17 October 2019 19:01

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But it appears Banksy and his crew have come up with a mechanism to thwart the dodgy resellers out there: potential buyers must enter a verification process, which includes answering the question, does art matter? Elsewhere, the more modest Banksy stan can pick up a modified spray can for a tenner and T-shirts for £35. Read this next: Did Goldie just reveal Banksy's identity? There's also cushions, pop art sculptures, mugs, bootleg paintings and defaced TVs, with standard merch made in unlimited quantities and more special items, like a clutch bag made out of a brick, in an edition of one. A welcome mat with lettering stitched from fake lifejackets sold to refugees and found washed up on beaches in the Med is retailing for £500, with proceeds going to Love Welcomes, a charity working with women in detainment camps in Greece.

Here are all the items you can buy from Banksy's online shop

The Gross Domestic Product site also contains a link to Bbay, a platform for buying and selling second-hand Banksy art, which will launch soon.