17 December 2019 12:42

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Brekky Wrap: Boy, 8, Has Grains Surgically Removed After Being Forced To Kneel For Hours

An eight-year-old boy has had to have buckwheat surgically removed from his knees after he was forced to kneel on the grains for up to nine hours. Sergey Kazakov, 35, from Russia, is accused of torturing his stepson for coming home late and filming the abuse. Kazakov said he tried "to raise a real man", according to the European News Exchange. His mother Alina Yumasheva admitted she had approved the punishment, with the couple discovering the form of discipline online. State investigators also claim the couple starved the boy for days at a time.

The child's ordeal came to light when he fled the family home and went to neighbours for help. News READ MORE Tough Day Ahead For Firies As Heatwave Reaches NSW As conditions on firegrounds across NSW eased on Monday evening firefighters began desperately working on containment lines before the state is expected to roast in a heatwave. The Murray Darling Basin Plan will be in the spotlight today when water ministers meet in Brisbane. Federal Water Minister David Littleproud has called on the states to give the inspector-general tough new compliance powers. "The inspector-general needs powers to compel evidence and call witnesses so he can make recommendations," he said.

Victoria and NSW have reservations about the plan and are calling for major changes. Two Australians facing drug charges in Bali have wept in court as the prosecutor called for lenient sentences. News READ MORE Aussies Weep As They Face Drug Charges In Bali Court Two Australians charged with cocaine possession in Bali wept in relief after the prosecutor called for sentences of 14 to 18 months, including time served. More than 100 doctors have written an open letter calling for Julian Assange to be returned home for urgent medical treatment. "Should Mr Assange die in a British prison, people will want to know what you, minister, did to prevent his death," the letter read, urging the federal government to step in.

School leavers in NSW and the ACT receive their long-awaited ATAR results today. About 75,000 students received their results via text message this morning, they'll be available online later today. The eight-year-old helpless boy had to go through a surgery to remove buckwheat crops after it started growing on his knees when his stepfather forced him to kneel on them. His pain only stopped when he ran away from the family home and requested a neighbor to assist, showing his terrific injuries. Software developer Sergey Kazakov, 35, ordered the boy to bend on the buckwheat and his mother Alina Yumasheva, 27 observed on.

An upsetting video shared by concerned authority reveals how Kazakov hit and pulled the child's hair, as by the official's report. Yumasheva alleged she and Kazakov discovered this kind of punishment on the internet and applied it to the boy after he was late home from school and playing outdoors. Kazakov – who logged his "pain" in a diary – and Yumasheva is enduring a continuous hearing in Omsk. After one month in the hospital, the boy has been turned into her care, say Russian reports. This was despite the child requesting with his therapist in hospital: "Will you carry me to live in a good family now?" Boy, 8, has surgery to remove grains from knees after 'stepfather punished him' Sergey Kazakov is on trial in Russia, accused of torturing his stepson An eight-year-old boy was made to kneel on buckwheat grains until the seeds rooted inside his knees and had to be surgically removed, according to Russian media.

Sergey Kazakov, 35, a computer programmer, is accused of torturing his stepson by forcing the child to kneel for up to nine-hours at a time and through the night on buckwheat grains. In a case that has shocked Russia, he apparently filmed the abuse, which included footage of him kicking and pulling the boy's hair. Kazakov said he did it to try "to raise a real man", according to the European News Exchange. Speaking on the first day of the trial that opened on Monday in the Siberian city of Omsk, Russian news publication Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that Lyudmila Sharapova, a nurse at the Omsk Clinical Child Hospital, said: "We were absolutely shocked when we saw [his injuries]. The young boy recently underwent surgery to remove areas of skin on his knees in order to remove the grains. Image: The child's mother Alina Yumasheva is also accused of torture The publication reports Kazakov and the boy's mother, Alina Yumasheva, are accused of torturing, for causing harm to the health of a minor and failure to fulfil parental obligations. The stepfather was described by the paper as a "tyrant" and reported that the mother was "very afraid" of him. Larisa Boldinova, a spokesperson for the Omsk region's investigative committee, said: "The accused intentionally filmed everything to make sure that the eight-year-old boy did not try to get up and stayed on his knees for the entirety of the punishment. "The investigators have confirmed cases, when the boy was forced to stay on his knees for the entire night." Komsomolskaya Pravda also reported the child endured days without food and was treated for exhaustion. AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD boy had to undergo surgery to have buckwheat removed from his knees after his stepfather forced him to kneel on a pile of the seeds for prolonged periods of time in Russia. Sergey Kazakov, 35, punished the boy for coming home late by making him kneel for 9-hours on the grain, causing the seeds to take root in his bloodied knees. Kazakov also admitted to kicking the boy and pulling his hair while he was kneeling down, with his mother Alina Yumasheva stating that she had approved the punishment. Speaking to a local Russian newspaper, the pair claimed that they discovered the form of punishment on the internet and when they tried out for themselves for a few minutes it didn't hurt at all. However, sources close to the investigation said the boy was often abused by his mother and stepfather who would regularly starve the boy for up to 4 days at a time. Kazakov also had told the police he only carried out the buckwheat punishment once, but a search of his phone painted a very different picture, with the boy being forced to kneel on the seeds on multiple occasions. The boy's ordeal came to light when he ran from his family home and begged his neighbour to help. Evidently horrified by what she saw, she called the doctor because of the size of the wound on his knees which were bleeding heavily at the time. Kazakov and Yumasheva are now facing trial in Omsk where they are accused of torture, causing damage to the boy's health and failure to educate the child. Kazakov has been remanded in custody and the boy's mother is prohibited from leaving her home pending the criminal investigation. As Euro Weekly News understands, when the young boy was in hospital he pleaded with the nurse to not send him home, however the boy has subsequently been returned into his mother's care. Maria Batterburyis a general assignment reporter at the Saxon.