22 October 2019 14:56

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  • Picture: Twitter/Leave.EU Leave.EU have tweeted a video celebrating throwing drinks over politicians.

Picture: Twitter/Leave.EU Leave.EU have tweeted a video celebrating throwing drinks over politicians.

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This Twitter thread on Nigel Farage and Brexit is must-read

His comments came after Mr Farage was struck by a milkshake while out walking on a Brexit Party demonstration in Newcastle on Monday. The Brexit Party leader said the attack, and like incidents on other politicians, were an "affront to democracy". Farage is Britain's most talented politician, and he is using the European elections to launch the most telling if most mendacious political campaign in a generation. It confronts an impending electoral catastrophe, when the party will come in fourth or even fifth behind the Brexit Party, LibDems, Labour and Greens – its lowest share of a national vote in modern times. The European elections now put the very survival of British conservatism at stake: its strategy to save itself, it is clear, is to become the party of English right wing nationalism under the leadership of Boris Johnson to win back the Brexit Party voters – and to go for a much harder no-deal Brexit.

eu brexit nigel farage

If the polls are right, Labour will come in third behind the Brexit Party and the LibDems, whose slogan – "Bollocks to Brexit" – has captured the spirit of the People's Vote marches and won it growing support. Leave.EU tweeted video of Farage throwing drinks over politicians days before condemning milkshake incidents Leave.EU tweeted a mocked-up video portraying Nigel Farage and cronies throwing beer over politicians, days before condemning protesters for throwing milkshakes over him. Leave.EU have tweeted a video celebrating throwing drinks over politicians. Picture: Twitter/Leave.EU Leave.EU have tweeted a video celebrating throwing drinks over politicians. Leave.EU have tweeted a video portraying Brexiteers throwing Jeremy Corbyn through a window.

eu brexit nigel farage

Picture: Twitter/Leave.EU Leave.EU have tweeted a video portraying Brexiteers throwing Jeremy Corbyn through a window. Earlier, Leave.EU publicly condemned several assaults where UKIP and The Brexit Party politicians have had milkshakes thrown at them by members of the public. The attacks, at least one of which has resulted in arrests, have been condemned by Brexiteers such as Julia Hartley-Brewer who said that "the new political divide" is now "whether or not you think it's funny/clever/acceptable to throw a milkshake over a politician just because you disagree with them". Brexit party leader @Nigel_Farage had a #milkshake thrown at him in Newcastle. After the beer video, Leave.EU then tweeted that political sketch writer Tom Peck, who appeared on Good Morning Britain, is "odious" for finding the milkshake assaults funny.

eu brexit nigel farage

"The odious Tom Peck says the milkshake hit on Nigel Farage was funny," stormed the tweet. Twitter user Matthew Hodson, who spotted the video, tweeted: "I'm not defending the milkshake but Farage has reaped just what he sowed." On Sunday Leave EU tweeted a video depicting Farage, Widdecombe and Tice throwing drinks over Juncker, May and Gove. Another thing that stood out to the researchers was the disproportionately high number of new accounts following the Brexit Party. These accounts are disproportionately represented among the most active retweeters of Brexit Party content, Patel says. One account, set up in March, has sent more than 23,000 tweets in its first three months on the platform, nearly all of them about Brexit.

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But the behaviour of many of the party's Twitter followers doesn't appear consistent with that of real voters, according to two separate researchers who analysed related activity on the platform at the request of BuzzFeed News. Accounts with handles like AthenaLeave, jeanett49751382, and SimoneblackBBC, many using the Brexit Party logo as their profile pictures, have been pumping out supportive messages, amplifying Farage's push for a no-deal Brexit and adding to the sense of momentum that quickly established it as a major force in British politics. "100,000 Twitter followers!" the party tweeted after its launch last month, celebrating another indication of its surging grassroots support. Nigel Farage's Brexit Party is attracting big crowds, thousands of small donors, healthy support in opinion polls — and a legion of Twitter followers sharing its campaign messages at a breathless rate. After examining activity at different points in the last few weeks, both researchers said they believed that networks of inauthentic accounts may be working to artificially inflate the buzz around Farage's new party on Twitter. "This is likely the result of a strong pro-Brexit amplification campaign we've been observing over the past few weeks," Patel told BuzzFeed News. "This campaign is utilising large numbers of low-quality accounts, including very new accounts and non-UK accounts, to amplify content from a handful of high-profile pro-Leave Twitter personalities." Based on its internal tools, Twitter is confident that the accounts flagged by BuzzFeed News are those of real people in the UK, despite their seemingly-suspicious activity. One of the main red flags in this case, they said, is the number of new accounts following the Brexit Party. It's possible that the emergence of Farage's party has drawn thousands of voters to Twitter for the first time, the analysts say. One of the suspect accounts which Twitter suspended after being alerted to it by BuzzFeed News was AngelaC88117995. Described as the account of Angela Cook, a "Brexiteer, Dislikes PC" from Essex, it was created on April 2 and had tweeted nearly 11,000 times in the six weeks since then, almost exclusively about Brexit. These original tweets and replies suggest that a real person is behind the account, Patel said. It tweeted hundreds of times a day, at short intervals, seemingly about nothing but Brexit. Mainly it retweeted other Leave-supporting accounts, firing off up to 823 messages in a day, often at unusual times. According to Bontcheva's analysis, JimNola42035005 was part of a constellation of accounts that seemed to be working together to amplify the Brexit Party's messages. Although Twitter has put in place systems to detect and remove content that violates its policies, the researchers say that the political activity on the platform is so voluminous that it is running to keep up. Nigel Farage's returning to the political fray with his Brexit Party has caused plenty of uproar and concern. Although Farage's new party is being mocked by his critics and remainers, yet early polls show that the is set to win the elections in a backlash against the government failing to lead the UK out of the EU. Anti-Brexit campaigner Femi Oluwole has once again lashed out at Nigel Farage, this time in an eyebrow raising Twitter thread that questions the motives of the Brexit Party leader.