29 July 2020 14:43

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Andi Peters celebrates 50th birthday in the Good Morning Britain studio Bang Showbiz 29 July 2020 Veteran TV presenter Andi Peters has celebrated turning 50 at the 'Good Morning Britain' studio Andi Peters returned to the 'Good Morning Britain' studio on Wednesday (29.07.20) as he celebrated his 50th birthday. The veteran TV presenter has been hosting the competition segment of the show from his shed since March, but he's now finally returned to the studio, where he joined his co-stars to celebrate his landmark birthday. Ben Shephard said: "Half a century, Mr Peters." Andi replied: "I know, 50, can you believe it – it's unreal, me, little me, 50 years old!" Charlotte Hawkins then claimed that Andi still looks enviably youthful for a man of his age. She said: "You don't look it, Andi." The former 'Live & Kicking' presenter also admitted he was delighted about returning to the studio, having been absent from the set during lockdown. He explained: "It's been 138 days since I've been in this studio, which seems mad because it is our home.

Andi Peters celebrates 50th birthday in the Good Morning Britain studio

So it feels crazy to be here, but it's great to be back." Later on in the morning, Andi headed into the 'Lorraine' studio, on which he also fronts the competition segments. Christine Lampard is currently stepping in for the TV presenter during her summer holidays, and Andi is due to guest host the show himself in the coming weeks. Speaking to Christine about his birthday on today's show, he said: "I'm 50! I feel great. I'm one of those people, I love life. You're only as old as you think you are. "Some of the nonsense I do I think, 'You're not 21, you shouldn't be running around on live television.' But why not?"