08 October 2019 23:54

Sarawak cake

THE Great British Bake Off was focused on celebrations as the bakers got to grips with festive buns, Sicilian pastries and a traditional Malasyian Showstopper. Here's all the best moment that went down during Festival Week as the contestants returned to the white tent in a bid to impress Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. 5 Paul Hollywood gives out TWO handshakes in the episode Credit: WENN The bakers this year aren't afraid to take inspiration from lands afar as they did their best to make the most festive buns Prue and Paul had ever seen. While Henry turned to Sweden for his cinnamon bun recipe for a chocolate Kardemummabullar with cardamom glaze. Rosie made Finnish Semlor festive buns with candy Mardi Gras peacocks while Michael was later inspired by Jamaica with his rum and ginger Showstopper.

For Festival Week, the group had to make 24 festival buns that represent any country or festival in the world to show off their celebratory baking skills. The Technical challenge was 12 Sicilian Casatelle as served at Italian Carnevale. While the intricate Showstopper task was the baker's take on Kek Lapis Sarawak (a multi-coloured Malaysian layer cake) which is famously served at religious and cultural celebrations in Sarawak, Malaysia. 5 Steph was one of the lucky bakers to get a coveted handshake Credit: Mark Bourdillon/ Channel 4 2) There were TWO Paul Hollywood handshakes It was happy days for Steph and Henry as they both managed to get their first Paul Hollywood handshakes of the series. Steph got the enjoy the honour for her Zest and Spice Hot Cross Buns with Spiced Glaze.

While Henry left Paul equally impressed with his Chocolate Kardemummabullar with cardamom glaze and pearl sugar. Henry was so overwhelmed by the moment that he said: "Shut up!" 5 Rosie managed to win the Technical Challenge and she was thrilled Credit: Mark Bourdillon/ Channel 4 3) Rosie finally won a Technical Challenge After finding herself hovering in the middle ground for most of the weeks so far, Rosie was pretty thrilled to be announced as the winner of the Technical challenge. She managed to make 12 Sicilian Casatelles that both Paul and Prue thought were uniform in both looks and taste. 5 After Henry got a Paul Hollywood handshake, he was also named Star Baker Credit: Channel 4 4) The Star Baker was Henry Henry was named Star Baker for the first time and it didn't come as much of a surprise seeing as he also bagged his first handshake on the same weekend. Paul praised his Signature festive buns stating: "The flavours good, the bake's good, the technique's good, the colour's good." While Prue added: "They look amazing, if I saw it in a shop window I would want to try one. He came third in the Technical Challenge before impressing again with his Lemon and Lime Sarawak layer cake held together with raspberry and mint jam. 5 Michael's Bake Off journey came to an end during festival week Theatre manager/fitness instructor Michael had famously had a few shaky moments in the tent and sadly his journey in the competition came to an end on Festival Week. Speaking about his exit, he said: "In the signature, Paul said my buns were tight – but I'm happy to take that as a compliment. In the technical my Casatelles exploded (and had the dreaded soggy bottom!) and even though I spiced up my Showstopper with rum for my Jamaican Mule Sarawak, it didn't impress the judges enough to keep me in the tent." That was when I got my Hollywood handshake, which was a complete shock – I didn't know what to do with myself!" Michael added: "The best bit of the series for me has been meeting this new family of friends that I have made, and I'm now spending all my time travelling around the country to meet up with different bakers." MORE BAKE OFF TREATS PIECE OF CAKE Meet Bake Off 2019's David - health adviser who got a Hollywood handshake BAKE TO SCHOOL Meet Bake Off 2019's Alice - teacher who won Star Baker in Biscuit Week COOKING THE BOOKS Meet Bake Off 2019's Henry - English Lit student who made a biscuit organ KITCHEN SINK DRAMA Meet Bake Off 2019's Michael - theatre boss won Star Baker in Bread Week Live Blog PARTY TIME Bake Off RECAP week seven: Michael is the eighth baker to leave the tent STAR OF THE SHOW Meet Bake Off 2019's Steph - shop worker who's won Star Baker three times You can watch previous episodes NOW on 4 Catch Up. Get the biggest Daily stories by email Subscribe Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email Great British Bake Off hopeful Rosie from Somerset was left reeling from Paul Hollywood's scathing critique of her showstopper cake. He told her she had come up with a 'messy' creation at the end of episode seven of the popular series. A clip at the start of the episode suggested she could end up in trouble when she emerged from the oven with a burnt baking tray. Paul Hollywood gives Rosie hope after 'highly decorative' buns The first task of the episode was for the contestants to take on the challenge of baking buns. Rosie set about creating some peacock-inspired treats. At the end of a frantic task, Rosie was pictured puffing out her cheeks, looking under pressure. Paul Hollywood added: "They're a nice flavour. Things were looking up for Rosie when Paul said she had done a 'great job'. Bake Off technical win at last for Rosie In the second task of the episode, Rosie came out on top, winning the technical. Her Sicilian pastries saw off the challenge of her rivals. Rosie's performance in this challenge meant our worries about her eased, after that snapshot of her struggling with something burning. How did Rosie do in Bake Off showstopper? Sandi billed this week's showstopper as one of the most complex challenges ever attempted in the Bake Off tent - a south-east Asian cake, which is grilled, called a Sarawak. Rosie expressed her own doubts at the start of the challenge, saying that grilling a cake can lead to a loss of flavour. Two eight layer cakes, shaped into mutli coloured triangle/diamond layers - Rosie was being ambitious. Rosie added: "You can't do a dull one. Halfway through Rosie said tentatively: "I think it's going ok...but until you take it out the tin, you can't know." "I don't understand what happened", she said, as she scraped at a totally blackened layer cake - and was forced to abandon it. Shortly afterwards, as Rosie attempted to shape the layers that weren't burnt into triangles, she started to regret her earlier ambition. When the presenters bellowed that time was up, it really wasn't clear what sort of verdict her cake would get from Paul and Prue. Bake Off showstopper verdict Paul said when he first saw Rosie's showstopper: "I think it looks a bit messy. Prue added, though: "It's got quite a tasty flavour." Steph - who has won star baker for the last three weeks - was always lurking, likely to outdo the other bakers. But Paul felt there were too many gaps in her showstopper cake, even if Prue praised it. Bake Off Twitter's verdict on Rosie Bake Off airs on Channel 4 at 8pm on Tuesdays. Who is Rosie on Bake Off?