23 October 2019 02:47

Spotify is offering new and existing premium subscribers a free Google smart speaker.

Spotify offering a FREE Google speaker to its premium subscribers - but only while supplies last

Spotify is offering new and existing premium subscribers a free Google smart speaker. The music-streaming giant announced its second major Google giveaway on Tuesday which is offering a free Google Home Mini, which retails at $49.99, to all of its premium subscribers. Spotify's deal is notably juicer than a previous giveaway in which the company offered Google speakers to only those on its more expensive family plan. Now, every user with a premium plan, including those on its less expensive individual one, are eligible. Spotify subscribers can reserve the speaker from Google while supplies last (Stock image) The offer is redeemable only 'while supplies last' and is being extended to customers both existing and new.

Existing customers looking to claim their speaker can follow this link, log into Spotify and select whether they have an individual or family plan. This will effectively 'reserve' their speaker. After it's reserved, applicants will get an email to the address associated with their Spotify account where they can then choose the speaker they want. Google will apply a discount code that makes the device free upon check out. (It's worth noting that when MailOnline followed the steps initially, the discount code had not been applied and prompted staff for card information.

A second attempt successfully applied the code.) New customers must sign up and then follow the process above. One notable hitch upon applying is the requirement that users link their Google and Spotify accounts. Spotify has done similar giveaways in the past but only for members of its more expensive family plan (File photo) This provides Google access to playlists, library, and more. It also allows Google to go into one's account and add songs to playlists. Luckily these privileges can be turned off after the fact by going into one's Spotify account settings, though many users may either forget or fail to recognize that access had been granted.

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While the Google Home Mini isn't the newest of Google's speakers - it announced the newest Google Nest Mini this month - it's still a pretty great offer for those in the market for a smart device. Entertainment Hurry, Spotify Is Giving Out Free Google Home Minis Right Now This doesn't appear to affect the Home Max, displays like the Home Hub or Nest-branded speakers. It's not clear when there might be a fix. However, it's a serious problem for those unfortunate owners affected by the glitch. While it's a relatively minor hassle to get a speaker replaced under warranty, many Home and Home Mini devices are out of warranty. You might be forced to pay for a replacement even though Google is responsible for knocking your speaker out of commission.