13 August 2020 16:37

People have wished this feature on Epic Games for a long time.

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Have you tried the Fortnite Joy Ride update? If yes, is the new feature enjoyable for you or not? Apparently, for most Fortnite players, the new vehicle extravaganza is not that great. Not too mention, too dangerous for players. Here's why it is NOT 100% your fault all the time.

Fortnite Car Crash: How Your Death is NOT 100% Your Fault

Fortnite: Where is my car? On Aug. 5, the famous Epic Games Fortnite has finally released the all-time wish of all Fortnite players. A running car that you can drive on the game. Thanks to Fortnite v13.40, once you see a car inside the game, you can easily start its ignition. If you're lucky, the key is there (which is most of the time). You can choose from varieties of cars, including Islander Prevalent, Victory Motors Whiplash, OG Bear, and Titano Mudflap. People have wished this feature on Epic Games for a long time. But, some players are now thinking of not using this feature anymore. All thanks to 'car bugs' on Fortnite. Fortnite car isn't what we expected It has only been weeks since the 'car' feature was introduced. However, a lot of people are now stressed out. Of course, we still have to give Epic Games credits for trying, but we guess it is not enough. Glitches in-car driving in the game has been prevalent since day one. Slash Gear reported that some players are being eliminated in the game once they bumped into a certain object--making them or their passengers eliminated quickly. There are also times that whenever they passed into a specific location like the street lamp in Misty Meadows while driving the Whiplash, the game will automatically set them erased in the competition, maybe since Whiplash is the fastest Fortnite car, after all. Some samples of the car crash are here: Most of the comments on the Reddit posts were describing the exact thing that happened to them. "YO, that exact thing happened to me and my boy a couple nights ago, same spot. We both were like wtf," said one Redditor. "That happened to me but my Reboot was high enough to get," said another one. What Epic Games has to say So far, we don't know what's the cause behind the glitches in the Fortnite cars. Epic Games, however, commented on one post in Reddit saying that, "If anyone is able to reproduce it, please immediately report it via the in-game Feedback button after encountering it," wrote Community Coordinator "EpicBoaty." ALSO READ: Fortnite's JoyRide: Check Out All Songs You Can Tune in Every Radio Station This article is owned by Tech Times Written by Jamie Pancho ⓒ 2018 TECHTIMES.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.