra, the old Roman gate, and the driver arrested at the scene - with footage showing him being pinned to the ground next to his damaged vehicle. Police spokesman Karl-Peter Jochem said the driver had 'indiscriminately' run people down after turning into the pedestrian area. The report which named the suspect as Bernd W made no suggestion of any political ideology, but said he was unemployed and known to go drinking at a local kebab shop. Police said there was no further danger to Trier residents after the driver's arrest, suggesting that he had acted alone. In addition to the injured people, there were many other 'traumatised' pedestrians who were in shock after witnessing what had happened, the mayor said.

One witness who watched the 'rampage' from a shop on the pedestrian street described seeing a children's buggy being flung into the air, saying people had run indoors in panic. Now it's happened in Trier,' the mayor told reporters near the Porta Nigra. Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman called today's news 'shocking' and said the government's thoughts were with the injured people and relatives of victims. Regional premier Malu Dreyer, who arrived at the scene on Tuesday evening, said she was deeply shaken by the events in the historic city which she described as her home town. Police in forensic gear work in the city centre after darkness fell following the deliberate attack in Trier on Tuesday Police look on as rescuers push an injured person into an ambulance at the scene where a car drove into pedestrians today The silver Range Rover believed to have been used in today's deliberate attack on pedestrians in Trier The Range Rover is lifted onto a truck to be taken away by police officers after darkness fell in Trier on Tuesday evening Emergency services at the scene of the crash in a pedestrian area which has been sealed off At least two people were killed and several injured in Trier in south-western Germany today After the driver's arrest, officers warned people to avoid the scene, and said they were on the scene alongside ambulance crews while helicopters were also hovering over the city. Footage showed police vans and other emergency vehicles parked on a wide shopping street in Trier, a large section of which appeared to have been cleared. While Trier is usually home to one of Germany's most popular Christmas markets, the event was cancelled this year because of the pandemic. The incident brought back memories of the 2016 truck rampage at a Berlin Christmas market that left 12 people dead. In August 2019, six people were injured in a series of motorway accidents in Berlin in what prosecutors described as a suspected Islamist attack. A crowd of emergency workers in the pedestrian street which in a normal December would be full of Christmas shoppers An armed police officer speaks to a firefighter near the scene of Tuesday's attack which lasted around four minutes People look at debris outside a shopfront in the pedestrian area in Trier where at least two people were killed on Tuesday Emergency services at the scene following what police said was a deliberate attack on Tuesday afternoon Five people including a baby were killed on Tuesday when a drunk man drove a car into a crowded pedestrian area in an apparently deliberate attack in the western German city of Trier. The driver was identified by police as a 51-year-old German from the Trier area. The driver has not been officially named but several German newspapers identified him as Bernd Walter W from the village of Kordel, near Trier. Two people were killed and several injured in Gloucester's twin German town after a car drove into pedestrians earlier today, police have said. The major of Trier said that at least two people were killed and 15 injured in the collision in the city centre. A witness told the newspaper Trierischer Volksfreund that the vehicle drove in the vicinity of the main market when it hit several pedestrians. The driver, 51, was arrested by local police and the vehicle seized. Trier police tweeted that the driver had been arrested and the vehicle impounded. Police and rescue crews were on the scene and authorities told people to avoid the city centre. The city of about 110,000 people is known for its Roman gate, the Porta Nigra, which is near the scene of the crash, and as the birthplace of Karl Marx.