07 September 2020 02:40

Sadly, it won’t be a power season 7, rather a spin-off, titled Power Book II: Ghost.

About Power Season 7 To all the power fans out there, we have a surprise for you. Kemp's productions are coming up with another season of power. Sadly, it won't be a power season 7, rather a spin-off, titled Power Book II: Ghost. This would explore the controversial characters of the series and depict the aftermath of Ghost's murder. Short Recap of Power Season 6 Filled with suspense and thrill, the series began in 2014.

With each addition to the franchise, we saw unforeseen murders and suspects. But with one of the saddest endings ever, in the sixth season; it is strange to find out that another season is up. With Ghost dead, there are almost no possibilities for the series to continue. What to expect from Power Season 7? However, Kemp's creation has come up with another season. This would be titled Power Book II: Ghost. This would be a spin-off, with four episodes. Obviously, Ghost's shadow and effect continues into this season, why else would the name be in the title? This series would also deal with many prominent and controversial characters. These might also include a close insight into the characters of Ghost, Kanan, and others. These would further help in analyzing and building up the characters. As to how they turned out to be, how their character evolved, and more about their actions. Tariq has this guilt on himself, a family to support and he has begun college. Tasha is in prison. We would see the aftermath of what glooms over the family after Ghost is gone. Power Season 7 Release Date and Cast The producers have not declared a release date yet. However, we can expect the series to be out in 2020. As for the casts, Naturi Naughton, Michael Rainey Jr., and other prominent characters would continue with their roles. As said earlier, we might also see some, not all characters from the previous seasons. This is because it is eventually a spin-off. Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq as a great responsibility for his shoulders. It would be fascinating to know how things unfold and what becomes of the other characters. Power Season 7 Trailer: