09 January 2021 20:34

Sing Andrea Bocelli Sing

A two-year-old has given social media users a "needed lift" amid a winter of bleak news with her fervent singing on the streets of Liverpool. Eleanor, or Nel for short, was filmed by her father Mikey Ferguson as she offered a joyfully unabashed rendition of Let It Go, from Disney's Frozen, as she walked in the snow. Mr Ferguson, a Church of England priest, posted the video with the caption: "Can the Church sing about God as passionately as my daughter sings Frozen full pelt in the streets?!" The 31-year-old told the PA news agency: "She absolutely loves singing her heart out, and I was so happy to catch a moment like this so organically." The footage has since been widely shared, garnering more than 26,000 likes and hundreds of thousands of views on Twitter - with one user, @HatchPeter, describing it as "the loveliest thing I'll see today". "I'm really blown away not just by how many times it's been liked and shared, but by how many people have said that seeing this video was a lift that they needed," Mr Ferguson said. "I think social media can sometimes be a horrible place but it feels so amazing that Nel could inspire such positivity."

Nel melts hearts with Frozen sing-a-long