23 October 2019 16:32

Picture: Getty Caroline Flack and Jameela Jamil had a heated discussion over Twitter, about new show The Surjury.

Caroline Flack at the Brit Awards earlier this year (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage) Searching the internet for Love Island host Caroline Flack may be the most dangerous thing you do today. According to cybersecurity firm McAfee, Flack is the celebrity most likely to take you down an internet black hole and put you at risk of viruses and malware. Each year the firm evaluates which celebrities produce the most results that could lead to malicious sites – those that could contain links to computer viruses and other dangerous content. The former Xtra Factor host topped the list ahead of Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams and James Corden. Reality star Kim Kardashian, who was top of the UK search list in 2018, has fallen to 26th place this year.

The UK top five was completed by musicians Nicki Minaj and Billie Eilish. Frozen star Josh Gad, actor Mischa Barton, singers Sam Smith and Dua Lipa and actor Liam Hemsworth made up the rest of the UK top ten. Online scamsters will use celebrities to lure people in (Getty Images/iStockphoto) McAfee chief scientist Raj Samani said: 'Caroline Flack has cemented herself as one of TV's most sought-after hosts. After another year of Love Island dominating headlines in the UK, I'm not surprised she has topped this years' list. Advertisement 'People want to keep up to date with the latest pop culture and celebrity news at any time from any device.

'Often consumers put that speed and convenience over security by clicking on suspicious links that promise content featuring our favourite celebrities.' 'Consumers need to think before they click to be sure that they are surfing to safe digital content and protecting themselves from cyber-security threats that may be used to infect their devices or steal their identity.' Kim Kardashian topped the list last year (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images) The cybser-security firm urged internet users to refrain from using illegal streaming sites, warning they are "riddled" with viruses disguised as video files. It also encouraged parents to take advantage of parental control tools to help better patrol what their children can access online. Caroline Flack And Jameela Jamil Feud On Twitter Over Her New Show The Surjury Caroline Flack and Jameela Jamil have divided opinions on The Surjury. Picture: Getty Caroline Flack and Jameela Jamil had a heated discussion over Twitter, about new show The Surjury. Caroline Flack and Jameela Jamil were embroiled in a Twitter feud on Tuesday night, re-igniting their feud after Jameela tagged Caroline in a tweet about the "ethics" of the new show Flack is presenting, The Surjury. The Surjury sees hopefuls wanting to alter their appearance pitch the changes they'd make to their looks and a jury will decide if they should get their dream body for free. Caroline Flack To Host The Surjury: What Is The Controversial New Channel 4 Show? Jameela made her feelings clear on the topic when she retweeted cosmetic doctor Dr Tijon Esho, who said: "I was cast as the doctor for this and declined after the press release told the full show premise – I can't believe any ehthical doctor would be involved." Sharing his message, Jameela said: "This is why I said it was like Black Mirror @carolineflack1 Because it's a VERY surreal concept that (perhaps unintentionally) will prey on people's insecurities. I think of the effect on teenagers of the messaging of this. Fingers crossed it doesn't affect anyone negatively." Jameela Jamil shared Dr Esho's tweet explaining why he turned down a job on The Surjury. Picture: Jameela Jamil/Twitter Caroline Flack responded to Jameela Jamil's tweet. Picture: Caroline Flack/Twitter Caroline then shared Jameela's message to her own profile, writing: "As you know self image is a complicated, sensitive and personal subject. At the heart of this show are people not contestants who have sought help to want to better them selves in their own eyes. Their stories deserve to be told and not ridiculed online." Jameela later said she didn't "go for Caroline" with her tweet, adding: "I said the show sounded like black mirror, and Caroline came for me over it. I was not criticizing her. She didn't create the show. I hope it doesn't cause adverse effects on young people. Reality Tv is so insane these days. A jury judging bodies is wild." The 33 year old then replied to a number of her followers who both agreed and disagreed with her views. When a fan weighed in on the debate saying: "Why can't you be hosting a show about self love and making them love them for the way they look?" Caroline responded: "You really need to watch it, it's a discussion show." Caroline was announced as the host for the cosmetic surgery show a few weeks ago, taking on another presenting job before Love Island's winter series kicks off in 2020. 75 per cent of the jury will have to vote in favour for the contestant to get their ideal body. Channel 4 are currently searching for people to take part on the show, including those wanting to go under the knife and people who have opinions on cosmetic procedures. The description of the show reads: "From bum-lifts to nose jobs, sculpted abs to breast enlargements, The Surjury allows people to explore their choices more thoroughly." Contestants will be psychologically assessed before taking part on the show, with a spokesperson explaining: "Duty of care to contributors is of paramount importance and all will be independently assessed by the clinic who will carry out their procedure. "They will be psychologically assessed and supported regarding their involvement in the programme." The show will "explore why so many people feel the need to change their bodies, and whether surgery actually makes them happier." There's not yet a confirmed start date for the Channel 4 show.> Download Our App For All The Latest Celebrity News