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FIFA 21 Servers Down – Major Outage 23rd October 2020

The video will start in 8 Cancel The Daily Star's FREE newsletter is spectacular! Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox Sign up today! Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice Invalid Email EA servers are down and players across the globe are raging that FIFA is not working. FIFA announced on Twitter that they've temporarily disabled match creation in all active titles while they investigate reports of connectivity issues. Thousands of people are tweeting, angry that they're not able to play a range of EA games.

The issues are believed to have begun at around 6pm on Friday and they're not resolved three hours later. One user wrote: "Real shocker seeing EA servers are down again... If they had a competitor I would switch immediately." Another said: "EA servers are less stable than my realtionship." Rap legend Snoop Dog has uploaded a video angry about not being able to connect and play games on the EA servers. At 7.23pm, FIFA tweeted: "We have temporarily disabled match creation in all active FIFA titles while we investigate reports of connectivity issues. "We'll provide an update in this thread when one becomes available." (Image: Getty Images/Image Source) EA Help wrote at 8.30pm: "We've identified the source of the issue and we're actively working on a resolution." Gamers are affected across the globe, from the UK to the US.

Most people are having problems with the server connection but others are claiming to have login issues as well. FIFA 21 was released earlier this month and is the 28th installment of the series. It's 6 pm on a Friday. EA drops a huge new promo in FIFA 21, Rulebreakers, featuring cards with boosted stats as part of the Halloween promo event. Before anyone can log in and play the game, the servers promptly go down across Xbox and PS4.

This is the first big crash of FIFA 21 and probably won't be the last. The error messages vary from player to player, some claiming that the game won't let them on (at all), and others are getting the "EA Servers Are Down" error message. One of the most worrying error messages that pop up is that you don't even own the game at all. This is a bit of a weird one and not one that has come up much before. The message pops up whether you're on PlayStation or Xbox.

Hey guys, we're aware of some connectivity issues, and we're looking into it now. We'll keep you updated. Thanks! — EA Help (@EAHelp) October 23, 2020 First Class Trouble Is A New Asymmetrical Co-Op Survival Game Headed To PC And All Major Consoles Later This Year Restarting your console won't work, reconnecting to the internet won't work – the EA servers are down, and not just in FIFA 21. Try and jump into a game of Apex right now and you won't be able to connect either. People are clearly annoyed. EA is a multi-million dollar company but is well-known for the problems with its servers. At the time of writing it's an hour since EA dropped new content in FIFA 21 and the servers are still down across the board. Apparently, the team over at EA is working on it but there haven't been any other updates as of yet. Stay tuned. A problem with EA servers is preventing players from connecting to FIFA 21 online. When attempting to connect, players are oftentimes issued error code 918, which makes it seem as if FIFA 21 servers are down. While this is a frustrating problem to have, error 918 is one that also affects several other EA games. Here's what you can do to fix it. FIFA 21 servers error code 918 fix When you can't join FIFA 21 matches or other online EA games, it's typically because the servers are experiencing connection problems. This is the main reason why error code 918 appears: EA servers are down. That's why you can't connect to matches or join multiplayer lobbies. Numerous posts on the EA Support website come from users affected by error code 918. In all instances, EA Support representatives state that servers are experiencing connectivity issues. Fortunately, there's good news: There's nothing you need to do to fix error code 918. The problem will resolve itself once Electronic Arts is able to get its game servers back up and running. Until then, you'll simply have to wait things out. Are EA servers down? Any time you're unable to connect to EA servers, it's worth checking to see if they're experiencing problems. The EA Server Status website will let you know if anything has gone wrong. If there is an issue, the page advises that you may not be able to log in to your EA account, at least for the time being. This problem also extends to purchasing games on Origin. Beyond that, you can usually find updates to the FIFA and Madden server statuses posted on the EA Help Twitter account. Otherwise, you can use services like DownDetector to determine if other players are reporting connectivity problems. If reports have been filed lately, you can rest assured that you're not the only one affected. FIFA 21 has launched with immense popularity. However, things haven't gone completely smoothly. As of right now, the servers for both the web app and the game have been down. Players have been left not being able to access the FIFA 21 online features at all. We have created a guide showing all the error messages and tools you can use to easily monitor the servers. [Player Name] is connecting to the EA Servers... On PS4, users are then told to 'Press R3 to reconnect'. Unfortunately, this simply puts the player back in the original loop of error messages. FUT Web App Error Message Although the FUT 21 web app uses different servers to the actual game, they can both go down at the same time. FUT 21 Web App Notice This also determines whether users can access the companion app, meaning players have not been able to buy packs, trade, or build their squad. We also have a LIVE FUT 21 Web App Server Status monitor which instantly updates players on the latest status. In other news, the first FIFA 21 Rulebreakers team has been revealed. FIFA 21 has launched with great popularity. However, things were not quite smooth. At the moment, servers for both web applications and games are down. Players are not able to access the FIFA 21 online features at all. We've created a guide to show you all error messages and tools that you can easily use to monitor servers. FIFA 21 error message It starts with trying to connect to the player in online mode: [Player Name] Connecting to EA Server … FIFA 21 in-game message Players are then greeted with a new message: EA servers are not available at this time. Please try again later. See the ea.com/unable-to-connection for additional information. 2nd FIFA 21 in-game message In PS4, users are told to 'press R3 to reconnect'. Unfortunately, this only leaves the player in the main loop of error messages. Fortunately, we have a live FIFA 21 server status monitor that instantly updates players to the latest status. FUT web application error message Although the Foot 21 web app uses different servers in the actual game, they can both go down at the same time. In this case, they have. The following error message was shown to the player: EA account servers unavailable There was a problem connecting to EA account servers. Check your internet connection and try again. Retry. FUT 21 web application notification It also determines whether users can access affiliate applications, meaning players are not able to buy packs, trade or create their squads. We have a Live Fot21 web app server status monitor that instantly updates players to the latest status. In other news, the first FIFA 21 rulebreaker team has been released.