01 January 2020 22:37

"So there was no way I would have left Manchester United and the club knew that.

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Sir Alex Ferguson turned down the chance to become England manager twice in his legendary career. It was never likely the former Manchester United boss would ever take the job, considering the fact he's Scottish, but that didn't stop the FA trying. The man who could have done the job and the man who is doing it. Image: PA Images Feguson, who turns 78 today, spoke to Dan Walker in 2015 and confirmed he'd turned down the chance to manage the Three Lions twice, then explained why, saying, "Adam Crozier [then FA Chief Executive} made an appointment with Martin Edwards to come talk to him about signing me and I was in the building anyway and Martin says 'just talk to him.' "And I said 'no way, I'm not gonna manage England.' "And Martin says, 'Just do him the courtesy of speaking to him.' Advert "The thing was, why would I leave Manchester United? I was as happy as a landlord at this great club.

Sir Alex Ferguson's Response To Being Offered The England Job Is Brilliant

The motivation was there, you look at the training ground and see all these great players. "The motivations were the players, the dressing room, the opportunity to win football matches and the biggest motivation of all was to win football matches and I was definitely at the right club. "To sit in the stadium at Old Trafford on a Saturday afternoon with no one in it, or a Sunday morning with no one in it, unbelievable motivation. "So there was no way I would have left Manchester United and the club knew that. There was absolutely no way I would have managed Scotland, other than the fact I couldn't have gone back to Scotland. Interestingly Fergie also gave his thoughts on the ideal candidate but in the four years since his thoughts seem to have been proved wrong, with the Scotsman talking all about experience. Gareth Southgate has already done a better job than Roy Hodgson, who Ferguson thought was perfect, saying, " I think it's a difficult job anyway. I think you need to be an older manager, when you've achieved everything else you want to achieve and in terms of experience. "For instance Jock Stein was the perfect age at Scotland, Roy Hodgson is the perfect age. He's achieved at many clubs, he's been an international manager with Switzerland, he's gathered a lot of experience. He's the perfect age for an international manager. A younger manager, for me, it would be a difficult job."