20 November 2020 08:30

Pope Francis Instagram Vatican City

The Vatican said that it is carrying out a probe after Pope Francis's official Instagram account liked a photo of a Brazilian model. It is unclear when the image of Natalia Garibotto, who was scantily dressed, was liked by pope's verified account, but it was still visible on November 13 before being unliked the next day, as per the Catholic News Agency (CNA). Also read | Pope halts controversial Vatican investments after London property scandal The model's management company, COY Co, grabbed a lot of lof publicity from the like and reposted the image on its own account too, saying it had "received the POPE'S OFFICIAL BLESSING". Also read | Pope says 'lady' COVID must be obeyed, forgoes mask Garibotto, also joked about the incident, reportedly saying: "At least I'm going to heaven". CNA cited sources close to the Vatican's press office said an investigation was carried out to find out how the photo was liked.

Brazilian model going to 'heaven' after Pope Frances likes her image on Instagram

"We can exclude that the like came from the Holy See, and it has turned to Instagram for explanations," a Vatican spokesperson told the Guardian. Pope has a huge following on social media, with his official Instagram account having 7.4 million followers and Twitter handle generating 18.8 million followers.