06 January 2020 02:36

SAS: Who Dares Wins Special Air Service Channel 4

sas who dares wins 2020

A DRAG queen competing in SAS: Who Dares Wins has been backed to win the show after signing up to make his army dad proud. Number seven Mark - also known as Cybil War - had Channel 4 viewers in hysterics as he joked about his hidden talent. 5 Drag Queen Cybil War has signed up to SAS Credit: Channel 4 The 31-year-old also amused chief instructor Ant Middleton and Jason Fox who were stunned by the revelation. Introducing himself to viewers, Mark said: "I think initially people find me a bit intimidating. I'm quite a big guy, 6ft 5in, tattooed and pierced.

SAS: Who Dares Wins viewers back drag queen Mark to win the show after he signs up to make army dad proud

"But quite quickly people realise I'm a friendly giant. "It's quite difficult to hide all the flamboyance that comes out." 5 Mark is one of 25 new recruits in the latest Channel 4 series Credit: Channel 4 He then transformed into his alter ego Cybil on camera and opened up about the reasons behind signing up as a recruit. Cybil said: "My dad is army through and through. "My dad was in the SAS, I'm a drag queen..." He added: I'm his son, how do I compare to that. "That's part of the reason I want to take part in the course and go through a fraction of what my dad went through and be able to succeed." His vunerabilty touched fans of the show, with one saying: "#SASWhoDaresWins quote of the series. "My dad was in the SAS, I'm a drag queen..." love it." 5 Ant and Neil were looking into the recruits' backgrounds Credit: Channel 4 5 Foxy laughed in shock at a drag queen being on the show Credit: Channel 4 Another laughed: "Foxy's face when Ant said drag queen was a highlight so far #SASWhoDaresWins." Someone else said: "F***ing love that there is a drag queen #SASWhoDaresWins." A viewer admitted: "Wow. Didn't see that coming. Mark the drag queen! #SASWhoDaresWins Another added: "Okay, so not only is it amazing that one of the recruits on this series of #SASWhoDaresWins is a drag queen but also their name 'Cybil War' is fantastic." 5 The chief instructor Ant and his directing staff Credit: Channel 4 MOST READ IN TV AND SHOWBIZ Exclusive KISSY PRICE Katie Price kisses son Harvey on the lips as they play games on Thai holiday Exclusive Rolling in the dough Adele tips waiter £1,500 on holiday with Harry Styles and James Corden Exclusive FROZEN OUT Holly and Phil branded 'fake' by ex-Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner BACK FROM HEV-EN EastEnders' Cheryl Fergison reveals plan to return despite Heather's death HELLO! Adele shows off weight loss on beach during holiday with Harry Styles short & sweet Yvette Fielding's 10-word tribute to 'fake' Most Haunted co-host Derek Acorah This series of SAS: Who Dares Wins will see 25 men and women go through their "toughest, most unforgiving selection course yet" on a remote Scottish Island. They will be joined by a new member of the Directing Staff team - Jay - who has gone undercover for the first six days of the course, acting as their eyes and ears on the inside. Jay, 36, spent ten years in the SAS, leaving active duty just over a year ago.

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