21 July 2020 02:31

Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins had a pretty brutal match at Extreme Rules earlier today.

Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins had a pretty brutal match at Extreme Rules earlier today. The first-ever "Eye for an Eye Match" went way over the limit as both Superstars tried desperately to extract their opponent's eye. Seth Rollins brought his own eye extraction kit, consisting of some pretty sketchy tools that he intended to use to win the match. Rollins took the help of a sharp object, a kendo stick, and even tried gouging out Mysterio's eyes with his bare hands at one point. In the end, Rollins was able to outmuscle Mysterio and push his head deep into the steel steps.

How Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio Bad Blood Will Continue On WWE RAW

Mysterio was then seen holding out his eye and writhing in pain as the officials ended the match. On seeing this horrific sight, Seth Rollins threw up! Even the "Monday Night Messiah" couldn't come to terms with what he had just done. Mysterio has now been blinded and has most likely faced the bitter end of the rivalry. However, there is still another twist in the plot. Throughout the storyline, Mysterio's son Dominick has been making appearances. In one segment, he even takes down Seth Rollins from behind, after which he escaped. Dominick will definitely be looking to avenge his father. We can expect a heated segment on RAW tomorrow. Rey Mysterio wants to wrestle with his son before retirement Rey Mysterio himself may not be able to continue the feud but not just because of his injury. Mysterio's contract will soon expire and reports say that there will be no extension. This was due to the fact that Mysterio demanded an increase in wages which Vince McMahon rejected. This was primarily due to the budget cuts initiated during the pandemic. However, Mysterio has expressed his desire to fight alongside his son at least once before his retirement or departure from WWE. We could see this happening, considering the fact that the timing now is better than anything. Sadly, Mysterio claims that Dominick won't be prepared to perform in the ring at least until next year. This puts a big dent on the trajectory that the storyline could take. All cards laid on the table, we think that the feud is far from finished. There will undoubtedly be a segment on tomorrow's episode of RAW addressing this match, and continuing the storyline.