16 December 2019 08:35

Rusev took the fight to Lashley right away and dominated the match until Lana distracted him.


The love triangle between Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley has been heated and bitterly personal. This rivalry came to a head at WWE TLC, when Lashley faced Rusev in a Tables match. Rusev took the fight to Lashley right away and dominated the match until Lana distracted him. Then, the Almighty One took control. Rusev fought back and the brawl continued.

Rusev planted Rusev with a suplex on the ramp. Lashley threw a table at Rusev and broke it in half when it hit the ring post. Rusev and Lashley kept reversing attempts to slam each other through the table. Rusev nearly slammed Lashley through a table on the outside but the Almighty One jumped over it. Using the steel guard rail, Rusev rammed Lashley. The Almighty One raked Rusev's eyes and slammed him through the guard rail. Lashley caned Rusev with a kendo stick while Lana laughed at her ex-husband's pain. Rusev blocked another shot from the kendo stick and caned Lashley with it. A stiff kick dropped Lashley. Lana hopped on Rusev's back and the distraction allowed Lashley to suplex Rusev through a table. RELATED: WWE TLC Results (12/15/19) WWE TLC 2019 is well underway at this point, with all but one of the pre-scheduled matches having taken place. I'm Jordan Huie of the Overtimer and I've been here with you this far so I'm certainly not stopping my coverage now, I'm here to give you the results of the show as they come! We just now saw the Tables match, in which Rusev and Bobby Lashley finally went head-to-head after a good few months building this angle centered around a cheating Lana. I predicted that Lashley would end up on topin this match, as I figured it wouldn't be the end of this feud and thus the heel would need to notch the victory to extend things. I also predicted that Lana would end being put through a table at some point during these proceedings. I was half right! You can see an excerpt of my recap of this match below: Swings it again, Rusev catches the kendo stick! Fights to his feet, Lashley with a kick to the gut. Charges, Rusev with a stick shot to the gut! Kendo Stick Lariats, wearing out the back of Lashley now! Breaks the stick on his knee! Machka Kick! Lana in the ring, onto the back of Rusev to gouge at his eyes. Lashley then attempts to spear Rusev into the corner table and fails miserably, only to immediately pull him out and hit an overhead belly to belly putting him through one on the opposite side. Winner: Bobby Lashley I think he was meant to put him through both in quick succession there, that would've been a cool spot. As it is, that was rather unfortunate. Indeed, Lana came out unscathed but nonetheless her man Bobby Lashley got the victory through dirty means after Lana's interference. I'm almost positive we're heading towards a match with Lana up in a shark cage.