22 August 2020 14:40

Rocksteady Studios Suicide Squad Batman: Arkham

There's an exclusive LEGO set for DC FanDome that is likely to be made available at some point today – 77906 Wonder Woman. LEGO DC 77906 Wonder Woman was likely planned as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive set, but with that event cancelled it has turned up on the DC FanDome and LEGO.com websites. Brickset has turned up images, but it's unclear when it will go live or be available to buy. DC FanDome is the weekend's big virtual comic book and entertainment event covering all aspects of the DC comic book world, with reveals expected for films including Wonder Woman 84, The Batman and Justice League: The Snyder Cut. 77906 Wonder Woman is inspired by Issue 6 of the original comic book run, and it's no coincidence that the set includes Cheetah in her classic costume – 76157 Wonder Woman vs Cheetah, based on the upcoming movie, features a modern iteration of their battle. Fans should keep an eye on the DC FanDome and LEGO.com if they want to get this special set.

A prize draw has also been announced for the event, with an exclusive Supergirl minifigure up for grabs. To continue to support the work of Brick Fanatics, please buy your LEGO sets from LEGO.com and Amazon using our affiliate links. A low-res TV spot has been revealed ahead of today's Wonder Woman 1984 DC FanDome panel, and it shows Barbara Minerva leaping into action in her pre-Cheetah form against Diana Prince in the White House. Wonder Woman 1984 is set to be released in theaters this October, but with Tenet receiving a staggered debut in select theaters across the globe, chances are the same will happen with the DC Comics adaptation. That means some countries will get it before others, and it's even possible a few cities in the United States will show it while others are unable to due to COVID-19.

At this stage, it's getting harder and harder to figure out why Warner Bros. doesn't just make the sequel available on pricey PVOD platforms, but like most studios, they know that could lead to massive financial losses. Whatever happens, piracy is going to be a big problem this Fall. At DC FanDome today, a new trailer is set to be released for Wonder Woman 1984, and the hope is that it will finally show Kristen Wiig's Dr. Barbara Minerva in her final, furry Cheetah form. In the meantime, a low-res (well, it's surprisingly good quality for a phone camera job, to be fair) TV spot has found its way online showing Barbara leaping into action against Diana Prince in the White House. Clearly, she's already got powers here, but still hasn't fully become Cheetah. Check out the TV spot below: