21 March 2020 12:35

Piers Morgan has called Sam Smith an ‘attention seeker’ after they shared pictures of themselves crying on Instagram.

Piers Morgan has called Sam Smith an 'attention seeker' after they shared pictures of themselves crying on Instagram. The singer posted numerous pictures of themself sitting on their front step crying in their pyjamas. 'Stages of a quarantine meltdown,' Sam wrote on Instagram. View this post on Instagram Stages of a quarantine meltdown A post shared by Sam Smith (@samsmith) on Mar 19, 2020 at 7:43am PDT However, Piers Morgan was not happy with Sam Smith and told them to 'get a grip' and that they shouldn't be posting these kinds of pictures on Instagram. Taking to Twitter, Piers said some celebrities are using the current global situation as content for their social media accounts.

Piers Morgan tells Sam Smith to ‘get a grip’ as singer posts ‘quarantine meltdown’ on social media

Retweeting a link to an article about Sam Smith, Piers Morgan wrote: 'FFS. I can't take any more of this celebrity attention-seeking bullsh*t. 'Get a grip, the lot of you. 'This is a war, not an Instagram story op.' Sam Smith wasn't the only celebrity Piers Morgan took aim at as he criticised a number of celebrities for taking part in a video. The video showed celebrities such as Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan and Jimmy Fallon singing Imagine by John Lennon. Retweeting a post calling the video 'moving', Piers disagreed with the assessment. Moving? The only thing it's 'moved' is the entire world to realise there's something even worse than Coronavirus. — Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) March 19, 2020 This isn't the first time Piers Morgan has publicly fought with Sam Smith. After Sam came out as non-binary and confirmed they would be using the pronouns they and them, Piers blamed the singer for the Brit Awards axing male and female categories. Piers said: 'I think it's great that so much time on awards should be wrecked like this because one guy can't decide if he's male or female. 'They want to accommodate non-binary performers like Sam Smith, which is what I said last week, which category will be now enter? 'He won't have to, he'll now enter the non-binary categories.' Piers went on to say that scrapping gender categories will negatively impact female performers as he believes men will win the bulk of the awards.