14 August 2020 16:36

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THE man accused of executing five-year-old Cannon Hinnant had dinner with the boy's father during one of two visits he paid to the Hinnant home just days before allegedly shooting the boy. The shocking revelation emerged as investigators are still searching for a motive in the murder of the five-year-old, who was shot at point-blank range while playing in the yard of his fathers Wilson, North Carolina home. 4 Five-year-old, Cannon Hinnant was riding his bike outside his fathers home before Darius Sessom, 25, walked up to him and shot him in the head Credit: WRAL The father said he has lived next door to Sessoms and his parents for eight years and had him over for dinner on Saturday. I just wanted to be nice," the father told WRAL, also noting that he and Sessoms sat on his porch and drank a beer. Hinnant was riding a bike outside his fathers home on Sunday when a neighbor, Darius Sessoms, 25, walked up to the boy and pointed a gun to his head and shot him in cold blood.

4 Darius Sessoms, 25, was over Hinnant's fathers home for dinner days prior to executing the boy 4 Five-year-old Hinnant was playing outside with his sisters prior to being killed by Sessoms Credit: GoFundMe After the killing, Sessoms ran back into his house and fled. Doris Lybrand, who witnessed the shooting, told the outlet Sessoms ran up to the boy, put the gun near his head and fired before running back into his house. For a second, I thought, 'that couldn't happen.' People don't run across the street and kill kids," she told the outlet. Lybrand said she realized the gun was real when she saw Hinnant's father's reaction to the shooting, and she quickly went inside her home, locked the door and tried to call 911. 4 Investigators are still trying to determine a motive as to why Sessoms killed the five-year-old Credit: ABC 11 The motive for the killing has yet to be determined.

Sessoms has been charged with first-degree murder and his being held without bond, he is due in court on August 25. Bonny Waddell, the five-year-old's heartbroken mother took to Facebook to express her grief. "This was not just because my baby was riding a bike!" wrote the grieving mother. Most read in News 'IT WAS NEGLECT' Toddler died when parents forgot he was in 90F car & found him next day FACING JUSTICE Husband 'bludgeoned his secret porn-star wife to death with absinthe bottle' 'EXECUTED' Neighbor 'shot boy he'd "played with for years" after he rode bike in his yard' 'TRUMP WANTED ME DEAD' What did Michael Cohen say about Trump in his new memoir Disloyal? 'I DIDN'T WANT HIM DEAD' Moment cops storm mobile home & kill man holding his mom hostage WILD CLAIMS Trump saw 'golden showers in sex club & cheated in election', claims ex-lawyer EMBED>More News Videos Bike On Cannon, a community-led Facebook page memorializing the boy, said the postponement comes to "respect the family's wishes" as it would allow them time to grieve--Family members and friends held a funeral service to honor the life of Cannon Hinnant, the 5-year-old boy tragically shot and killed while riding his bike in Wilson, North Carolina, last weekend.More than 100 cars filled the funeral home parking lot and other nearby places for the Thursday service.

Family, loved ones and strangers all showed up to lift up Cannon's family during an unthinkable time.Merrill Race, Cannon's grandfather, spoke to ABC7's sister station ABC11, expressing his pain and disbelief, "we shouldn't even be here." Race, a member of the local Guardians of the Children, described his grandson as a "beautiful kid" who loved playing outside.Lee Parker, Cannon's stepfather, says he helped raise the young boy with his wife, Bonny Waddell."He meant the world to me, just like all the other kids that are mine I helped raise," Parker added.Parker recalled getting the phone call on Aug. 9, learning Cannon had been shot, allegedly by a neighbor. I was riding down the road, and I just blacked out, couldn't even think for a few seconds, took me a minute to register it," Parker said.Since Sunday, Cannon's death has garnered national attention. It's all around the world," Parker said.Darius Sessoms, 25, is in jail on no bond, facing a first-degree murder charge. Wilson Police Department has not released any information regarding a motive.The family says Cannon was set to start kindergarten this week. He's there where he should be," Race said.Neighbors, too, were distraught over the little boy's death.Race and Parker say their family is missing a loving, free-spirited young boy who will be deeply missed and impossible to replace."It'll never be behind us.

He'll always be with us, but we're going to get through it," Parker said.The family intends to hold a vigil in the near future, but no details or dates have been announced. Darius Nathaniel Sessoms, 25, is accused of walking up to Cannon and shooting the boy in the head while he was riding a bicycle, investigators said. Sessoms was arrested Monday and charged with first-degree murder. Police have not released a motive for the shooting. WILSON, North Carolina--Cannon Hinnant, the 5-year-old boy who was tragically shot and killed in North Carolina last weekend, will be memorialized with a funeral Thursday and a candlelight vigil Friday night.The shooting happened around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 9.When officers arrived, they found Cannon suffering from a gunshot wound. Officers and EMS immediately began performing lifesaving efforts.The boy was taken to the hospital, where he later died.Neighbor Charlene Walburn said another neighbor told her that a man walked up to Cannon and shot him."Our neighbor saw it. She said the young man just walked up to the little boy who was sitting on his bike, which he does every day," Walburn said. How can you walk up to a little boy, point blank, and put a gun to his head and just shoot him? So I told him to call 911, and I ran to the door."A suspect, 25-year-old Darius Sessoms, was arrested a day after the shooting on charges of first-degree murder.Walburn recalled spending time with Cannon."He would come over, him and my husband would always talk back and forth, and he would ask my husband to put air in his tire," she said. "If he saw me on the porch with a Popsicle, he would always come over and ask me if he could have a Popsicle."A vigil for Cannon was held Thursday at 8 p.m. His mother posted to social media that she wanted as many people as possible to show up to the vigil to show love for Cannon."I want everyone to show up for my baby. The boy's family, friends and the city of Wilson, where he was from, have drawn sympathy from all over the country.