06 February 2020 18:42

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Watch Vikings Online: Season 6 Episode 10

The midseason finale of Vikings season six aired this week on History and Amazon Prime. In the episode, titled The Best Laid Plans, Bjorn Ironside (played by Alexander Ludwig) and King Harald (Peter Franzén) went head to head against Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen), Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø), Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky) and the Rus Vikings. Is Bjorn dead? Does Bjorn die in Vikings? Vikings season six, episode 10 saw the reunion of Ragnar Lothbrok's (Travis Fimmel) sons.

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Bjorn Ironside's Kattegat was attacked by the invading Rus Vikings, led by Prince Oleg of Novgorod, Ivar the Boneless and Hvitserk. The King of Kattegat was aware of the impending attack from the Rus but he was unprepared for the strength and size of the Rus Army. Worse, Bjorn could have never have envisioned his brother Ivar would be the one to take him down. READ MORE Vikings season 6 spoilers: Bjorn's fate revealed by Michael Hirst Bjorn was stabbed by Ivar the Boneless Ivar stabbed Bjorn in Vikings season 6 midseason finale READ MORE Vikings season 6, episode 11 release date: When does Vikings return? Struggling with what do to next and how to counter-attack the Rus, it looks like Bjorn's indecisiveness may have led to the end of his life.

björn ironside

Viewers last saw the body of Bjorn lying on an empty beach after being stabbed by Ivar. However, it is possible the stabbing could have been a dream. The stabbing takes place in the middle of the battle between Bjorn's forces and the Rus. When Bjorn is stabbed, the soldiers around him disappeared and it just him and Ivar alone on the beach. Ivar stabbed Bjorn in Vikings season 6 episode 10 Bjorn does appear to be on his way to Valhalla but unfortunately, viewers will have to wait until later this year to find out exactly what happened to Bjorn. Thankfully, show creator Michael Hirst has teased Bjorn will survive.

björn ironside

Speaking to TV Guide, he said: "Well, he's not dead, is he? "I can't tell you too much but what I can tell you is the [midseason premiere] is an extraordinary episode and a number of things that you thought were true at the end of [midseason finale] proved not to be quite true." Alexander Ludwig, who plays Bjorn Ironside also confirmed that Bjorn will return for the second half of season six in "some way, shape for form." DON'T MISS... Vikings series 6: Is Gunnhild secretly Freyja? Vikings season 6 trailer: Did the Rus Vikings invade Scandinavia? Vikings season 6: Was Bjorn Ironside real?

Ludwig said: "It certainly doesn't look good for him. I'll tell you that." He added: "Nobody would be expecting that [Bjorn to die], which is why I think it's a genius move. "It's something that I had spoken to [creator Michael Hirst] about in a lot of ways, and I said that I wanted Bjorn to go at the hands of somebody like Ivar. "If it wasn't Ivar, then it would have been by his own hand or something so tragic that the audience was just kind of floored by it. "Because it's so obvious for Bjorn to finally come up and achieve all this greatness and take his brother down and save the day, and it's kind of what everybody secretly wants. "And that's kind of what I loved about the choice is that he goes — I'll tell you this though. And whether or not he is still alive, you will see a version of Bjorn is some way, shape, or form." Vikings season 6 will return in later 2020 Vikings season 6 will probably return with a new episode by the end of this year and it is likely to focus on Bjorn Ironside. The eldest son of Ragnar Lothbrok is not dead and the fans can look forward to seeing more about him in the mid-season premiere episode. Episode 11 will also focus on Ivar The Boneless, Ubbe, Trovi, Prince Oleg and King Olaf. Though the mid-season finale episode of the sixth season titled The Best Laid Plans hinted at the death of Bjorn, Creator Michael Hirst confirmed that the character is not dead. He further said the viewers will know the character's faith in the upcoming episode, which is described by him as a "powerful", "extraordinary" and a "brilliant" episode of the series. While sharing details about the shocking scene in episode 10, Hirst said the death of Bjorn was planned in the beginning of season six. But he wanted the character to bid adieu in a special way so that the actor can "have his own moment". "By the way, he's not dead yet. And it's just brilliant for Alexander and in a way that's what I wanted," the creator said in an interview with Game Spot. What to expect in Vikings season 6 episode 11? Hirst shared similar details during his interaction with a representative of TV Guide. Apart from confirming that Bjorn is not dead, the creator also teased an "extraordinary" story in the mid-season premiere episode – the release date of which is yet to be revealed by History Channel. And it's just brilliant for Alexander and in a way that's what I wanted. But what I can tell you is the [midseason premiere] is an extraordinary episode and a number of things that you thought were true at the end of [midseason finale] proved not to be quite true," Hirst said. So, it remains to be seen whether the mid-season premiere episode of Vikings season 6 will feature a final goodbye to the fan favourite character – Bjorn – or it will focus on his powerful return as the King of Kattegat. When it comes to 'Vikings', we have come to terms with the fact that anything is possible on this show and creator Michael Hirst could turn around the fate of any character. In a dramatic midseason finale, Ivar the Boneless kills his stepbrother, Bjorn Ironside. And preceding that scene, we saw him and Ivar having a serious conversation. Ivar claimed that he is better than Bjorn in carrying on their father's legacy and was confident that Bjorn would lose the battle. Following the interaction, when we see Ivar killing Bjorn, it seems quite logical. But, come to think of it, are things always what they seem? What if Bjorn is not dead after all and the scene of him dying is just a creative way of portraying his imaginations? So, here's our theory on why Bjorn has not die and the ending might be serious and a big cliffhanger to get us all thinking. Let's look at it this way - Bjorn has been anticipating this attack for a long time. Ever since he has gotten the news of Ivar's presence in Kiev and his alliance with Prince Oleg, Bjorn knew that the day would come when his arrogant and vengeful brother will come back and try to overthrow him. That's why he delegated some of his men to find out more about Ivar and what he could be up to while in exile. By now, Bjorn knows how Ivar functions and how he thinks. It is highly possible that Bjorn would try to devise a well-knit battle strategy to outwit his brother. And while he does that, he might be thinking of all the possibilities that could occur during the attack. So, it will not be a stretch to think that the entire battle scene, including Ivar killing Bjorn and the conversation between the two brothers could all be a manifestation of Bjorn's mind. He could be creating these scenarios in his head so he could think like Ivar and plan how to retaliate when he comes powered by Oleg's army. Sometimes, when you think too clearly and calculatedly, the possibilities often seem realistic enough to make you feel as if it's happening right in front of you. What made us come up with this theory is the entire back and forth of scenes between an empty beach and the battleground with hundreds of warriors and dead bodies. In all probability, Bjorn is not dead and he is thinking how Ivar would think and what if he killed him. So, for those who have shed a few tears or have been in shock since the episode aired, this might give them some peace and make them get a fresh perspective to the plot. 'Vikings' Season 6 is scheduled to come back with last 10 episodes of its final chapter, sometime towards the end of the year. Who did not survive the battle against Scandinavia? On Vikings Season 6 Episode 10, Bjorn prepared a treaty with King Harald that would keep them safe in the face of great disaster. Meanwhile, Ingrid was attacked when someone tried to get more details about her marriage to Bjorn. Elsewhere, Bjorn and Ivar had a deadly reunion and only one of them was left standing by the end. Finally, Oleg arrived in Scandinavia to cause death and destruction. Use the video above to watch Vikings online right here via TV Fanatic. Catch up on all your favorite shows and reviews and join in the conversations with other fanatics who love TV as much as you. And we sure would appreciate a follow of our new Twitter account as we work to rebuild our audience!