13 November 2019 23:11

Rosie said: "When we went for our 12 week scan our baby could not be found.

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The video will start in 8 Cancel Get the biggest Strictly Come Dancing stories by email Subscribe Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email Chris Ramsey's wife Rosie has lamented his busy Strictly Come Dancing rehearsal schedule keeping them from spending any time together. The comedic couple got married in 2014 and they host a podcast together called Sh**ed Married Annoyed. Chris is competing on Strictly alongside his professional dancing partner Karen Hauer, who he is currently seeing a lot more of than his wife. Pining for her husband, disgruntled Rosie told her followers via her Instagram story that she had only got to briefly see him last night. "Morning", she said.

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Strictly star Chris Ramsey's wife has only seen him for 3 hours this week training tears them apart

"It's very early." I came all the way to London and saw my husband very briefly last night. "Did the podcast. Watched half an hour of Downton Abbey. "Went to bed. And now I'm wondering, what is life?!" She continued: "Chris is still in Strictly. Oh god. How did that happen, I swear... if he gets to the final... "I can't believe he's still in it. Imagine if he makes it through to the final! (Image: BBC/Guy Levy) "Go Chris, get to the final but at the same time... I did not think this was going to happen." Alongside the video, she wrote: "Saw my husband for all of three hours last night". The couple live together in Newcastle with their five-year-old son Robin. Last year, Rosie suffered a miscarriage and the two opened up about the heartbreaking experience on social media. (Image: PA) Chris described his wife as a "warrior" after she revealed their sad news on Instagram. Rosie wrote: "Good morning. Apologies for our silence across our social media's this week, it's safe to say we've had a pretty s***ty one. "Last week we thought we would be sharing some lovely news with you all but sadly that was not to be." The couple were told that their much-wanted baby had not survived at a routine hospital pregnancy scan. Rosie said: "When we went for our 12 week scan our baby could not be found. "He or she had passed early on in the pregnancy leaving behind the pregnancy sac, this is called a Blighted Ovum. (missed miscarriage). "My body still thought I was pregnant for all those weeks after the baby had passed, hormones were released and everything apart from the baby was still growing. (Image: Instagram) "I'd never heard of this before so as you can imagine it all came as a great shock." She added that the couple's son, Robin, had been "wonderful through this". Rosie said: "I have so much sympathy for other couples who have/are going through this as I never knew it entailed so much heartache.""