13 December 2019 02:33

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Blyth Valley election result: Shock win as Tories take Labour seat

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Conservative win announced in Blyth Valley, breaking Labour's 50-year hold in the forming mining constituency The Conservatives have taken Blyth Valley which has been Labour since it was created in 1950, in the first shock result of the general election. Ian Levy got 17,440 votes, beating the Labour candidate by more than 700 votes. Labour has held on to all the other declared seats in the region, but in all cases with a reduced majority. In Wansbeck, Labour Party chairman Ian Lavery retained the seat but with his majority down from 10,435 to 814. Image caption Ian Levy thanked Boris Johnson after his shock win It is the first time that Blyth Valley, a former mining area which voted Leave in the EU referendum, will have a Conservative MP.

Speaking after the result, Mr Levy thanked his team, his wife, the people of Blyth Valley and Boris Johnson. Result for Blyth Valley Vote share Party% share CON Conservative 42.7% LAB Labour 40.9% BRX The Brexit Party 8.3% LD Liberal Democrat 5.3% GRN Green 2.8% Vote share change since 2017 Lost Gained BRX The Brexit Party +8.3 Gained "The Labour Party was founded to advance the interests of working people and we are failing in that mission if we don't secure the confidence of enough working people in the country to form a government," she said. Skip Twitter post by @bbcnickrobinson Extraordinary 10% swing from Labour to Tory in Blyth Valley. Julie Elliott, who retained Sunderland Central but with a 2017 majority of 9,997 reduced to 2,964, said Labour had "let the country down by not being good enough to win against this awful Tory government". "They will come back to us if we become a radical party for change on the centre-left ground which is where we win elections." The Tories won the Labour seat by a slim majority of 712 votes, sending shockwaves through Jeremy Corbyn's party.

The constituency, a former mining community, had been ranked the 85th most vulnerable seat in the general election by the Labour Party and if the exit poll is correct, Blyth Valley will be the first of many in the Labour heartlands to turn blue. "This is the Conservative Party taking the former mining community of Blythe Valley from Labour. That is a very significant pointer." When it was announced the Tories had stolen the seat from Labour, huge cheers could be heard from the crowd. The newly elected Tory MP then thanked Boris Johnson as he gave his speech. Blyth Valley has been won by the Conservative Party Blyth Valley: Crowds cheered as the results came in Ian Levy said, as his voice cracked with emotion, said: "I'm going to go on that train to London on Monday and we're going to get Brexit done and build a strong economy for Blyth Valley." The Tory candidate won the seat with 17,440 votes, Labour trailed on 16,727.

It is the first time the seat has turned blue and comes as a massive shock to Labour as the constituency forms part of Labour's heartlands. Labour's Susan Dungworth won the seat in 2017 with a majority of 7,915. Ian Levy was visibly shocked as the result came in The result marked a 10 percent swing from Labour and was in line with the exit poll published at 10pm. Polling guru John Curtice said of the result: "The exit poll forecast that the Conservatives would narrowly win Blyth Valley with a 15-point drop in the Labour vote, and we had a 15-point drop in the Labour vote and the Tories narrowly won Blyth Valley." He added that the 18-point drop for Labour in Sunderland South was "also anticipated". Ian Levy thanked Boris Johnson after the election result was announced Two other results have already come through, both Labour holds.

Sunderland was held with a reduced majority, as was Newcastle Central. The official general election exit poll suggests there will be a significant Tory majority. It predicts Mr Johnson will win a huge majority of 86, winning 368 seats. The Conservatives have gained Blyth Valley from Labour in the first shock result of the 2019 general election. Tory candidate Ian Levy received 17,440 votes, while Labour's Susan Dungworth received 16,728.

It means Mr Levy is Blyth's first Tory MP since 1935. The Northumberland seat was the third in the country to declare, behind Newcastle Central and Houghton and Sunderland South. In his victory speech, Mr Levy thanked his wife and pledged to travel to London and get Brexit done. The result was the first shock of the 2019 election, in which exit polls predicted a Tory landslide. Veteran Labour MP Ronnie Campbell had held the seat since 1987. Traditional Labour heartland Blyth Valley has been seized by the Conservatives for the first time since 1950. NHS nursing worker Ian Levy won the seat on the Northumberland coast with 17,440 votes to Labour candidate Susan Dungworth's 16,728. The Brexit Party came in third place with 3,394 votes, followed by the Liberal Democrats with 2,151 and the Green Party with 1,146. Mr Levy said following his victory: "Thank you to Blyth Valley. You have been redirected here from Hemscott.com as we are merging our websites to provide you with a one-stop shop for all your investment research needs.To search for a security, type the name or ticker in the search box at the top of the page and select from the dropdown results.Registered Hemscott users can log in to Morningstar using the same login details.