10 November 2019 06:35

Seifert goes over long off and the ball just beats the chasers to the boundary.

eoin morgan

Blackcaps 146/5, England 146/7 - Innings rain-reduced to 11 overs New Zealand superover - Looks like Jordan will take the ball for England. First ball scooped to fine leg for two. Jordan flirts with the wide line, and he's gone too far. Seifert goes over long off and the ball just beats the chasers to the boundary. Great ball from Jordan to beat Seifert.

england cricket team

Handy half-volley heaved at and skied, Morgan scrambles and takes an excellent diving catch. 11 off two balls needed, De Grandhomme in. Guptill goes deep for one. Dot ball, and we're done. England superover - Southee will bowl.

Single off the first ball. Bairstow lofts one for six straight over Southee's head. 11th over - 16 runs required off the final over from Neesham. Southee comes around to cut the next ball off to just a single. Four runs needed for a tie. Neesham wide down leg and dispatched to the square leg boundary for four! Four runs to start from Southee helps that. Late cut straight to Munro, just a single there. Curran skies a full toss and somehow it falls to safety for a run. Southee follows the batsman wide, just a leg bye. 9th over - Boult is back, wide and full for a dot ball to start. Huge appeal from Boult for LBW, they scamper a single. Drifts one wide for another dot ball. Curran pulls one over extra cover for a much-needed six. Goes wide again, this time he's pinged. The batsmen turn for a tight two runs, bat is dropped and he's out for all money - but Boult can't collect the throw from deep. 8th over - Santner in, and he may have a stumping off his first ball here. Nifty work from Seifert to reel in a wide one and whip off the bails. Third Umpire confirms the bails were just off before Curran could get his bat back down. S Curran st Seifert b Santner 24 (11). Gregory wastes no time and swiftly charges to slam Santner back over his head for six. Gregory reaches for the next one and spoons an easy catch to Southee at cover. 7th over - England need 57 off 30 balls to win, very manageable. Same delivery the next ball and this time Bairstow edges behind to Seifert. J Bairstow c Seifert b Neesham 47(17) Bairstow goes even bigger off the next ball, another six over cow corner. Thirs ball is swiped awkwardly over long on for six. 5th over - Kuggeleijn's first ball blasted over covers, one bounce and into to the fence from Curran. Massive over for England with two balls to go. Two dots followed by a big six from Bairstow. Curran gets off the mark with a single. Beats Morgan all ends up off his first ball. Swings the next into the clouds and deep enough to go for six over square leg. Boult sprays one down leg for a wide. Morgan doesn;t time the next one, up it goes and down it comes into the hands of Kuggeleijn, and that's a huge wicket for NZ. 2nd over - Southee gets one from his first ball, Vince toes one to mid-off for an easy catch. Wide, a dot ball, and another nice late cut for four to close. 1st over - Boult gets the ball first. Tight to start, just a pair of singles from the first three deliveries. Boult swings one late that strikes Banton dead in front. He wants to review it, Third Umpire agrees, after finally getting the correct delivery to look at. 11th over - Tom Curran will bowl the final over for England. Neesham sneaks a single to put Seifert back on strike. Seifert leans back muscles a full toss over long off for six. Curran repsonds with a lovely in-swinging yorker to collect Seifert's stumps. T Seifert b Curran 39 (16). Same shot off the final ball, this time Taylor is run out coming back for the second. Munro goes deep and straight down the fielder's throat. C Munro c Vince B Curran 46 (21). Two more huge dot balls. Perfectly played scoop shot from Seifert over fine leg for six. Seifert swats another for six over long on to ruin a good over for England. Times the final ball along the deck and through covers for four. 9th over - Munro slams Jordan back over his head for a mammoth six to start the over. Goes again, this time off one knee and over mid-wicket. Slower ball and CDG doesn't pick it, holes out to mid-wicket. 6th over - Guptill goes deep again but not deep enough, caught on the mid-wicket boundary to end a superb knock. Just singles to end a great over from Rashid. 5th over - Munro gets lucky, edging over the keeper's head for four. Guptill brings up his 50 off just 19 balls with a single. Munro hooks for six off the final ball of the over. 4th over - Stumping chance off Rashid's first ball. Guptill frees his arms and goes bang for another six over long-off. Munro sweeps a wide one down leg for two more. 3rd over - Munro gets one in the slot and bangs another six over Jordan's head. Guptill square-cut off a full toss, four more. 2nd over - Guptill advanaces and sends Tom Curran to the cow corner boundary. Goes the same area next ball, but this one is high and over the rope. Guptill cuts over point, they take two more. Dot to finish a 20-run over. 1st over - Guptill rocks back and slams Sam Curran to the mid-on boundary. Blasts the next ball straight over long-on for six. Go and put the kettle on, team. 2:30pm - The rain recommences and the covers are back on. 2:20pm - The England attack will bowl their first ball at 2:30pm. 2:12pm - England have won the toss and chosen to bowl first. England have made three changes with James Vince, Saqib Mahmood and Adil Rashid coming in. 1:47pm - The covers are off and we'll have a toss at 2:10pm. The umpires have confirmed the latest start time possible is 4:47pm.