25 September 2020 14:40

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PS5 back in stock and on sale in UK

Get ready to check out Currys at lunchtime today (September 25th) though, as they're getting more PS5 stock to go on sale. We'll send you pre-order details and the best PS5 deals as soon as they're available. Original: PS5 pre-order stock is confirmed to be coming back to one UK retailer from tomorrow, September 25. In the UK, retailer Game will have a small allotment of new PS5 units available for pre-order tomorrow morning. Earlier today, Game's Twitter account notified customers that both versions of the PS5 would be available to pre-order tomorrow in limited quantities.

It's also been claimed that US retailer GameStop will have a limited amount of PS5 stock for pre-orders tomorrow morning. As you can see in the rumour below, GameStop will allegedly only have the standard version of the PS5 in stock, and this new stock of the console will arrive within the week after the November 12 release date in the US. Considering the situation in the UK, it would make sense that Sony is now looking to get more stock out to retailers. The PS5 was unexpectedly made available for pre-order very shortly after a PS5 games showcase on September 16. The entire process was a bit of a mess, with scalpers and bots purchasing PS5 consoles en masse, and it's now unclear whether some orders may even arrive on launch day.

If you're still on the fence about pre-ordering a PS5, perhaps a comprehensive guide on launch day games would help. Join the Secret Elves to discover the best shopping deals and things to do this Christmas Sign me up and spread the Christmas cheer Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Invalid Email PS5 consoles are back on sale today and available to order for delivery in November. The latest generation of Sony Playstations went on sale earlier in October 2020 but the first batch of pre-orders was snapped up in minutes. PC World posted last night: "Listen up PS5 fans We've stocked up so more lucky gamers can pre-order the #PS5 at lunchtime tomorrow." It is not clear exactly when Game and PC World's PS5s will go on sale, other than 'lunchtime', so it buyers should keep checking their websites from mid-morning. PS5 hype is now so intense that PS5 pre-orders have sold out all around the world, with gamers desperate for a new wave of consoles to be made available – and the good news is that more are incoming.

That hype has been driven by the stunning hardware and software reveals we've seen so far, with gamers blown away by awesome PS5 games, as well as the PlayStation 5 consoles and accessories, the latter including a DualSense charging dock, media remote, HD camera, and Pulse 3D gaming headset. Well, now we might just have got our first look at what the PS VR 2's new VR tracking controller is going to look like, with Dutch tech site LetsGoDigital discovering an official Sony patent that shows a brand new motion controller with futuristic design and features. The motion controller, as depicted in the official Sony Interactive Entertainment patent. Right now Sony's motion controller for VR games is the PlayStation Move, but that is just a stick with tracking globe on the end. This new tracking controller looks a lot more like the Oculus Touch controller from Oculus.

This isn't the first time we've heard about Sony working on a new VR controller, either, with a patent filed back in 2018 showing a motion controller with strap and trigger mechanism. Simply put, it looks like the PS Move equivalent for the yet to be announced PlayStation VR 2 gaming headset. This makes sense in T3's eyes as it will come one-year in from the PS5 release date and be the new hardware PlayStation gamers will want come the 2021 winter holiday season. That said, though, it seems obvious to us that a PS VR 2 headset would have a brand new motion controller, as tech has moved on massively since the PlayStation Move days. Today's best Sony PlayStation 5 deals Amazon AU View Similar Amazon No price information Check Amazon Amazon UK has updated its listing for Assassin's Creed Valhalla and attached a new 12th November 2020 release date to the game.

To be fair, this approach is somewhat commonplace as certain PlayStation 4 games also went on sale just before it hit store shelves. Playstation 5 consoles are back on sale today and are available to order for delivery in November. The latest generation of Sony's iconic Playstations went on sale earlier this month, but the first batch of pre-orders was snapped up in minutes. Today, September 25, gamers will have another chance to get their hand on the £360 digital PS5 and the £450 disc edition, reports ChronicleLive. Argos has both consoles on sale now, while Game and PC World will release more at around lunchtime. The new PS5 consoles will be delivered on November 19, 2020, which means those lucky enough to get their hands on them will have them before Christmas. Game tweeted fans last night, confirming it would be getting limited stock today; the tweet read: ""It's the moment you've all been waiting for. Limited stock of the #PS5 coming tomorrow [Friday] late morning." PC World also tweeted last night, saying: "Listen up PS5 fans We've stocked up so more lucky gamers can pre-order the #PS5 at lunchtime tomorrow." It's not clear exactly what time the pre-orders will go live, so buyers should keep checking their websites from mid-morning. Argos' batch is already on sale, and demand is expected to be very high from gamers and parents who want to get their hands on one of this year's top Christmas gifts. Head to Argos online here for the £450 version (which includes a disc drive) or here for the £360 digital edition. Head here to Game's online store to buy a PS5 from Game (they go on sale at 'lunchtime' on September 25)