21 December 2020 02:40

Reagor drew a pass interference penalty Dre Kirkpatrick to bring up 1st-and-goal from the 8-yard line.

Rapid Reaction: Cardinals close out a nail-biter against the Philadelphia Eagles and Jalen Hurts

That's what it felt like watching the Cardinals game on sunday. It felt like the Cardinals kept letting Philly into the game and Hurts made them pay by simply not turning it over. Eagles Special teams got wrecked all day....a lot. It took a deep touchdown drive with two SPECTACULAR catches from Deandre Hopkins and Jalen Hurts taking hit after hit and dealing down the field. In the end, it came down to simply the fact that when the chips were down in the 4th, even with the offense letting the defense down ALL DAY, the relentless rush of the Cards kept Philly from anything less than desperate heaves into the endzone to tie it.

Well, it looked like the Philadelphia Eagles might pull out a second straight win! Jalen Hurts impressed again but it ultimately wasn't enough to beat the Arizona Cardinals. Kevon Seymour and Michael Jacquet were the outside cornerbacks with Nickell Robey-Coleman in the nickel and Jalen Mills staying at safety. Kyler Murray's first pass was a completion to who else but notorious Eagles killer Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals moved past midfield but got set back with an offensive pass interference penalty.

The Eagles got a fourth down stop but Seymour's unnecessary roughness penalty ruined it. It looked like Javon Hargrave stripped Murray on a quarterback run but the refs ruled him down and there was no challenge from Doug Pederson. The ball didn't lie, however, with Jacquet (!) punching a catch out of DeAndre Hopkins' hands for a red zone fumble and Eagles recovery! Jalen Hurts threw wayyyyy high of Greg Ward and should've been picked off by Isaiah Simmons, who dropped the ball, to bring up 3rd-and-8. Then Hurts threw the ball away from the pocket and got called for intentional grounding, resulting in a safety.

Then the Eagles were stopped for a 3-yard loss on a shotgun run where the exchange by Hurts didn't look clean. Barnett hit Hopkins after he went out of bounds for no gain to bring up a 15-yard penalty. Jalen Mills missed a tackle to allow a 42-yard catch-and-run by... Then Marcus Epps missed a tackle on Murray to allow a Cardinals touchdown. The Eagles actually ran a successful screen (GASP) to Sanders for a 26-yard gain.

Hurts had another bad high throw that dropped Jalen Reagor for a loss. Hurts got sacked on 3rd-and-15 to bring up a punt. The Cards took over at the 6-yard line. Jacquet broke up an off-target throw to Hopkins but the Eagles gave up a touchdown one play later. Alshon Jeffery pushed Patrick Peterson in the head to make a nice 24-yard catch on a touch throw into Cardinals territory. Hurts completed another throw to Dallas Goedert to move the Eagles just outside of the red zone. The Eagles tried a trick play to Reagor and the rookie wide receiver was tackled for a 10-yard loss. Hurts was late on a throw to Reagor in the end zone and it was broken up by Peterson. The Eagles called another screen on 3rd-and-20 and QUEZ WATKINS tricked the defense with a sick spin move for a catch-and-run for a 32-yard touchdown! The Eagles gave up a 45-yard gain on a contested deep catch by Hopkins and Seymour got hurt on the play. The Cardinals had to settle for a 40-yard field goal attempt by Mike Nugent, which they made. Kevon Seymour hurt leaves the Eagles with the following healthy CBs: And the Eagles are officially listing Blake Countess at CB despite him mostly playing safety in the NFL. Hurts ran for two first downs, including one where he fortunately fumbled out of bounds. Hurts overshot Reagor to bring up a punt on 4th-and-8 from the 50-yard line. Jacquet wrapped up Murray for a would-be sack as NRC knocked the ball out of Murray's hand for a strip and recovery! The Eagles took over at Arizona's 21-yard line. The Eagles ran Sanders three times to bring up 4th-and-3. On fourth down, Hurts rolled left and found Greg Ward for a TOUCHDOWN! Jalen Hurts has 4 passing TDs this year and they are on: Murray to Arnold again got the Cards in the red zone. Hurts stepped up and rolled right to find a wide open Zach Ertz for a 42-yard gain into the red zone. Reagor drew a pass interference penalty Dre Kirkpatrick to bring up 1st-and-goal from the 8-yard line. On 3rd-and-goal, Hurts floated a ball to Ward, who caught it for his second TOUCHDOWN! The Eagles went for two and a Sanders run up the gut was stopped short. Two straight weeks of Hurts being particularly good in 2 minute and it looking like 2017-quality play calling there. Jalen Hurts is just the third QB in @Eagles rookie history with 3 passing TDs in a game, joining Donovan McNabb (1/2/2000 vs. Jalen Hurts' 177 passing yards are the most by an Eagles quarterback in the first half of a game this season. Hurts hit a wide open Ertz for a 27-yard gain. The Eagles got to 3rd-and-6 and Hurts' screen throw to Goedert was tipped/almost picked. The Eagles punted from Arizona's 42-yard line for a touchback. The Cardinals quickly moved to Philly's 48-yard line, thus confirming the Eagles' punt decision to be an unwise one. Fortunately, Mills came up with a really nice pass breakup to force a Cardinals punt. The Eagles went three-and-out after Hurts fumbled while getting hit. Great hustle by Travis Fulgham (oh, there he is!) to bring up a punt instead of a Cardinals recovery at the 14-yard line. His punt only went for 34 yards. The Cardinals drove into goal-to-go territory but then Murray threw an absolute duck right to Marcus Epps for an interception! The Eagles got to 3rd-and-1 and Hurts dodged a defender in the backfield to throw a first down pass to a slipping Goedert. Hurts chucked it down the field and Jeffery drew pass interference on Peterson. Hurts got sacked for a 14-yard loss with interior pressure right in his face. Hurts aired it out to Jeffery again and it was incomplete again but it was another defensive pass interference to bring up 1st-and-goal. Jordan Mailata false started to bring up 1st-and-goal from the 7-yard line. The Cardinals got to 3rd-and-2 and Murray overthrew Fitzgerald to bring up a punt. Because Cardinals punter Andy Lee completed a pass for 26 yards. The Cards went for it and Murray threw high and out of bounds. The Eagles got to 3rd-and-4 and Hurts threw over the head of Ertz. The Eagles brought in Elliott for another punt and Goedert had good coverage to force the Cards to take over at their own 14-yard line. But then Hopkins got away with offensive pass interference to beat Jacquet and pick up 44 yards. Hurts got sacked twice to bring up the 3rd-and-21 at the 2-minute warning. On third down, Hurts hit Goedert right in the hands in the end zone and the tight end dropped it. Jalen Hurts has seven completions of 20+ yards. The Cardinals took over at their own 22-yard line with 1:55 left. The Eagles took over at their own 22-yard line with 1:28 on the clock and zero timeouts. Hurts overthrew a pass way high over the middle and then Jeffery had to play defensive back to knock a pass down. Hurts was tackled for a 2-yard gain to bring up fourth down with the clock running. On 4th-and-8 with the game on the line, Hurts found an OPEN TRAVIS FULGHAM (!) for a first down! Then Hurts fumbled, picked it up, and completed to Goedert, who got out of bounds for another first! Another completion to Fulgham moved the Eagles to the 31-yard line with 0:15 on the clock. Fulgham got his hands on it but the Cardinals knocked it out. Most entertaining Eagles game to watch this season! Pretty unfortunate that Goedert dropped a potential game-winning touchdown throw from Hurts. Hurts had the Eagles in the red zone on his next-to-last drive, but back-to-back sacks made for third-and-21 from the 22, and his final two passes, both to Dallas Goedert, were knocked away. Then Hurts brought the visitors back down the field in the final minute, completing a 14-yad pass even after fumbling the ball and scooping it up. In his first start as a pro, Jalen Hurts knocked off one of the best teams in the NFL. Former Eagles wide receiver and Super Bowl LII champion Torrey Smith is ready to call Hurts a franchise QB: Former Eagles offensive lineman Todd Herremans thinks Hurts looks like a starter in the league: Former Eagles defensive end and Super Bowl LII champion Chris Long praised Hurts' performance: And former Eagles wide receiver Mike Wallace was impressed by Hurts' poise: It's only been two games and a stint at the end of the Packers game, but Hurts has absolutely looked like a starter so far.