17 September 2020 14:49

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Where to pre-order PlayStation 5 – who has stock and best deals (updated)

Now that the PS5 and its price have been revealed, it seems to be open season on pre-orders - they're going live all over the place, and selling out just as fast. Notably, Currys seems to have stock for both PS5 UK pre-orders (the standard PS5 can be pre-purchased for £449.99, while the Digital Edition is £359.99). Considering the fact that over 21,000 people were looking at the standard PS5 Very page at the time of writing, there's little wonder retailer websites are struggling to keep up. This has resulted in something of an online stampede, so be prepared to be click that 'pre-order now' button sharpish if you want to secure a console first. We'll keep updating this page as and when we have more - bookmark it and pop in every now and then to see the new retailers that have stock.

For a more complete picture, don't forget to check out our dedicated PS5 pre-orders page. Although Amazon is likely to have a massive allocation of units, we can't imagine they'll last long considering the console's popularity already. Currys have some PS5 deals in stock right now, so head straight over there if you want to guarantee your copy. Very is in on the action with some pre-order offers of its own; in fact, it was one of the first online stores to go live with the PS5 deals. However, that also means it's running low on stock - we've been struggling to have any luck since this morning.View Deal GAME, Smyths, Amazon and the regular retailers went live with stock overnight but it was quickly snapped up.

There are two consoles available the PlayStation 5 (£449.99) and a digital PS5 edition (£349.99). Pre-orders have gone live today (17th September), but there seems to be a few issues with websites showing a PS5 page to buy but no product as it was snapped up so quickly. Largely, pre-orders are only available for the standard PS5 and not the cheaper digital edition. Amazon UK – live but out of stock. Currys PC World – pre-orders now LIVE Argos – pre-orders go live on 18th September.

GAME – pre-orders live, promising bundles, but sold out We'll update you as more stores get stock and when it becomes available. There's the DualSense Controller, the Pulse 3D headset or the Media Remote. PS5 pre-orders begin today ahead of its November 12 release – and while FIFA 21 is not among the first batch of games released for the console, you can still get it today to play it on release. With the new PlayStation's backwards compatibility with PS4, pre-ordering FIFA 21 for PS4 ahead of its own October 9 release means you could be playing the latest FIFA on a next-gen console as soon as the PS5 comes out. Sony PlayStation 5 latest deals PS5 is now available for pre-order ahead of its November release – we'll be collecting the best deals here so you can see where you can get the cheapest price available.

Argos: pre-orders live Friday November 18 FIFA 21 PS4 pre-orders: Amazon: pre-orders live now Currys: pre-orders live now Argos: pre-orders live now Very: pre-orders live now For all the best deals on pre-ordering FIFA 21 for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, check out our FIFA 21 pre-order page here While FIFA 21 may not have a PS5 release yet, you can already pre-order some PS5 games: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, NBA 2K21, and Fortnite: The Last Laugh bundle are available. Amazon Amazon pre-orders begin on September 17 at 9am BST, and will have rolling stock from then on – so if it seems sold out when you first look, it could be worth checking back later.View Deal As a less gaming-focused distributor, however, you could face less competition for the console when pre-orders do begin.View Deal As such a big tech retailer, they are expected to have a large amount of stock available when pre-orders start.View Deal Very So far, Very has been the most reliable stockist for PS5, with consoles available since pre-orders began on the morning of September 17. Check here for latest availability.View Deal Game Game has already had PS5s available to pre-order, but the option is not currently online. However, you can register your interest or pre-order personally in shops.View Deal Preorders were scattered but live on September 16, and will now be available at even more retailers as we start to slowly move towards the UK release date of November 19. These are all the pages you'll need to be heading to if you want to get your preorder in as soon as possible when they go live.

Best PS5 Dualsense Controllers, Headsets, Charging Ports, and More Deals Amazon is expecting its preorders for accessories to update throughout the day, depending on stock. Best PS5 Game Preorder Deals Sony announced the price and release date for both version of the PlayStation 5, but one piece of information they didn't reveal was when the pre-orders for the console would become available. Turns out that is because they became available pretty much immediately, and those who were on the ball have already pre-ordered their console, and some stores are already stating that they're currently sold out. As it mentions there, they are expected back in stock on November 19, which is the day that the PS5 is officially due for release, so they could get be getting a lot of consoles in for the day for those who want to buy on the day instead of pre-booking. Other outlets such as Currys and Amazon have yet to make pre-orders available, while reports state Argos will be starting pre-orders from Friday September 18.