28 June 2020 04:36

Round 3 – Zalal lands a head kick followed by a punching combination – another strong start.

mickey gall

Former interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier (26-6 MMA, 18-5 UFC) met Dan Hooker (20-9 MMA, 10-5 UFC) in the main event. In the co-feature, Mickey Gall (6-3 MMA, 5-3 UFC) took on Mike Perry (14-6 MMA, 7-6 UFC) at welterweight. He lands a body shot on Griffin, who is visibly hurt by the blow. Zalal is pushing Griffin against the fence, seeking a single-leg takedown. Round 3 – Zalal lands a head kick followed by a punching combination – another strong start.

dustin poirier

A series of hard punches lands for Zalal. Zalal backs Griffin up against the cage and lands another combination. Griffin lands a head kick and shoots for a double leg. Zalal lands a hard knee to the chest of Griffin, who shoots again. The two fighters tie up and Frey lands a series of strikes to Hansen's head.

dan hooker

Frey lands a leg kick followed by a punch. Frey grabs control of Hansen's neck in the clinch and fires a head kick. Hansen lands a right hand. Round 2 – Frey goes back to the well – targeting Hansen's leg early with kicks. Frey lands a leg kick.

Round 1 – Worthy opens with a leg kick. Pena lands an outside leg kick. A right-hand lands for Worthy. A body kick lands for Worthy, which was a borderline cup shot. A right-hand misses for Worthy, but he follows it up with a hard leg kick. Round 2 – After a brief feeling-out process, Pena gets a takedown. Worthy complains to referee Mark Smith, saying Pena hit him in the back of the head. Round 3 – Pena shoots for a takedown. Woodson fakes a flying knee and lands a combination. A straight left-hand lands for Woodson, who sticks Erosa again and again. Erosa lands a combination followed by a knee. Round 2 – Woodson throws a combination, which Erosa dodges. Erosa lands a leg kick. On the break, Erosa lands an elbow and a punch. Erosa lands another combination, stalking Woodson around the cage. Erosa lands a three-strike combination – with a knee and punch digging the body. Erosa walks forward and lands a kick. A left-hand lands for Erosa, who's cardio looks phenomenal. Erosa whiffs on a punch and eats a hard left-hand from Woodson. Round 3 – Both fighters come out with leg kicks. Round 1 – Daukaus opens up the fight with a slapping leg kick. Allen lands a punch to the body, followed by a kick. Daukaus shoots for a takedown and is pushing Allen against the fence. Allen spins out away and lands a massive knee to the face, which drops Daukaus. Allen is landing hard ground-and-pound. Dauakus lands a nice combination and shoots for a takedown. Allen reverses Daukaus, landing hard ground-and-pound. Allen lands a three-punch combination. With 20 seconds left, Allen explodes, landing hard punches on Daukaus from the top. Greene lands a right hand. Greene throws a push kick to the leg – his switch this camp to JacksonWink is already showing. Greene lands a push kick to the stomach. Villante taps the body of Greene with a kick. A thunderous leg kick lands for Greene. Greene lands another push kick to the midsection. Villante answers with a leg kick. Greene pushes Villante backward with another body kick. Moments later, Greene lands another right hand. A slapping head kick lands for Villante, who goes right back to his leg kicks. The round ends after a few more Villante leg kicks. Villante nails Greene with another leg kick. Another leg kick lands. Gall lands a straight left hand. Perry checks a Gall leg kick. Two punches land by Perry. Gall lands a punch. Perry catches a kick from Gall and grabs hold. Gall rolls and lands right in a Perry arm triangle. The round ends after Perry lands some ground-and-pound. Perry muscles Gall to a standing position and gets a takedown of his own. Gall threatens a guillotine choke, but Perry pops his head out. Gall lands a combination. Perry lands a big combination which hurts Gall. Perry mounts Gall and lands a hard elbow. Round 3 – Gall lands a pair of leg kicks. Perry lands a hard right hand. Perry lands on top and Gall shoots for a triangle choke. Perry lands some short punches and the round ends. Hooker is targeting Poirier's lead leg with kicks. After pushing Hooker against the cage, Poirier separates. Hooker lands another body kick. Poirier connects with a right hand. On the next combination, Poirier rips a body kick followed by a right hand. Poirier lands but Hooker grabs hold. A left hand connects for Poirier. Round 2 – Poirier lands a combination. Hooker moves back and catches Poirier with a combination of his own. With Poirier circling backward, Hooker leaps in and connects on a knee to the face. Hooker reverses position and brutalizes Poirier with an elbow. Hooker begins teeing off on Poirier – going to the body and the head. Poirier kicks Hooker in the body. Poirier lands a combination. Another body kick lands for Poirier. Poirier lands a combination, followed by a jab. Hooker shoots for a takedown and Poirier snatches his neck. Hooker connects with a knee as Poirier rises up. Round 4 – Poirier lands a jab and follows it with a push-kick to the midsection. Poirier throws a body kick. Hooker catches the kick and takes Poirier down. Now, it's Poirier who gets a takedown. Poirier lands a series of ground-and-pound punches. Round 5 – Poirier connects on a one-two combination. Poirier lands a left hand. Poirier lands a combination and Hooker shoots for a takedown. Two hard left hands land for Poirier. Hooker is pushing Poirier against the fence. Poirier reverses and is pushing Hooker against the fence. The round ends with some short ground-and-pound from Poirier. Records: Dustin Poirier (26-6 MMA, 18-5 UFC), Dan Hooker (20-9 MMA, 10-5 UFC) Poirier, in his first appearance since hip and labrum surgery, outlasted Dan Hooker in a 155-pound duel that was nothing short of savage theater. The main event of UFC Fight Night in Las Vegas saw the 31-year-old Poirier survive a vicious assault from Hooker (20-9) over the first two rounds that appeared to leave Poirier hurt on multiple occasions as each one traded their best shots. Both lightweights ended the round with faces covered in blood following a cut below the right eye of Poirier and a nasty one on the right eyelid of Hooker. "The only time I was hurt in the fight was when Dan got me against the fence and slipped a knee in there [in Round 2]," Poirier said.