01 August 2019 08:46

Provided by Epic Games A look at the new "Fortnite" map for season 8.

Fortnite might not necessarily be the flavour of the month anymore, but it still has a sizable enough community to keep it afloat for years to come. It's so big, in fact, it even has a World Cup. Yep, last weekend, the game had more than 2.3 million concurrent viewers during the World Cup Solo Finals. Excluding China, Epic says this makes Fornite the "most-watched competitive gaming event" in history. If you're still not impressed with the above-mentioned figure, this only counts people watching on Twitch and YouTube, while there could be even more viewers watching in-game or on social media platforms. The winner of the solo finals was a 16-year-old player known as Kyle 'Bugha' Giersdorf.

He received $3 million USD in prize money and a big trophy shaped like the Battle Bus. Epic is now focused on launching the tenth season of Fortnite, which arrives on 1st August (aka. today). To promote this event, it has released the following story trailer: Subscribe to Nintendo Life on Do you play or watch Fortnite on a regular basis? Are you excited for the new season? Leave a comment below.

SALT LAKE CITY — "Fortnite" will launch its 10th season on Thursday, and we're already seeing teasers for what to expect. Things could change in a big way. "Fortnite" is a popular battle royale style game that's captivated the hearts and minds of youngsters and adults alike. Just this last weekend, the game crowned its first "Fortnite" World Cup champion, as the game transitions into becoming an esports competitive experience in addition to being your typical play-for-fun game. I remember when I first started playing "Fortnite." I had avoided it for a while — it seemed like a shoot 'em up kids game — but my friends wanted me to jump on with them, so, eventually, I did. It was just for fun. Sure, some players were better than others. But what drew me to the game was that there was somewhat of a story in addition to the gameplay. Every 90 days or so, "Fortnite" will release a new "season," which is a block of time with a specific theme. Gamers can unlock specific characters, tools and appearance-based items that match that season's theme. For example, season seven, which was released last December, added a snow biome to the map and introduced winter-themed characters, like Sgt. Winter, who is basically Santa Claus. Screenshot "Fortnite" fans of old enjoyed the latest reward from the "14 Days of Fortnite" challenge in season 7. More recently, season nine added a futuristic theme. In fact, "Fortnite" hosted an event where a massive robot — like a Zord from "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" — battled a monster that had been hiding on the island, according to The Verge. And each season adds lore to an ongoing storyline, according to The Verge. There's not a cohesive storyline explained anywhere. But you can follow the throughline on what's been going on to get an idea of the storyline. So when the new character named the Ice King gets added to the game, you know that there's an Ice King ruling over the snow area of the map. Provided by Epic Games A look at the new "Fortnite" map for season 8. "What's amazing about this is that 'Fortnite_'_ is not a story-driven game in the way we typically think about it," The Verge explained. "There's no dialogue or moral choices or even anything resembling a plot. Instead, the story is told almost entirely through the world itself, and Epic has become a master of environmental storytelling. The entirety of 'Fortnite' exists on a single map, and it's one that is constantly evolving. When there's a small change, players notice; when there's something big, everyone joins in." Thursday, a new season will launch, and it looks like we may be getting one of the most important seasons yet. After all, the early teasers suggest there will be some time travel elements added to the game. "Fortnite" has released multiple teasers for the 10th season The first showed off three warehouse buildings with the caption, "Think back." The warehouses are from Dusty Depot, a previous map location that was destroyed once a meteorite landed on the island back in season four. The second teaser showed what appeared to be a robot character with the caption, "Look forward." Symbols on the side of the game are related to previous characters in the game, including the Visitor, who arrived on the "Fortnite" island in season four. The third teaser included the caption, "Twist time." It included photos of previous "Fortnite" characters. The fourth teaser included a short video, which showed a magic, energy ball at the center of the map exploding. The screen faded to white. The video is captioned "Zero in." So what does this tell us? Pretty much nothing except that we may be getting some throwback locations, maybe some new characters and that's about it. There's no telling where we'll end up for season 10. But there's a hint that we may see island map locations from years past. Could we even see a few characters return as well? "Fortnite" has been pushing a running storyline for a few seasons now, which seemed to culminate with the robot vs. monster battle that capped off season nine. I don't know how you top a mega battle that took place, in real-time, across the map. That's why it's time for "Fortnite" to reset itself and create a new storyline. There is so much hype surrounding the game right now. With "Fortnite" crowning its first World Cup champion this month at its biggest mega, in-game event, "Fortnite" hype is an all-time peak. Screenshot, 'Fortnite' Twitter Teasers from "Fortnite" showed off an ice king character holding a large sword, promising that the weapon would be "coming soon" to the video game. With all eyes on the game, this feels like the right time for a reset. Rework the storyline and set everything back to neutral. Revamp the map to its earliest days. Bring in new fans by giving them a level playing field to start with. End the current storyline so that new gamers feel like they're joining it for the first time. The game doesn't need to keep its lore going. Original fans will always know about the days of the Ice King, the volcano, the superheroes, the movie set and everything else that has happened. Little easter eggs to these previous seasons will always exist. But for season 10, it's time to turn back the clock, twist time, look forward and zero-in on a new storyline. Will season 10 offer a fresh start? Only time — interestingly enough — well tell. We will have a better answer Thursday. And if it doesn't happen in season 10 — because the 10th season is, after all, a milestone — then the game will need to apply the same idea to season 11. There needs to be a hard reset. The game needs to bring itself back to the beginning — or a new beginning, where every player has a fresh start — if it's going to expand.