31 October 2019 04:34

Rasheed Wallace ejected after yelling "ball don't lie," 2012 Pour one out for Mr.

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You could call it karmic justice. You could call it luck. Heck, you could say the baseball gods intervened. But we're simply going to conform to the vocal Twitter masses and say: BALL. LIE.

If you watched Game 6 of the World Series, you already are well aware of the controversial call in the seventh inning that ruled Washington Nationals' Trea Turner out on interference--the latest in a series that has been plagued with blown calls and has led many around the game to call for a transition to robo-umps. You're also aware of the subsequent two-run homer from one Anthony Rendon. But here's a refresher of it all for good measure: play 2:07 Controversial seventh inning includes clutch homer, Dave Martinez ejection After Trea Turner is called out due to interference, Anthony Rendon blasts a two-run home run; following the top of the seventh, manager Dave Martinez is ejected. If that doesn't evoke "ball don't lie" mentality, what does? Rest assured that somewhere out there, Rasheed Wallace is smiling. While the collective social media world (perhaps excluding the Houston Astros faithful) was basking in the glow of Rendon's satisfying moment, we were busy recounting our favorite "ball don't lie" moments in recent memory. This one's for you, Rasheed. Jadeveon Clowney's hit in the Outback Bowl, 2013 The hit heard round the world. Jadeveon Clowney cemented his place in college football lore--and his eventual status in the NFL Draft--with this hit when South Carolina squared off with Michigan in the Outback Bowl. Clowney burst through the line of scrimmage and annihilated Michigan running back Vincent Smith. Impressive on its own, yet even more enjoyable when you realize it was revenge. That's right, the Gamecocks were down by one midway through the fourth quarter and Michigan pulled out the fake punt on fourth down. After a questionable spot, Michigan got the first down and South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier was apoplectic. The very next play, Clowney was left unblocked and, well, you know the rest. Chiefs interception after muffed Julian Edelman punt in AFC Championship, 2019 It was the fourth quarter of the AFC Championship Game and the Kansas City Chiefs were down 17-14 to the New England Patriots. Things were looking up for the Chiefs as they recovered a muffed Julian Edelman punt. Well, that was until a lengthy review led officials to determine the ball hadn't touched Edelman's fingers. Twitter vehemently disagreed with the ruling, but that's neither here nor there. Two plays later, sweet "ball don't lie" justice would be served as Edelman bobbled a Tom Brady pass and the ball fell softly into the arms of Chiefs safety Daniel Sorensen. Logan Couture loses teeth during NHL postseason, 2019 Puck don't lie. (Yes, those are Couture's teeth on the ice from the high stick). pic.twitter.com/F4xKnaHfc3 — San Jose Sharks (@SanJoseSharks) April 19, 2019 Logan Couture of the San Jose Sharks lost two teeth to a high stick. If you're thinking this should've drawn a major penalty, you're correct. But the refs only awarded a minor one. However, the Sharks scored 15 seconds into the power play, stretching San Jose's lead to 4-2 in a must-win Game 5. The Sharks went on to win the series against the Vegas Golden Knights in seven games, overcoming a 3-1 deficit. Puck (and we can't stress this enough) don't lie. Rasheed Wallace ejected after yelling "ball don't lie," 2012 Pour one out for Mr. "Ball Don't Lie" himself. Rasheed Wallace is credited with originating the phrase, so here's a video of him getting ejected for shouting it at Goran Dragic, who missed the first free throw after what Wallace thought was a questionable foul. While some think it was unfortunate that his on-the-court antics overshadowed his playing ability, we think Wallace is an absolute legend.