24 December 2020 04:34

Spotify Artificial intelligence Roast

If 2020 hasn't been tough enough for you, there's now an Artificial Intelligence bot that wants to judge your taste in music. Many added sad ballads to their daily song collections on Spotify to keep up with the mood of 2020. Others queued up throwbacks to remember the good times before masks, quarantines, and COVID pods entered into our daily vernacular. Some who pride themselves on their ability to make a playlist have tirelessly continued to curate their Spotify brands in 2020 in order to have a flashy "Spotify Wrapped" to share on Instagram by the year's end. Even if you tried, according to the bot, you probably failed.

An A.I. Bot Is Judging How Bad Your Spotify Is — and the Results Are Hilarious

Source: The Pudding Article continues below advertisement Whether you think you've put together a collection that Beyoncé would approve of or you know your profile consists of a very niche type of sound, The Pudding has you covered. They created an A.I. bot to help you answer the age-old question: How bad is your Spotify? Find out below how to take the test and to see some of the internet's funniest responses.