05 January 2020 02:38

Perhaps The Masked Singer (ITV) doesn’t exist at all.

the masked singer

Perhaps The Masked Singer (ITV) doesn't exist at all. Perhaps it is a mass hallucination from a country mentally exhausted by politics and Brexit and BBC adaptations of literary classics. Its existence makes no sense. Quite soon into its 90-minute running time, I gave up jotting down notes and simply scrawled: "WHY??" It is a celebrity singing contest but we don't know who the celebrities are. We might not know who they are once they've unmasked themselves either, but that's a different issue.

The Masked Singer, episode 1 review: the biggest mystery behind ITV's new singing contest is why it exists at all

The celebrities perform in elaborate fancy-dress costumes with their faces covered. A panel of expert judges, all of whom could be more famous than the people they are judging, try to guess the singer's...