28 October 2020 16:51

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Rolls-Royce shows off bespoke Wraith with interplanetary inspiration

Rolls-Royce shares (LON: RR) plunged 56.7% today after the FTSE 100 firm voted in favour of a £2bn rights issue. Shares in the engine-maker were trading at 94.85p today, which is a 95% fall in value over the course of the year. "At a time where the company is already struggling to cope with the fallout from the first set of lockdowns, the almost inevitable period of secondary lockdowns in Europe does little to bolster confidence for Rolls-Royce," said Joshua Mahony, senior market analyst at IG. "With the current market cap down to £1.54bn, it is understandable for investors to question the value of a company that could easily end up pushing for yet another multi-billion rights issue down the line." Rolls-Royce shares (LON: RR) are currently trading +10.70% at 83,19 (1420GMT). When BMW AG purchased the Rolls-Royce Motors brand name and logo from the original company in 1998, they set out to continue developing and building the highest quality luxury vehicles.The first modern model was the Phantom, released in 2003, and it was a work of art that rose to the highest level of quality and elegance while also reestablishing the brand in the modern era.

Since then, the company has widened its range of cars end even released its first, the Cullinan, in 2018.The latest generations feature the same architecture, which was developed by Rolls-Royce's Bespoke Collective of designers, engineers, and craftspeople, who demanded the freedom to build new products from the ground up rather than use preexisting BMW platforms that limited their creative possibilities.The result is a flexible, scalable spaceframe developed entirely in-house by the Rolls-Royce engineers to serve as the base of all current models. It can be resized, reshaped and different power and drivetrain layouts can be fitted.The base material for the Architecture of Luxury is aluminum, which was chosen for its lightweight properties and has a higher acoustic impedance than steel, thus preventing more external sound to pass into the cabin.The architecture is built to further improve the acoustic properties of the material by deliberately avoiding traditional designs and instead, using extrusions and complex internal structures to eliminate flat, resonant surfaces while also increasing the rigidity of the chassis.It uses some of the largest cast aluminum joints ever matted to a chassis, combined with double-skinned bulkhead and floor sections that drastically insulates sound while also increasing the resonance of the sound inside the cabin.The Bespoke Audio system used in Rolls-Royce cars gets its exceptional low-frequency performance at this architectural stage by incorporating a resonance chamber into the body's sill section, which effectively turns the car's frame into a subwoofer.Engineers started to develop the Architecture of Luxury in 2014 but the first production Rolls-Royce that was built around it was the eight-generation Phantom, a car that is described by owners and critics alike as the best car in the world.The flexibility and scalability of this brilliant architecture are best showcased in the Cullinan SUV. The base components were reconfigured, and the resulting spaceframe is higher and shorter, with redesigned overhangs that allow the Cullinan to clear steep departure and approach angles.Traction and handling in the first Rolls-Royce SUV are impeccable both on paved roads and rough terrain due to the increased stiffness of the spaceframe.The future looks (and sounds) good for the British manufacturer as all future Rolls-Royce cars will be built on this innovative architecture that enables engineers to further develop and create the automotive equivalent of perfection. This bespoke Rolls-Royce Wraith is brimming with intergalactic and Middle Eastern vibes Rolls-Royce Abu Dhabi has unveiled the Wraith – Inspired by Earth, a one-off creation inspired by our planet and the rest of the solar system. First off, it's the first time we've seen a factory airbrushed artwork on a Rolls.

Nevertheless, this special creation is making us all giddy with its intergalactic and Middle Eastern design theme. "We're used to clients bringing us grand visions for their Bespoke Commissions, but this provided a new perspective altogether," said Michael Bryden, Lead Bespoke Designer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. "In our response to the brief, we've worked at both the 'macro' level, referencing the Sun and planets of the whole solar system, and the much more personal 'micro' level, centering our view of the world on the place the customer calls home." The said customer remains anonymous, however, but we can bet he or she paid a lot of money to commission a car such as this. This bespoke Wraith is wearing a Royal Blue paint job, representing the oceans that cover 75-percent of the Earth's surface. It also has an emerald green coachline that incorporates the Sun and the eight planets of the solar system instead of just a standard continuous, solid line.

It depicts a satellite's-eye view of the Middle Eastern region – centered around the United Arab Emirates, the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, and the Gulf of Oman – and were all meticulously airbrushed by hand. According to Rolls-Royce, the artwork alone took over 100 hours to complete. The interior theme blends Moccasin leather (depicting the sands of the Emirate's desert), Navy and Cobalto blue accents (paying homage to rivers and lakes), Emerald Green piping, and Arctic White RR monograms and stitching that, according to Rolls-Royce, hints at clouds and translucent running water. Meanwhile, the Wraith – Inspired by Earth receives a custom starlight headliner that illustrates the planets of the solar system. It also has an airbrushed front veneer representing a satellite image of the Middle East.

Other bespoke touches include a new clock with a metal radial background and special inlays showing the position of the planets in our galaxy. No word yet on how much this all costs, but a standard Rolls-Royce Wraith starts at around $330,000. Rolls-Royce is dangling yet another one-off Wraith far out of our reach — so far out of reach, one might even say it's not of this world. Bestowed with the tagline "Inspired by Earth," this Wraith draws its cues from more than just the Blue Planet. The first hints of this can be seen in the hand-painted solar system incorporated into the pinstriping elements on the Wraith's flanks.

"We're used to clients bringing us grand visions for their Bespoke Commissions, but this provided a new perspective altogether. In our response to the brief, we've worked at both the 'macro' level, referencing the Sun and planets of the whole Solar System, and the much more personal 'micro' level, centring our view of the world on the place the customer calls home," said Rolls-Royce Bespoke design chief Michael Bryden. The artwork on the hood might be the highlight of a first impression, but if you ask us, Rolls-Royce buried one of the Wraith's coolest touches pretty deep in its announcement: a headliner embroidered with the solar system, floating like a magnified night's sky over the earth-themed elements of the cabin surfaces. It is strange to think that Rolls-Royces are now made in exactly the same way as almost all other cars, at least at a conceptual level. This new Ghost uses the same versatile and modular structure as the Phantom and Cullinan SUV, as will future versions of the Wraith and Dawn. It's called platform architecture, and less noble companies have been doing it for decades because it allows cars to appear different on the surface while having more than a little in common beneath the skin. As ever with the new Rolls-Royce, these structures are assembled in Germany before being shipped to Goodwood for fit, finish and liberal applications of the stardust required to turn a hunk of well-engineered metal into a car fit for perhaps what remains the most coveted automotive brand of all.