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Will 'Shetland' Return For Season 6?

Jordan Ogg has his say on the series five finale of Shetland, which was broadcast on BBC One tonight (19 March). Shetland, in turn, appears to have become a kind of purgatory for weegie scallywags like the idiot McGuire and his fellow kidnapper Doyle. Here we have the Perez formula: there's a crime in Shetland. All we need now is for Shetland to remain as murderous as ever, so that Jimmy can once again rally his squad for another thriller in the global crime capital of the north. DI Jimmy Perez returns for series five of Shetland with his team of dedicated detectives and police officers, ready to take on a brand-new murder case.

Douglas Henshall plays DI Jimmy Perez Jimmy moved back to Shetland following the death of his wife Fran, and has raised his stepdaughter Cassie. "He's a kind man who is also a widower struggling to bring up his daughter," says actor Douglas Henshall. As well as the lead role in Shetland – which he's played since the show began in 2013 – Douglas Henshall is also known as Professor Nick Cutter in Primeval, Sergeant William Muncie in true crime drama In Plain Sight, DCS Hepburn in Black Work, and Taran MacQuarrie in Outlander. Shetland is Alison O'Donnell's first major television role, after she joined the show for its debut series. Before playing Tosh, she was better known for her work on stage, treading the boards in Boys, The Hard Man, and Lorca's Yerma.

Steven Robertson plays DC Sandy Wilson The Scottish actor, who was actually born in Lerwick on the Shetland Islands, has played Robert Oswald in the TV series Harlots, Pritchard in Doctor Who, Dominic Rook in Being Human, Michael Connelly in Inside I'm Dancing, and Cuthbert in Tess of the D'Urbervilles. He also starred in a radio adaptation of Shetland, playing DI Jimmy Perez himself. Mark Bonnar plays Duncan Hunter Catherine Walker plays Alice Catherine Walker told The Sunday Post: "I'm going to play a really strong character, someone whose type of relationship with Inspector Perez he hasn't experienced before. Julie Graham plays Rhona Kelly She has been part of Shetland since 2014, and in previous series she was romantically involved with her boss Phyllis (Ordeal by Innocence star Anna Chancellor). The Scottish actress recently returned to her role as Jean McBrian in The Bletchley Circle, but is also known for playing Sheron Dawson in Benidorm, Moira Douglas in One of Us, and Mandy Lewis in Being Eileen.

Rakie Ayola plays Olivia Lennox Jimmy and his team investigate the death of this young Nigerian man after one of his arms (cleanly severed and partially dissolved in Lye) washes up on the beach. The Welsh actress is best known for her role as Kyla Tyson in Holby City, and recently played one of the most prestigious parts in the West End – taking over the role of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in 2017. Ryan Fletcher plays Calum Dunwoody Kirsty Stuart plays Morag Dunwoody Robert Cavanah plays Graeme Benson Derek Riddell plays Chris Brooks The actor is perhaps best known for playing Adam Gettrick in The Missing and Dr Jamie Patterson in No Angels. Erin Armstrong plays Cassie Perez Jimmy's step-daughter, who has now left Shetland to study at university in Glasgow. Aside from Shetland, Erin Armstrong has appeared in World's End, Rillington Place, and Glasgow Girls.

Kate Dickie plays DI Sam Boyd John Kazek plays Paul Kiernan Back when he was beardless, John Kazek played Steward Turnbull in the TV series Titanic. Jenni Keenan Green plays Claire McGuire Angus Miller plays Donnie Titana Muthui plays Zezi Ugara Robin Laing plays Gavin Laird Therese Bradley plays Andrea Doyle Recent roles include DCI Rachel Grant in River City and Julie in Anna and the Apocalypse. Conor McCarry plays PC Alex Grant A member of the team at Shetland police, making his first appearance in series five. He starred as Dessie Toner in ITV drama The Loch, and has also made appearances in Outland (as Young Jamie), The Night Manager (as Jacob Dodridge) and Rillington Place (as PC Ledger). Tracy Wiles plays Carla Hayes You may recently have spotted her in Manhunt, where she played Monica.

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Owen Whitelaw plays Prentice Hayes The actor played Lee Walsh in the TV series One of Us, and has starred in more than 25 stage productions. Lorn MacDonald plays Jamie Hayes The young actor has played Gregor in World's End, and Geordie in Outlander. Anne Kidd plays Cora McLean Like Julie Graham and Owen Whitelaw, Anne Kidd appeared in One of Us, playing Meredith. Meghan Tyler plays Mags A relative newcomer to our screens, Meghan Tyler played Kate in the TV series Persona and Rachel McGuigan in Scot Squad. Lewis Howden plays Sergeant Billy McCabe The fifth series of Shetland began on Tuesday 12th February at 9pm on BBC1 (10:40pm in Wales) and will continue on Tuesdays at 9pm People trafficking, prostitution, murder, manslaughter, kidnap, fraud… there hasn't been a right lot to giggle about in the latest (fifth) series of Shetland (BBC1). Trying to cheer up his old mate Duncan Hunter (Mark Bonnar), his life lately destroyed by a crooked accountant, Perez tells him: "Watching you live your life is like watching Scotland try to qualify for the world cup. Watching Shetland, by comparison, is nothing like watching Scotland (or, less often, England) try to qualify for the World Cup. Shetland, contrast, succeeds in giving its fans exactly what the best TV detective drama series usually do - a well-paced script, plenty of well-crafted plotlines and tricksy clues, stunning scenery and, of course, a broody, complex, compromised central character at the core of it all. But one who cares, as Perez does almost in defiance of his nature, and it is difficult to imagine anyone quite playing the role with the maximum understatement that Henshaw brings to the task. By contrast, the most powerful scene in the series comes when Olivia (Rakie Ayola) is told by Perez over the phone that her daughter Zezi (Titana Methuen) has been found and is safe – that is all tears, for Olivia and for the viewer too. There's a lot of mordant chat about the weather, illustrated with shots of dark grey clouds above even darker grey lochs." BBC/7Wonder/Jaimie Gramston 18/18 Doctor Who - New Year's Day special (BBC1) "As a slightly cheesy reminder of what we love about Doctor Who – i.e. the fact it gives us an intergalactic eccentric in a big flappy overcoat shouting at Daleks – this is a New Year treat that more than delivers" BBC 1/18 Fleabag (BBC) "While there are plenty of well-turned one-liners, the deeper attraction of Fleabag is schadenfreude. And it surely is the first big-budget superhero tale more indebted to Wes Anderson than to Stan Lee." Netflix 8/18 Baptiste (BBC1) "Yet again the Williams have woven a brilliantly tangled web, helped in no small part by Karyo's quietly arresting central turn" PA 9/18 Catastrophe (Channel 4) "There's really been nothing quite like Catastrophe on our screens before, and it deserves its cult status for the quality of everything the production team do, not least the stunning cinematography in this finale. The highly anticipated season five of Shetland, the Scandi-noir-like murder mystery show that takes place on the Scottish island of its namesake, has made this winter feel even more blustering. Now that the season is coming to a close, it's time to look ahead and ask: will Shetland return for season six? Season five of Shetland will round off on Tuesday, March 19 on BBC1 at 9 p.m. in what's sure to be an explosive season finale. It'll complete the six-part season, and, as per the official site's synopsis for the final episode, it'll see "Olivia giving up hope," while "Perez at last closes in on Zezi's location. However, if you want to stay updated in the meantime, your best bet may be to follow lead man DI Perez aka Douglas Henshall on Twitter. He's always on the ball when it comes to all things Shetland, and he even used his Twitter account to announce when season five would begin shooting. Our drama series #Shetland will return to @BBCOne," alongside a steely, cold-looking snap of Perez. That means you'll also want to follow BBC Scotland's Twitter account for an update on season six's status. The Independent gave its season opener a glittering four-star review, saying: "Everything about Shetland (BBC1) is so well-judged that it seems unfair to pick on one performance in particular.