22 March 2020 14:32

Rachel Johnson had always said that she wouldn’t go into politics.

rachel johnson

Rachel Johnson had always said that she wouldn't go into politics. Yet in 2019 the former editor of The Lady broke one of her "lifetime's red lines" to stand as a candidate for the anti-Brexit party Change UK in the European parliament elections. Rake's Progress — a pun on the Hogarth paintings and her nickname, "Rake" — tells the story of how she decided to become another journalist-turned-politician in a family of them. This book, she writes, is a "lightish, three-course meal". Anecdotes from the Johnson siblings' childhood make up the starter; the main course is her failed pursuit of public office; pudding (a rather sour one for some) consists of her brother becoming prime minister.

Rake’s Progress: My Political Mid-Life Crisis by Rachel Johnson review — battling Boris

It reads more like a romp than a political

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