17 May 2020 08:40

Poll Results: Who is your favourite Eurovision 2020 act?

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Tonight was supposed to be the night. The grand of Eurovision 2020 would take place and we'd learn the successor to Duncan Laurence. Alas, that's not the case. Of course, Eurovision 2020 is no more. Therefore, we'll never be able to definitively distinguish the tops from the flops.

Switzerland's Gjon's Tears is your favourite Eurovision 2020 act

However, the spirit of the 2020 contest remains very much alive. And you all still have your favourites. Precisely who would have won is anyone's guess. But who did you want to see make it? Eurovision 2020 favourites We asked you to vote for your Eurovision favourites. And after counting a total of 35,644 votes for 41 acts, the results are in. Switzerland's Gjon's Tears has emerged on top. The "Répondez-moi" crooner secured 5,311 votes. Here's how our Esma described the entry: Douze points pour la Suisse! Switzerland has chosen a piece of subtle and stunning art by selecting Gjon for Eurovision. "Répondez-moi" is a mystical and deep song that has been under my skin since the day it's been released. The song is an impeccable combination of string instruments, choirs and Gjon's flawless vocals which take my breath away every time I listen to this masterpiece. Gjon's talent is able to touch people their souls by means of his music – something only a great artist is capable of. In second place, we have Italy's Diodato with "Fai Rumore". The Sanremo 2020 winner amassed an impressive 4,254 votes. In his Wiwi Jury review, William writes: The soft verses of Diodato's "Fai rumore" have an intoxicating quality. It's as if he's chatting to you while singing, drawing you in before holding you captive in the gentlest way possible. When the chorus explodes out of nowhere it's a shock to the system — he's unable to keep it in any longer, and you just want to clap your hands while he lets it all out. The song feels cathartic and the bridge like an epiphany. It may be in Italian, but the power here is universal. My winner of 2020. Snatching the bronze medal is Serbia's Hurricane. The "Hasta La Vista" trio amassed 3,130 votes. In the Wiwi Jury, William says: The Weather Channel is not ready for this Hurricane! Sanja, Ivana, and Ksenija are stand-out vocalists on their own. Put them together and it's time to issue a warning. This is loud. This is sexy. As intoxicating as those Sirens from Greek myth, this Serbian threesome unleash a wall of sound, harmony and sass that speeds by as fast as a hipster after a slice of avocado on toast. These ladies stomp so hard — and bend and snap and twerk — that it's no surprise they're wearing shattered glass. But trust: this ain't broken. Put it all together and you have the dance banger of the year. Rounding out the top five is Greece's Stefania and Lithuania's The Roop. The top ten is completed by Iceland's Daði og Gagnamagnið, Bulgaria's Victoria, Malta's Destiny, Russia's Little Big and Norway's Ulrikke. Check out the full results below. Poll Results: Who is your favourite Eurovision 2020 act? Please note that due to discrepancies with voting numbers coming from one user, the results have been audited and revised by the Wiwi poll committee. Switzerland: Gjon's Tears "Répondez-moi" (5,311 votes) Italy: Diodato "Fai rumore" (4,254 votes) Serbia: Hurricane "Hasta la vista" (3,130 votes) Greece: Stefania "Supergirl" (2,145 votes) Lithuania: The Roop "On Fire" (2,124 votes) Iceland: Daði og Gagnamagnið "Think About Things" (1,673 votes) Bulgaria: Victoria "Tears Getting Sober" (1,255 votes) Malta: Destiny "All of My Love" (1,213 votes) Russia: Little Big "Uno" (1,162 votes) Norway: Ulrikke "Attention" (920 votes) Ukraine: Go_A "Solovey" (878 votes) Romania: Roxen "Alcohol You" (840 votes) Germany: Ben Dolic "Violent Thing" (823 votes) Azerbaijan: Efendi "Cleopatra" (806 votes) Israel: Eden Alene "Feker libi" (753 votes) Georgia: Tornike Kipiani "Take Me as I Am" (683 votes) Armenia: Athena Manoukian "Chains on You" (677 votes) Sweden: The Mamas "Move" (659 votes) The Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy "Grow" (578 votes) Australia: Montaigne "Don't Break Me" (522 votes) Denmark: Ben & Tan "Yes" (431 votes) Latvia: Samanta Tīna "Still Breathing" (423 votes) Albania: Arilena Ara "Fall from the Sky" (405 votes) Spain: Blas Cantó "Universo" (360 votes) United Kingdom: James Newman "My Last Breath" (340 votes) Ireland: Lesley Roy "Story of My Life" (334 votes) Belgium: Hooverphonic "Release Me" (303 votes) Poland: Alicja "Empires" (286 votes) Croatia: Damir Kedžo "Divlji vjetre" (269 votes) Cyprus: Sandro "Running" (266 votes) Portugal: Elisa "Medo de sentir" (214 votes) France: Tom Leeb "Mon alliée (The Best in Me)" (202 votes) Austria: Vincent Bueno "Alive" (201 votes) Czech Republic: Benny Cristo "Kemama" (193 votes) North Macedonia: Vasil "You" (164 votes) Slovenia: Ana Soklič "Voda" (162 votes) San Marino: Senhit "Freaky!" (160 votes) Belarus: VAL "Da vidna" (159 votes) Finland: Aksel "Looking Back" (150 votes) Estonia: Uku Suviste "What Love Is" (117 votes) Moldova: Natalia Gordienko "Prison" (99 votes) Total Votes: 35,644 Do you agree with the results? Is Switzerland your favourite? Which songs are underrated? Let us know in the comments. Vote in all our Eurovision 2020 polls. Note: This poll is just for fun. It was not designed to predict the final result.