18 August 2020 08:34

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A furious Australian mother has issued a warning to parents about a popular brand of dolls after discovering their bodies show disturbing sexualised outfits when dipped in cold water. Kate Worsfold, from Brisbane, took to Facebook on Saturday morning after learning her daughter's L.O.L. Surprise Dolls had a 'hidden' feature. In the video, the mother says she had found stories online about lingerie imprinted on the figurines, which are sold at Kmart, Big W and Target stores across the country. When she dunked them in water she saw the toys' adult underwear. Brisbane mum Kate Worsfold (pictured) has urged parents to avoid L.O.L. Surprise Dolls after discovering hidden 'sexualised' outfits on her daughter's toys As the toys began to dry, tattoos, bondage apparel, skimpy clothing and sexually suggestive words scrawled on their private parts came into view.

'I didn't think it was possible for something like this to happen right under our noses,' Ms Worsfold says. 'This is f***ing sick s**t that is happening in the world right now and we need to stand up for our children. During the video the mum dips the first doll in water, after which it turns blue. L.O.L. Surprise dolls are figurines of little girls made by US company MGA Entertainment and sold in Kmart, Big W and Target stores across Australia After it was dunked in cold water, one of the dolls' underwear became thinner, black bands developed on its wrists, and the word caution appeared over its private parts (pictured) 'This underwear looks like bandages or tape, and starts to read "caution" around her private parts,' Ms Worsfold says. Who the f**k thinks it's okay to put a message on a little girl's doll that has tape around her privates and shackles around her hands?' The mum then dips a third doll into water and the figurine's underwear shows a devil's head.

'It looks like underwear, but if you look closely at the front part, it looks like the head off a satanic monster with an anchor tattoo on her leg,' she says. 'As a mum, I am fuming and f***ing livid that my daughter has these toys in our house and I knew nothing about it.' The outraged mother then calls on other parents to take action and boycott products that sexualise children. Another toy's head turned blue when it was dipped in water, which Ms Worsfold said made it look like the doll couldn't breathe We are buying them thinking they are going to have fun with these little toys and they have words on their private parts,' she says. 'It takes ordinary people like us that find this stuff and call it out, so we can protect our children. 'As a mother I am standing up for my children and my children's children for generations to come because this is not okay.

'You need to stand with me and we need to start making some noise, because there are children out there that are suffering and these m*****f*****s think it is funny. A third doll (pictured) developed what Ms Worsford described as a 'satanic monster' over its private parts when it was dipped in water The post caught the attention of thousands of parents who rallied behind the mother and shared their disgust. 'Extremely disgusting and disturbing,' one mother added. Another commenter suggested people 'rip them off the shelf' and 'smash them up', while another added 'it was already borderline with the fishnet stockings and them looking sexualised'. Some dolls' secret outfits include body nets, tattoos, nipple coverings, long black boots and suspenders L.O.L. Surprise Dolls were created by American company MGA Entertainment, the masterminds behind the popular Bratz franchise. Parents from across the world have been flocking to online forums to share photos of the hidden outfits they have discovered on their daughters' dolls. In a post on Twitter, one mother said her three-year-old's toy's hidden attire was touted as a 'secret spy outfit', but 'the nipples became extremely visible' and the original leopard outfit she came in was revealing. A Big W spokesperson said: 'We can confirm our customers have approached us about the current LOL Surprise Dolls and have expressed some concern with this range.' 'We are currently working closely with our suppliers to reach the best outcome for our customers.' Daily Mail Australia has contacted MGA Entertainment, Kmart and Target for comment. MGA told Fast Company: 'L.O.L Surprise! is a fashion-forward doll brand designed to be fun and expressive. 'We have implemented comprehensive corrective measures to our design and approval process while ensuring the essence of the brand is kept intact.' An outraged Queensland mum has issued a warning to other parents after discovering what she says are inappropriate hidden features on a popular children's toy. Kate Worsfold took to Facebook with a scathing assessment of her daughter's LOL Surprise! dolls, showing how their outfits change once dipped in cold water. She says the dolls, which are sold in Kmart, Target and Big W, display sexualised outfits that are not visible when purchasing them. Worsfold said she tested the dolls out after seeing another parent raising the alarm about the toy, and says what she found was "extremely disturbing". In her demonstration, the raging Queensland parent claims that, when submerged in cold water, some of the doll's features change. For example, she says, the word "caution" appears on its underwear, which appears to turn into tape or bandages. Worsfold said she was livid after making the discovery. Credit: Kate Worsfold / Facebook "We need to stand up for our children," she says in the video. livid right now that my daughter has these toys in our house and I knew nothing about it." Another doll emerges from submerged water apparently with an anchor tattoo on its leg. "This is the most disgusting thing that I have come across," Worsfold said. The dolls are sold in major Australian department stores. and we're buying them innocently, thinking 'oh they're just going to have a whole lot of fun with these little mini girl toy'." Worsfold's video has received more than 65,000 views, with other parents also saying they had no idea about the toy's hidden feature. "We bought them innocently because our kids love them, we should not have to worry about this s***!" one parent commented. doll when submerged in cold water. 7NEWS.com.au has reached out to MGA Entertainment for comment. A video by Brisbane mum Kate Worsfold has gone viral with more than five million views. An Australian mum has labelled a popular toy for young girls "disgusting" after discovering what she believes are a "hidden message" on the dolls. It comes after similar claims were made by parents overseas about the LOL Surprise! Brisbane woman Kate Worsfold shared a video on Facebook over the weekend showing what happened when she submerged some of the LOL Surprise! dolls in ice water. Several of the dolls, which are available at Kmart, Big W and Target, would change to show words or patterns across the doll's private parts. "As a mum I am so fuming and f***ing livid right now that my daughter has these toys in our house and I knew nothing about it," Ms Worsfold said. One of the dolls, which Ms Worsfold said was already a "bit weird" because it had red lipstick and fishnet stockings, changed in the cold water to reveal the doll was wearing bandage-like underwear and appeared to have black shackles around her wrists. "It looks like bandages or kind of tape or some sh*t – and it starts to read caution around her private parts," she said. One doll's face turned blue when it was put in ice water while another had a bizarre pattern over their underwear which Ms Worsfold claimed looked like a "lucifer monster". "This is toys that are being given to our kids and being sold in Kmart, Target, f**king Big W, kid's shops and we're buying them innocently for our kids," she said. A Big W spokeswoman confirmed to news.com.au that the store had received complaints about the dolls. "We can confirm some of our customers have approached us about the current LOL Surprise! dolls and expressed concern with this range," she said. "We are currently working closely with our suppliers to reach the best outcome for our customers." News.com.au has also contacted Target and Kmart for comment. Ms Worsfold's video has since been viewed more than five million times and shared 89,000 times, with the mum saying she has been targeted as a result of the viral post. I have started to receive threats, bullying, abuse and trolling of my profile," she wrote in a comment on the video. RELATED: Mum stuns parents with 'genius' 18th birthday present "I never expected this video to reach this amount of people. I shared it because I felt it necessary for parents to know so they can protect their children. In the United States, parents have expressed concerns about the LOL Surprise! Dolls since last year, with a video similar to Ms Worsfold's going viral last week. MGA Entertainment, the company that makes the dolls told Fast Company they were listening to the "recent feedback". "We work very hard to be a brand that listens and adapts to our fans' requests. We acknowledge the recent feedback received and thank you for bringing it to our attention," a spokesperson said. "We have implemented comprehensive corrective measures to our design and approval process while ensuring the essence of the brand is kept intact."