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Simon Cowell shares his son, Eric (pictured above) with his partner Lauren Silverman.

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Before becoming a dad, Simon Cowell was most likely to be found sailing the high seas in a luxury yacht surrounded by a bevy of beauties. The X Factor mogul had it made with exes Sinitta, Jackie St Clair, Terri Seymour and Mezghan Hussainy as his companions on the 196ft Slipstream or at his luxury Barbados mansion. Dubbed the 'harem', the happy gang loved to play board games and have movie nights - but Sinitta was quick to insist things were strictly platonic. The girls are all there with partners or as friends," she once told the Daily Mail. (Image: Splash) Either way, Simon - who turns 61 this week - loved it and was quoted in Tom Bower's biography Sweet Revenge as saying he loved to play his ladies off against each other.

america's got talent

"I want to be happy, have good people around me. I'm attracted to certain personalities who are difficult to control, so there are tantrums, tears and fights, which is all part of the drama. (Image: Getty) But everything changed following the birth of his son Eric, six, with partner Lauren Silverman - who was once another member of the co-called 'harem' - in 2014. The singer dated Simon on and off for 20 years and remained convinced they'd get back together for good - until Eric was born. Sinitta, 51, told New magazine: "There was always an element of 'well, it's never really over.' "[Lauren] and I were best friends.

The 'fallout', according to Sinitta, was caused by the fact she felt betrayed by 'sister' Lauren and was 'shocked' when Simon called her to say Lauren was expecting despite still being married to property developer Andrew Silverman. (Image: Rex) When you've been close friends with someone and you're calling each other sisters and family and confided all of your secrets and feelings over the years to them… Lauren was that person to me," Sinitta claimed to The Sun. But despite their woes, Sinitta and Simon remain close and she's even godmother to Eric while he is godfather to her kids Magdalena and Zac who she adopted with ex-husband Andy Willner. And she believes she and Simon are so tight that they share a 'psychic bond' that alerted him when she secretly contracted coronavirus earlier this year. I didn't tell Simon I was ill but it wasn't long before he got in touch," she told the Sunday Mirror. "When he got through, Simon said, 'You've got it [the virus] haven't you?' And I said, 'How do you know?' (Image: Press Association) Extra TV host Terri dated Simon for six years from 2002 to 2008 before they ended things because in Simon's words: "She wants a different path in life." I have always been and I know Terri knows that," he told Just Jared at the time. But unlike some of the other 'harem' members, Terri, 48, survived the cull and remains a pivotal part of Simon and Lauren's life. She regularly shares Instagram pictures of herself and Lauren enjoying playdates with Eric and her own daughter Coco, five, who she raises in Los Angeles with her model and artist partner, Clark Mallon. (Image: officialterriseymour/Instagram) And she has previously opened up about her continuing friendship with Simon. Actually we'll often speak to each other five, even 10 times a day. And when Simon is in LA we see each other daily," she once said. Former Playboy and Page 3 pin-up Jackie and Simon met on the nightclub scene in the 1980s and remained close friends after the romance ran out. But there's no love lost between her and Sinitta, who reportedly refused to be on the boat at the same time as Jackie in 2012. Dishing on the fallout, Sinitta told the Daily Mail: "We're never in each other's company. Simon would prefer it if we could be." (Image: PA) It was a pretty torrid day, absolutely hellish," he told The Mirror. (Image: WireImage) It looked like Simon had finally been tamed when he proposed to make-up artist Mezhgan on Valentine's Day 2010 in the bedroom of his plush pad in Holland Park, London. (Image: mezhganhussainy/Instagram) She hasn't been spotted with Simon or Lauren for several years. Simon Cowell dreams of a 'splashy return' after a back injury and surgery forced him off 'AGT.' An insider gives an update on Simon's recovery and his 61st birthday celebrations! The best present for Simon Cowell, who is celebrating his 61st birthday today on Oct. 7, would be returning to the limelight. Simon even missed out on the grand finale that aired on Sept. As Simon celebrates this year's birthday in recovery, HollywoodLife was given an update on how the famous judge is feeling post-operation and how he spent this special day with his six-year-old son, Eric. "[Simon] is doing as well as one could be after back surgery, and he knows that he really dodged a bullet and could easily be paralyzed or worse dead," a source close to the AGT judge EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. "So, he is counting his lucky stars and is very happy that he is able to enjoy this birthday at home in Malibu and it is as calm as it can be." Simon's son, Eric, has also been a huge help throughout his dad's recovery — not just on his birthday! "[Simon] really is enjoying this time with Eric, and he is loving that Eric is actually a big help around the house and getting things for his dad throughout his recovery. Whether it is something like a drink or food or a book, Eric is really stepping up and helping out," our source continues. Although Simon's grateful for both his son's help and the success of the surgery, he was undoubtedly disappointed about his lack of screen time on Season 15 of AGT. Simon Cowell shares his son, Eric (pictured above) with his partner Lauren Silverman. So to take advantage of all of that, when Simon is completely 100 percent, we will all know as he is looking to make a splashy return and will likely have a big interview to surround his somewhat of what some would call a comeback." It has not yet been announced if Simon's returning for Season 16 of AGT, and he was already feeling down for missing a majority of Season 15."Simon was disappointed that he had to miss AGT and the finale. He loves being a part of the show and he can't wait to be back next season," our source also tells us, who admits that the judge is "still in [a] bit of rough shape," which "one could only imagine since he broke his back." As for what the rest of Simon's recovery process will look like, our source reveals, "There is a lot of work still to be done for Simon to get back to 100 percent, but he is looking forward to getting back on his feet, literally. But for now, rehab and relaxation is what is needed." Simon is "getting a little antsy" now, our source admits, but his son is helping him with "passing the time." Our source concludes, "[Simon] loves that he can hang out with son a lot more. — Simon Cowell (@SimonCowell) August 10, 2020 Simon revealed that he fell off an electric bike in the beginning of August, and at the time, his rep confirmed with HollywoodLife that Simon had "broken his back in a number of places." We learned even more details about the incident from a source who EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife in August, "[Simon] was testing the new bike pretty slowly and just in the turning circle in the courtyard of the house and as he changed gear the bike flew up in the air in a huge wheelie and he fell off backwards landing on his back."

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