09 November 2019 20:36

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Fans of Strictly Come Dancing will be pleased to see Claudia Winkleman back again tonight (Saturday, November 9) to present the show. One of her biggest supporters is her mother Eve Pollard, Lady Lloyd, OBE who is best known as a successful author and editor. She has also previously spoken about how proud she is of her daughter, as well as what it's like to be her mother. Claudia Winkleman is one half of Strictly Come Dancing's famous hosting double-act. She has appeared on the show since 2014 after being the main presenter on companion show Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two. Viewers can now see her appearing on the programme every Saturday and Sunday evening when a bunch of celebrities take to the dance floor to fight for their place in the competition.

Claudia Winkleman mum: Eve Pollard speaks on exactly what it’s like to be Claudia’s mother

However, some fans may not realise she is also the daughter of Eve Pollard. READ MORE: Claudia Winkleman's mother reveals shocking pay rise sexism Claudia Winkleman mum: Eve Pollard speaks on exactly what it's like to be Claudia's mother Pollard is best known as a renowned journalist and editor in 1980s and 1990s. She was only the second female editor of a national newspaper in the UK when she took charge of the Sunday Mirror from 1987 to 1991 and the Sunday Express from 1991 to 1994. Pollard has previously given a number of interviews about what it is like to have your daughter in the spotlight. She told The Sunday Times in 2018: "Becoming a mother is the best thing I have ever done. "So the fact that your child, whom you totally adore, is not only appreciated by family and friends, but through the wonder of television by millions of others, is frankly gob-smacking." READ MORE: Strictly 2019: Kelvin Fletcher in danger after confession to Claudia? Claudia Winkleman mum: Eve Pollard is a renowned former editor She went on to explain in a personal essay how it feels to have a famous child. She added: "Of course, numerous mothers and fathers have had a famous child. "But Claudia's fame is so astonishing because it has crept up slowly and not one bit of it was planned. "She doesn't feel famous. If you think you've seen her on the Tube, you probably have." READ MORE: Claudia Winkleman: Strictly host in surprising shoplifting admission Claudia Winkleman mum: The pair have both spoken about her childhood Pollard also speaks of how she raised her daughter while also working as an editor, juggling working a demanding job. She pointed out there were no early signs of stardom for her daughter but she is extremely proud of her achievements. This is not the first time Pollard has spoken about her relationship with her daughter. In a piece for The Mail on Sunday in 2017, she also revealed she never let Winkleman look in mirrors when she was a child. She told the publication: "I firmly believe people would be much better off if they stopped obsessing over their appearance. READ MORE: Strictly Come Dancing 2019: Claudia Winkleman distracts fans Claudia Winkleman: The star will be back on screens this weekend Trending