28 July 2020 16:31

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Developer Mediatonic has teamed up with Devolver Digital to create Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. In Fall Guys, up to 60 players partake in a contest composed of a series of different party games. I got to go hands-on with the closed beta for Fall Guys: Ultimate on PC, and these are my impressions after a weekend with the game. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is best described as the game show Wipeout, if it was a saturday morning cartoon. Fall Guys follows a last-man-standing format.

Starting with 60 players, contestants will face off in different events, in pursuit of qualifying. For example, during an obstacle course level, the first 44 players to cross the finish line will qualify for the next event, the remaining 16 players are eliminated, but are free to spectate the following events. From the jump, Fall Guys is just stupid levels of fun. Watching the number of already qualified players rise as I continued to fall off the map and get reset created the same sense of nail-biting suspense you get from watching the final moments of a game show on TV. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout features several unique courses composed of different objective-based challenges.

In particular, there is a game mode where all players are placed on a platform with two different beams - one along the floor and one in the air. Rotating completely independent of each other, players had to jump and dive to avoid being knocked off the stage by these moving beams. The first 12 players to fall would be eliminated, and the rest moved on to the next round. I really liked how some levels forced players to work together, and how that clashed with the selfish behavior that's typically fostered in last-man-standing games. During the seesaw level, players race through a series of balance based platforms, which will quickly tip one way or the other depending on where players are standing. Obviously, it would be in players' best interest to try and keep the platforms even so that they can easily cross, but logic has no place in a game like Fall Guys. At its heart, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a party game, so the fun is amplified when you load into a match with some friends. Playing with friends is incredibly fun in Fall Guys, but Mediatonic leaves a bit to be desired. For a party game that can support up to 60 players, it was a bit of a let down to see that you could only queue into a match with a party of four. The integration of custom games would let large groups of players have fun together, without comprimising the integrity of public matches.. The closed beta for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout delivered on all the zany chaos that I was expecting from the trailers and gameplay. I look forward to (literally) diving back into the action when Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout launches on August 4. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is coming to PlayStation Plus next week! With launch just around the corner, we wanted to give our contestants a closer look at four of the 25 Rounds they will be playing when we open the doors to these blindingly colorful courses on August 4. Created from the mad imagination of our Senior Game Designer, Anthony 'Peps' Pepper, The Whirlygig is one of our iconic 'Gauntlet' levels that pit our contestants against the toughest, funniest obstacles we can come up with! Designed for 60 Fall Guys at max capacity, The Whirlygig was inspired by the giant windmills seen on classic mini-golf courses—but with the chaos turned all the way up to 11. Giant spinning propellers, conveyor belt launchers and huge sweeper arms mean Fall Guys get flung further across the arena than on any other Round, and this is where our first Top Tip lies… Any contestant worth their salt can dodge the rotating sweepers near the start, but the real skill comes from using them to catapult your Fall Guy forwards towards the finish line! Hoopsie Daisy is a Team Round, meaning that all remaining Fall Guys get put into teams mid-Show, with the losing team being completely eliminated! This Round requires contestants to dive through hoops to score points for your team. Joseph Juson, the designer behind this slapstick round found inspiration from video clips of circus performers jumping through hoops, "it felt incredibly important that we give Fall Guys the opportunity to do the same. Sometimes you're never going to be the one to reach a Hoop, but if a Fall Guy from another team is close by try grabbing them to slow them down while they squirm to escape your grasp! While most rounds test your reaction times, Perfect Match requires concentration and a good memory to progress. Lead Level Designer, Meg Ralph, explains, "We wanted to try a Round that was more logic based. Some contestants just haven't got the skills to keep up in Perfect Match, and will end up following the crowd's decision. There's nothing more satisfying in Fall Guys than tricking others into getting eliminated early. Roll Out is a 60 player survival Round, meaning that one missed jump will cause instant elimination! Contestants start standing on the top of a giant roller, but as the round starts segments of this roller will start to rotate in different directions, speeding up over time. Nowhere is safe for long, so contestants must do their best to survive until the round ends. Fall Guys must jump across gaps in the rollers if they want to avoid elimination, and these gaps are the perfect place to set a trap. The Whirlygig, Hoopsie Daisy, Perfect Match and Roll out are only four of the 25 rounds you'll find in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.