18 November 2020 22:31

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Where to buy PS5: PlayStation 5 stock guide updated

The hotly anticpated Sony PS5 games console finally goes on sale tomorrow (November 19) after months of rumours, pre-orders, stock drops and waiting lists. And as anxious shoppers search high and low for retailers with incoming stock, online deparment store Very caused a buzz earlier today by announcing their website would have a limited restock at some point during Thursday, as the console sales finally go live. However, if you haven't managed to pre-order the machine and are thus asking when the PS5 will be back in stock, below you'll discover how to buy from Amazon UK on launch day. In addition, the John Lewis website also says that there will be PS5 consoles in stock for UK citizens to order on launch day morning. While retailers are mostly encouraging people to buy their consoles online and have them delivered to their house, some such as Game did sell pre-orders for in-person click and collect, and those who bought them will have been given a time slot to arrive to shops to get them.

The PS5 has now launched in the United States and thanks to T3's where to buy PS5 guide thousands of gamers managed to bag a PlayStation 5 console. And, what's more, the PS5 launches in the UK and Europe tomorrow, 19 November 2020, meaning that gamers on that side of the Atlantic are now within 24 hours of being able order PS5 thanks to fresh launch day consoles being made available. This is because while many gamers did land a console on launch day, many were left empty handed due to, as reports have indicated, thousands of scalper reseller bots running unchecked. Here we've rounded up the best and biggest retailers in the USA, UK and Australia who have had PS5 consoles in stock previously, taken PS5 pre-orders, and are going to have more PlayStation 5 systems in stock, either on the UK and Europe launch day, or before Christmas. There have been multiple reports now stating that, yes, more PS5 consoles are coming before Christmas in territories where the PlayStation 5 has already launched, so by checking in regularly with retailers and staying patient could be the difference between you getting a console at RRP, or having a grand less in your bank account while a scalper opens another bottle of champagne.

For the time being, though, what this guide can do is help gamers stay on the pulse of PS5 orders and stock availability, meaning that you get into the best possible position to bag one when that new wave of consoles is made available. Amazon was great on PS5 launch day for new consoles, and many gamers got to lock in orders. Best Buy is currently listing the PS5 as still out of stock, however we've heard that the store is definitely releasing more consoles in the run up to Christmas, so check back in today and every day you can going forward.View Deal Amazon PS5 pre-orders have officially sold out, but expect Amazon to have more PlayStation 5 consoles in stock on launch day. We also expect Amazon to be a great place to pick up official PlayStation 5 accessories and games, too.View Deal Currys has consistently had PS5 consoles up for order during the PS5 pre-order period, and we've heard that the retailer will have another large tranche releasing on launch day in the UK. Argos currently lists the PS5 as out of stock on its website, but it has released numerous PS5 pre-order waves and is fully expected to have a solid quantity of consoles going live on launch day.

AO.com is officially sold out of stock on PS5 pre-orders, but the retailer does say that it is going to be "back in stock soon" and launch day in the UK is November 19. We think it is worth checking back in on launch day for sure, especially as you may find PS5 games going cheaper than elsewhere.View Deal Very's PS5 product page currently says "Stock coming soon", and with PS5 launch day now imminent, gamers should expect these consoles to land on it, along with more PlayStation 5 accessories. Please check back soon for more updates on stock availability." Will Smyths get more consoles on launch day? Probably the major gamers retailer in the UK, so absolutely worth following on launch day for available PS5 orders.View Deal There's been no word on when Amazon Australia will get more stock on launch day.View Deal You can currently sign up to get updates on availability when the consoles come back into stock.View Deal New PS5 Digital Edition orders are going live today at retailers across the United States, while another wave of pre-orders are expected in the UK, with more consoles also made available on launch day in Europe. Today's best Sony Playstation 5 Digital Edition deals Amazon AU View Similar Amazon No price information Check Amazon If you've not been able to place a PS5 order on day one, which is something that T3 suggests all gamers who want a PlayStation 5 do, then we recommend to stay vigilant over the next month as more consoles are incoming before Christmas.

The PlayStation 5's DualSense Wireless Controller is now available to pre-order from Amazon on its own.