20 October 2020 12:49

Peter Madsen Kim Wall

Danish submarine killer caught after prison escape

A murderer who killed a journalist on a homemade submarine has attempted to escape prison. Armed police are on the scene and a road has been blocked off after Peter Madsen made a break for freedom from Herstedvester Prison. Unconfirmed reports from Expressen and Aftonbladet claim that the inventor fled by warning prison officers that he had a bomb and by taking a hostage. After a lengthy stand-off about 500m from the prison Madsen was detained in Albertslund, Denmark. Madsen was seen sitting against the wall with some kind of belt around his stomach guarded by snipers after making it roughly 500m from the prison.

He remained in that position, with guns trained at him, at 1.00pm local time. Although it is not clear how he would have gathered the necessary ingredients to make a bomb, it is likely Madsen has the technical know-how to make an explosive. Journalist Kristian Linnemann, who has spent hours interviewing the murderer, told BT: "He knows what to use to build a bomb. "Peter Madsen knows everything about chemistry and technology, so if he has the right ingredients, he will easily be able to build a bomb, but I doubt he has." Forensic psychologist Henrik Day Poulsen added: "We are dealing with a man who has committed one of the most bestial murders in Danish history, and precisely because he can use his talent for something dangerous, it is very worrying that people do not take better care of him." Witnesses on the ground reported that bomb experts were slowly making their way towards them shortly before 1pm local time. Police are expected to make a statement later today.

According Ekstrabladet the killer had been isolated in prison after an his escape plot came to life. Police confirmed that a man had tried to escape the prison, but did not provide any specific details. In April Madsen was sentenced to life without parole after being found guilty of the premeditated murder and sexual assault of journalist Kim Wall. The 30-year-old journalist had secured an interview with the eccentric inventor Peter Madsen on board his home-made submarine UC3 Nautilus in August 2017. The submarine sank and Madsen was later rescued, but there was no sign of Kim. The next day Madsen was arrested and found to have flecks of Kim's blood on his nostrils, scratches on his forearms and traces of semen in his underpants.

Two weeks later Kim's headless torso was found on a nearby beach. Police claim the submarine sank due to a deliberate act. At his original trial he claimed Kim's death was an accident but admitted to chopping up her body and throwing her over board. He claimed Ms Wall died from breathing exhaust gases that had leaked into the submarine due to a technical error while he was on the deck of the vessel preparing to submerge. Earlier this year Madsen admitted for the first time to murdering her.

Murderer Peter Madsen tried to escape prison in Denmark by threatening guards with "a fake bomb" and "pistol-like object", according to local media reports. Madsen was sentenced to life in prison in 2018 for murdering and dismembering the Swedish journalist Kim Wall on his hand-built submarine. Footage obtained by the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet showed Madsen sitting on the ground a few hundred metres outside the Herstedvester prison on the outskirts of Copenhagen with a "belt-like object" around his stomach. The newspaper said he may have also used a "pistol-like object" to get past the prison guards and make his way outside – sparking a tense stand-off with the authorities. Specialist snipers and bomb disposal experts surrounded Madsen after arriving at the scene around 10am local time, before police officers arrested him hours later.

Bomb disposal experts outside prison in Copenhagen following Peter Madsen's escape (Ritzau Scanpix/AFP via Getty Ima) Danish police said on Twitter that "a man has been arrested after attempted escape" from prison. Police spokesman Claus Buhr confirmed to the Associated Press it was Madsen. Psychiatrist Henrik Day Poulsen told the Danish newspaper BT: "He is a gifted man, but also a man who is incredibly dangerous … it is very worrying that people do not take better care of him." In April 2018 Madsen was found guilty of murder, sexual assault and the defilement of a corpse. Judge Anette Burkoe said he had not given a "trustworthy" explanation, after he claimed Ms Wall died accidentally while inside his submarine. Madsen initially denied dismembering her, then confessed that he had done so and said he'd thrown her body parts into the Baltic Sea. The precise cause of death has never been established but the court found Madsen "cut the body into pieces to hide what had happened". 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A convicted murderer, who killed a journalist on board his submarine, has been surrounded by police and arrested after trying to escape prison. © Reuters Peter Madsen is seen surrounded by police in Albertslund, Denmark Peter Madsen, 49, tried to flee Herstedvester Prison, where he is serving a life sentence for the murder of Kim Wall in 2017. Danish police have said a man has been arrested after an attempted escape and the area has been cordoned off. Local media are reporting the situation was ongoing for at least an hour but the convict has now been driven away by officers. Photos from the scene in Albertslund, Copenhagen, show Madsen sitting against a fence surrounded by armed police. Two officers lie on their stomachs on the ground in front of him and it looks like he is wearing a belt-like object around his stomach. Madsen had threatened prison guards with a "pistol-like object" and also claimed to have a bomb, according to Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet. A witness, Frank Jensen, told the newspaper that police suddenly surrounded a white van, opened the door and pulled Madsen out of it. Later pictures from the scene, which is a few hundred metres from the prison, show vehicles attempting to block the situation from view. Madsen, who was a minor celebrity in Denmark, was convicted of Ms Wall's murder in 2018. The 30-year-old Swedish journalist had been writing an article about his inventions and was travelling on his submarine when she was killed. The inventor initially claimed he had dropped her off on shore and did not know what happened to her, but later insisted she had died accidentally after her remains were found. © Other Peter Madsen pictured in 2017 Madsen admitted to dismembering her body and dumping her in the Baltic Sea. After a 12-day trial that received worldwide attention, he was convicted of the "especially brutal" murder that prosecutors said was sexually motivated. Peter Madsen, an inventor who murdered journalist Kim Wall in 2017, stopped by police near a prison. A Danish man convicted of torturing and murdering a Swedish journalist on his homemade submarine escaped the suburban Copenhagen jail where he is serving a life sentence but was recaptured nearby on Tuesday. The Ekstra Bladet tabloid posted a video of Peter Madsen sitting in the grass with his hands behind his back and police at distance. According to the daily, Madsen "had a belt-like object around the abdomen." On Twitter, police said, "A man has been arrested after attempted escape." Police spokesman Claus Buhr told The Associated Press news agency it was Madsen. A witness, Frank Jensen, told the Ekstra Bladet that police suddenly surrounded a white van, opened the door and pulled Madsen out of it. The scene occurred outside the Herstedvester prison in Albertslund, a Copenhagen suburb where Madsen is serving his sentence. In 2018, Madsen was sentenced by the Copenhagen City Court to life in prison for killing Kim Wall, a 30-year-old reporter from Sweden whom he lured to his homemade submarine in 2017 with the promise of an interview. He dismembered her body and dumped it at sea. Kim Wall, an award-winning journalist, was killed on assignment interviewing Danish inventor Peter Madsen [Angela Weiss/AFP] Madsen has denied murdering Wall. He claims she died accidentally inside the submarine but he has confessed to throwing her body parts into the Baltic Sea. Life sentences in Denmark usually mean 16 years in prison, but convicts are reassessed to determine whether they would pose a danger to society if released and can be kept longer. A self-taught engineer, Madsen built rockets in his spare time but never went to university. In 2008, he launched his homemade UC3 Nautilus submarine. Wall had planned to interview Madsen for a story on a rocket programme he founded in 2014, with the goal of building a crowdfunded rocket to launch himself into space. But by the time he finally texted her, his cash flow had dried up and he had cancelled the planned test launch.

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