13 September 2020 04:37

Right hand for Lee. Body kick attempt from Lee, but Modaferri catches it and gets a takedown.

roxanne modafferi

Modafferi lands a right hand after eating a low kick from Lee. Modafferi attempts a hip throw but Lee defends well. Modafferi lands a jab but Lee comes back with a low kick. Lee lands a right hand and throws Modafferi on the ground using her momentum. Modafferi gets back to her feet and pins Lee against the cage. Modafferi gets a takedown of her own and ends up in half guard.

mixed martial arts

Lee defends herself well on the ground but Modafferi goes to side control. Modafferi attempts to control Lee's wrists and keep her down. Lee reverses the position but Modafferi gets back to her feet. Lee lands a nice left hook at the beginning of the round. Lee lands a low kick but eats a right hand in the process.

andrea lee

Lee lands a straight right hand and takes the center of the octagon. Lee intercepts Modafferi with a right hand. Modafferi lands a left hook and retreats. Nice left hook from Lee, she follows it up with a leg kick. Lee lands a knee to the body and throws Modafferi to the ground but she gets back up immediately.

Spinning back elbow lands for Lee, she rushes into a flurry and finishes with a low kick. Modafferi catches a kick and takes Lee down. Leg kick lands for Lee. Modafferi looks to be aggressive at the start of the round she then lands an uppercut. Leg kick lands for Lee. Lee lands a leaping left hand. Lee lands a right hand and evades the punches coming back. Lee lands another low kick to keep Modafferi at bay. Modafferi circles around and lands a jab. Lee gets back to her knees and then her feet, but Modafferi takes her back down. Modafferi maintains top control and lands some ground and pound. Official results: Roxanne Modafferi defeats Andre Lee by unanimous decision (29-28 x3). Roxanne Modafferi stayed competitive on the feet with Andrea Lee tonight at UFC Fight Night 177, but it was her significant periods of control on the mat that helped her on her way to a unanimous decision victory. Leg kick attempt from Lee, but Modaferri catches it and takes her down. Modaferri presses forward with a flurry of light punches. Modaferri again looking to come forward, but Lee uses the momentum to bring her to the mat instead with a head and arm throw Modaferri is a savvy veteran on the mat though and is able to work her way towards a takedown and then presses Lee up against the cage. A few punches and elbows landing for Modaferri now as Lee works to her knees. Modaferri continues to land punches. Modaferri stands and Lee presses her to the cage as the round ends. Glancing left hand for Modaferri and punch in return from Lee. Modaferri lands again. Head kick attempt from Lee is blocked. leg kick for Lee and a counter punch from Modaferri. Lee getting busy with punches that don't quite land, but the kick behind it does. Body kick attempt from Lee and then a leg kick. Nice left hand for Lee. Now a body punch. Left lands for Modaferri now. In close Modaferri lands a right, but so does Lee. Glancing overhand from Lee. Modaferri moving forward with punches. Left hand for Lee and then a low kick. Outside leg kick from Lee. Lee with a thai clinch and lands a couple of knees and then drags Modaferri to the mat. spinning back elbow from Lee and that seemed to hurt Modaferri. Lee looks to land more, but Modaferri digs deep and throws hard punches back. Lee continues forward anyway though looking to land more of her strikes. Leg kick for Modaferri. Right hand for Lee. Body kick attempt from Lee, but Modaferri catches it and gets a takedown. Lee trying for a triangle choke, but Modaferri gets out of that. Lee keeping her legs up to keep Modaferri at bay though. Modaferri trying to land some ground and pound, but unable to get off anything meaningful. Left hook lands for Lee. Now a nice inside leg kick. Two more leg kicks to the inside and outside of the leg lands. Uppercut for Lee. Inside leg kick from Lee. Then to the outside. She lands a punch to the body too. Body kick for Lee. Another kick lands. Modaferri still fresh, but not able to land as frequently as Lee right now. Inside leg kick for Lee. She comes forward throwing punches, but Modaferri moves out of range. Punch and then an inside leg kick for Lee. Spinning elbow attempt again from Lee, but this time it misses and it allows Modafferi to get into the clinch and then secure a takedown. Modaferri tries to pass guard, but loses position and Lee ends up on top just as the final round ends. Close fight then but it's veteran campaigner Roxanne Modafferi who emerges with her hand raised via unanimous decision (29-28 x3) and that's another nice win to add to her lengthy resume. Bobby Green was a step ahead of Alan Patrick wherever the fight went tonight at UFC Fight Night 177 on his way to a unanimous decision victory. Patrick bursts forward throwing a punch and then works a takedown attempt, but it fails as Green ends up on top. Green not able to get too much going on the mat and Patrick is able to get back up with Green working a knee strike as he does so. Patrick again quickly in on another takedown, but again he can't get Green down and instead moments later its Green who manages to strongly throw him to the mat. Patrick tries to escape, but Green keeps the position. Patrick staying busy though as he gets to one knee against the cage and then stands. Green lands another knee to the body. Patrick reverses the cage clinc and starts working for a takedown again. He drops to the mat empty-handed and has to stand up again and tries to transition to another takedown, but again it's Green who ends up on top. Patrick tries for a triangle choke, but Green moves to defend the submission and works himself out of danger, then settles back into Green's guard. Green taking his time but does start to land some solid ground and pound in the closing stages of the round. Patrick throwing a front kick to the body that misses and a winging punch too as he wades into the clinch against the cage. Soon they are back to striking range, but not for long as Patrick again closes the distance and tries to get Green down. However, as in the first round it's Green who ends up getting a takedown instead. Patrick trying to find an opportunity for a submission attempt, but Green moves into half-guard instead. Patrick with a wild hook attempt that misses. He lands an uppercut and then a front kick to the body. Left hand lands for Green as Patrick swings wildly again. Missed punches for Green. Inside leg kick from Patrick and then a takedown attempt that fails, leaving him scrambling on his knees trying in vain to complete it. More sloppy punch attempts from Patrick and then a leg kick. Patrick trying to get into the clinch but gets clipped by a punch that seemed to hurt him. Missed left hook from Patrick. He lands a punch, but then Green gets a takedown and Patrick's attempt to scramble on top fails. More missed punches from Patrick. He does land a glancing body punch, but gets caught with a counter from Green. Green with a body lock, moves to the back and takes Patrick down. Green lands a right hand and then clinches. Patrick lands a knee. Patrick misses punches but then throws a head kick that partially lands. Patrick able to bring Green down for a moment. Green gets up and lands punches and a knee though. He lands a couple of punches. Good right hand for Green. He lands a left and a right. Green wading forward with his hands low. Patrick with a spinning capoeira kick that never looked like landing. Green tries one last time to finish Patrick with punches, but he'll have to settle for a decision on this occasion.