17 October 2020 06:30

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President Donald Trump, on the day after his contentious town hall with NBC, got in another round of attacks on moderator Savannah Guthrie and his Democratic rival Joe Biden. Trump called Guthrie 'crazy, claimed Biden was running a crime family, and, the moderator of Biden's competing town hall on Thursday, for not asking the Democratic nominee about his son's emails with Ukrainian officials. In a speech in Florida on Friday, with the subject of 'protecting our seniors,' the president riffed on the NBC News correspondent, who pressed him hard on his COVID testing, his tweets and his taxes, and on his rival for the White House. President Donald Trump, on the day after his contentious town hall with NBC, got in another round of attacks on moderator Savannah Guthrie and his Democratic rival Joe Biden during a speech to seniors in Florida on Friday A supporter of President Donald Trump adjusts her facial shield during a campaign rally at Caloosa Sound Convention Center & Amphitheater in Fort Myers, Florida President Trump said NBC News' Savannah Guthrie was 'crazy' President Trump accused Democratic rival Joe Biden as leading an organized crime family Trump claimed he had 'a lot of fun' at his town hall the night before, which took place in Miami. Had a nice, pleasurable evening as I had somebody going totally crazy last night,' he said as the crowd applauded.

Trump and Biden had dueling town halls Thursday night in place of the second presidential debate that was canceled after Trump refused to participate virtually. He repeated his criticism of Stephanpoulos for not asking Biden about his son Hunter's emails about the Ukraine during the ABC News town hall in Philadelphia. Hunter made no money until his father became vice president and now he's like a vacuum cleaner,' Trump said. Trump claimed he didn't watch Biden's town hall, which aired at the same time the president was participating in a town hall with NBC News. But he complained Biden got easier questions than he did when he participated in a town hall meeting with Stephanopoulos and ABC News in September.

And he criticized ABC for not asking about Twitter's decision to suspend accounts that posted a news story about the Hunter Biden emails, which allegedly came from a laptop Hunter owned and that was left at a Wilmington, Delaware, repair shop, whose owner gave a copy of the hard drive to Giuliani. Earlier Friday, the president claimed Biden had a 'very bad showing' when he slammed ABC News for not asking about Hunter. 'Sleepy Joe Biden had a very bad showing last night, despite the fact that @GStephanopoulos didn't ask him any questions on his being a 'corrupt politician'. Joe Biden participated in a town hall with ABC News - going head to head with President Trump, who had one with NBC News; the town halls replaced the second scheduled presidential debate Trump echoed criticism from conservatives, who complained that Guthrie interrupted Trump with a 'question every 12 seconds' while Stephanopoulos was accused of forgetting to ask Joe Biden about his son Hunter's emails. The split-screen town halls Thursday night could not have been more different: while Stephanopoulos barely interrupted Biden, Guthrie asked more questions than the undecided voters the evening was dedicated to and challenged Trump repeatedly in a way the president doesn't usually experience, given his preference for interviews with friendlier news outlets. They voiced outrage about the president's campaign event, accusing Guthrie of turning the town hall into a 'debate' and arguing that he faced a much tougher round of questioning than his rival. Conservatives have erupted in anger after NBC's Savannah Guthrie grilled Donald Trump with a 'question every 12 seconds' while ABC's George Stephanopoulos was accused of forgetting to ask Joe Biden about his son Hunter's emails Another bone of contention among Trump fans including White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was their argument that Guthrie dominated the questions rather than allowing voters to ask the president questions in the typical town hall format Former White House press secretary and Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer likened NBC to an 'interrogation' and ABC to a 'picnic' as he accused Guthrie of repeatedly interrupting Trump. Savanah Guthrie has interrupted Trump in these 60 seconds more than Stephanopoulos has done to Biden in 40 mins,' he tweeted. Unmentioned by either ABC or NBC or by Trump or Biden were Hunter Biden's emails, which were revealed by Rudy Giuliani, Trump's personal attorney, earlier this week and raised questions over his business dealings in Ukraine and China and whether he used his father to further them. The president accused Twitter of shutting down on Thursday to slow the distribution of the Hunter Biden story. Twitter blocked the accounts of Trump's campaign and the personal account of White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany after they shared stories about Hunter Biden's Ukraine emails. The links blocked by Twitter contained stories about emails between Hunter Biden and a Ukraine official who claimed he'd been introduced to Joe Biden. He said he then made a copy of the emails and images on the hard drive, and provided it to the FBI and to Giuliani, Trump's lawyer. Moderator Savannah Guthrie speaks during an NBC News Town Hall with President Donald Trump at Perez Art Museum Miami, Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020, in Miami. NEW YORK (AP) — Savannah Guthrie did more than just display her journalistic chops at NBC News' town hall with President Donald Trump. NBC was reeling heading into Thursday's event, under widespread criticism for scheduling it at the same time as ABC's town hall with Democratic opponent Joe Biden. That was quickly forgotten when the president sat opposite Guthrie, who questioned him specifically on when he last tested positive for COVID-19 (he said he didn't remember), whether he had pneumonia (didn't say) and his personal finances. When Guthrie asked Trump about his personal finances and taxes, the president tried to cut off the conversation by saying what he has since 2016, that he couldn't talk about it because he was under audit. Guthrie said there was no law that prevented someone being audited from discussing his taxes, and pressed on: "Who do you owe $421 million to?" she asked. The Nielsen company said Friday afternoon the Biden town hall reached 14.1 million people on ABC between 8 and 9 p.m. and Trump had 13.5 million combined on NBC, CNBC and MSNBC. Yet in declaring Guthrie one of the winners in Thursday's night of politics on television, the Vox website said her quick line of questioning, pushbacks and fact checks "probably made the White House wish they had just done the debate." NBC News said it wouldn't make Guthrie or network executives available to speak Friday about the performance.