27 March 2020 02:38

“So there was always going to be a second season with Patrick playing Jean-Luc Picard.

Star Trek: Picard Showrunner Michael Chabon Explains the Season Finale's Big Moments

The first season finale of Star Trek: Picard delivered an at-times-incoherent blast of nostalgia, but one of its best moments was its most emotionally powerful—and it turns out it was secretly even more touching than you could've expected. In the final battle between the Zhat Vash and the potential harbinger of Synthetic oblivion, Picard may have been allowed to cheat death (with a little help from some very smart friends), but there was one proper goodbye to be had: after mee ting his former c aptain in a cyberspace limbo, Brent Spiner's Commander Data officially lived his last moments. One of his final neurons used to create Isa Briones' synthetic heroines, twin sisters Dahj and Soji, made a request for the revived Picard to shut down his neuron for good, giving Data the chance to truly experience the value of his organic life by likewise experiencing the end of it. As Picard delivers a touching eulogy back in the real world, Data's synthetic soul prepared himself for his last moments—complete with a facsimile of his c aptain, a nice robe for his final rest, and "Blue Skies" swelling in the soundtrack, the Irving Berlin song Data sang at Troi and Riker's wedding in Star Trek: Nemesis. It was a touching chance to give Data a farewell more befitting than his distant sacrifice in Nemesis (the least of that movie's problems, admittedly), and a moment Picard's finale effectively balanced its nostalgia-trip and character work to make something beautiful.

Now that Star Trek: Picard's first season has come to an end, the CBS All Access series has resolved its major plotline revolving around the ban on synthetic humanoids and the search for a new race of Data-like androids. It's also now firmly established Jean-Luc Picard's new crew--the Picard Squad--as they head out for new adventures in Season 2 and beyond. I spoke with Season 1 showrunner Michael Chabon about the return of Patrick Stewart's iconic character, the decision to kill off the beloved Data (again), balancing classic Next Generation castmembers like Riker and Troi with the new crew, and--of course--whether or not we'll see Picard's housekeepers/Romulan super-spies Laris and Zhaban again. Read on for all that and more…In a surprising turn of events, the Picard season finale bring back Brent Spiner's Data--or his consciousness, anyway, via a VR simulation--only to kill him once and for all. Many fans had been expecting this season to end with Data being restored to life in some way (after his other death in the film Star Trek: Nemesis), and perhaps even joining the regular cast for year two.

That Data did die."It turns out Spiner did not want to undo his character's original death in Nemesis, and so the story of Picard unfolded from there. So we had a pretty clear sense from the beginning it was going to be some version of what you actually see in the last episode."As for that other death that happens in the episode--the end of Picard himself, who is reborn shortly thereafter in a synthetic body--Chabon confirms that there was never any plan to permanently kill the admiral (retired) since a Season 2 of the show was always intended."Although it wasn't announced until fairly far along in the process, for no doubt really sound reasons of marketing and publicity and everything, we've always known we had Patrick for at least two seasons," says Chabon. "So there was always going to be a second season with Patrick playing Jean-Luc Picard. That was a mandate of Stewart's in signing on to the show, and it meant bringing in a whole new cast and setting, ditching the Starfleet uniforms and ships, and essentially charting a new course for Jean-Luc Picard. And in the middle of a long production and shooting season that was in many ways as complex as the plot of the series itself, I think writing it was kind of a little bit of a respite too." They were breakout characters at the start of the season, with their bickering interactions, their kick-ass secret-super-spy fight movies, and their constant doting on Jean-Luc. Unfortunately, they disappeared from the show after Picard left Earth in the third episode--somebody needed to look after the grapes!

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