06 December 2019 12:44

Spotify Wrapped YouTube Rewind 2019

YouTube Rewind 2019: PewDiePie Most-Watched Creator With 4 Billion Views

It's that time of the year again, folks! YouTube crunched all the numbers and looked back on the year that was to establish the most popular viewing trends. YouTube Rewind brings together the biggest viral videos featuring today's biggest YouTube stars, mainstream and current affairs personalities; based on views, shares, comments and likes. South Africa's top trending videos The showcase for 2019 includes a montage of clips from top videos and channels, as well as the moments that defined the past year. Top 5 videos watched in South Africa This list excludes videos from major music labels.

A look at Mamlambo's lavish lifestyle, shared by Trends RSA, caught the attention of South Africans everywhere and had tongues wagging back in May. To date, the clip has been viewed more than 1.3 million times. Gemini Blessed TV – Uzalo actors and their loved ones in real life Other video hits for the year include: Top 15 Music Videos watched by South Africans in 2019 Dames is number 5 on this list. Other music video hits for the year include: A breakdown of what SA's loved and liked on YouTube can be found here. Swedish star PewDiePie features in YouTube's Rewind video for 2019, after being left out of last year's version. The 30-year-old – whose real name is Felix Kjellberg – makes a brief appearance during the segment of the video devoted to the year's most popular YouTubers.

His record view count of 4 billion is acknowledged, with PewDiePie fist-bumping the camera and clutching a shiny trophy. Last year's iteration of the video became the most disliked video in YouTube history after leaving out a slew of influential YouTubers, including PewDiePie. YouTube sensation PewDiePie features in this year's YouTube Rewind video, after being left out of last year's version. YouTube's annual Rewind video highlights some of the biggest creators and moments of the video site in 2019, and last year attracted criticism for leaving out major but controversial stars like PewDiePie. In this year's five-minute Rewind, YouTube acknowledges PewDiePie's record of a gargantuan 4 billion video views. PewDiePie, real name Felix Kjellberg, makes a brief appearance during the segment of the video devoted to the year's most popular YouTubers. Other prominent YouTuber video creators acknowledged in the video – which lasts around 5 minutes – include Azzyland, with 1.9 billion views; Dude Perfect; with 2.3 billion; and Felipe Neto, the second-most viewed individual YouTuber with 2.8 billion views.

Lees ook op Business Insider Heb jij meer of minder hypotheek (en overwaarde) dan anderen van jouw generatie? Van 25 tot 85 Although the 2019 video has received some praise for highlighting more diverse creators, some disgruntled viewers suggested its top 10-style compilation format was lazier than the high production values of prior Rewinds. Last year's iteration of the video became the most disliked video in YouTube history after leaving out a slew of influential YouTubers, including PewDiePie, who had himself garnered controversy through 2018. The 2018 video currently has 17 million dislikes to just 2 million likes. Best-known for his video game walkthroughs, meme reviews and idiosyncratic humour – as well as his burgeoning bromance with Elon Musk – the 30-year-old's actions have sometimes come under scrutiny.

He also retracted a $50,000 donation to a Jewish anti-hate charity earlier this year, saying "a lot of things" about the group had surfaced and it didn't feel "genuine" to make the donation. YouTube on Thursday released its Rewind 2019 video with a changed format that includes a montage of the most views clips on YouTube this year, ditching the older format with original content that saw the Rewind 2018 video becoming the most 'disliked' video in the history of the website with more than 16 million users expressing their distaste for it in no uncertain terms. To change this around, the Rewind 2019 video includes shots from the most-watched and most-liked videos on the platform this year, from the biggest games to must-watch beauty palettes and breakout stars. While the jury is still out on this year's effort, the company at least made no excuses for its 2018 misstep, admitting that it messed up last year, saying: "In 2018, we made something you didn't like. Overall, the losing battle with T-Series notwithstanding, it was another great year for PewDiePie, who finished as the most-watched creator on the platform with more than 4 billion views.

Overall, the most-liked videos included Señorita by Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello, Boy with Luv by K-pop sensation BTS ft. So do you like this year's video any more than the one from last year? YouTube keeps its tradition of YouTube Rewind going as they released YouTube Rewind 2019 video titled YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record. The new video comes a year after YouTube clocked in the most disliked video on the platform with YouTube Rewind 2018. The award for the laziest video of the year goes to YouTube Rewind 2019: For the Record. The video streaming platform, which plays house to millions of creators and videos from across the world, kept their YouTube Rewind tradition going and released 2019's YouTube Rewind and it is extremely disappointing. The new YouTube Rewind followed YouTube Rewind of 2018, which FYI is the most disliked video on the platform right now. Going by the Rewind video released this year, YouTube Rewind 2018 would be demoted to the second-most disliked video on YouTube. From music videos to gaming and creators, YouTube Rewind gave us a run-through of the videos that made the headlines this year. The video collage was set against some of the best songs of the year. From Ariana Grande's 7 Rings to Billie Eilish's Bad Guy, several hit tracks of the year complemented the video. It honestly felt like we were seated in a meeting with YouTube than looking back at the year gone by. What's worse, the video has already got more dislikes than likes. At the time of reporting, the video has 1.1 million likes while it boasts 2.1 million dislikes. Where are the good old YouTube Rewind videos? While we wonder what has gone wrong, you check out the YouTube Rewind 2019 video below: While you are at it, let us also know your favourite YouTube Rewind video. Credits:YouTube YouTube Rewind 2019 has arrived, and needless to say, it hasn't gone down well. This year, they have decided to ditch the whole original video segments thing and have instead decided to offer users a montage of moments from the year passed. Interestingly, last year's edition proved to be the most disliked video on YouTube - like ever, seriously. According to Variety, Kevin Allocca - head of culture and trends at YouTube - expressed in an interview: "We heard a lot of feedback that the video last year didn't reflect people's experience on YouTube." He continued: "Rewind has always been a moment to celebrate the big things that happened on YouTube and document the end of the year. People feel a real sense of ownership of what they create on the platform." Why does everyone hate YouTube Rewind 2019? The major reason seems to be that people think they've simply copied WatchMojo's format, as it essentially just offers a montage of videos in a countdown format, keeping the videos it showcases short and snappy. At the time of writing it has 1.1m likes, overweighed by a staggering 2.2m dislikes. Don't just take it from us though, as there are a range of reactions to the video on Twitter to check out... Twitter reactions to YouTube Rewind Did YouTube hire Watchmojo to do YouTube Rewind this year? Youtube: so, last year's #YouTubeRewind was the most disliked video, so in this year's one we are going to make it better Youtube Rewind 2019: *1m likes, 2m dislikes* Youtube: pic.twitter.com/sysJlUlhVz — (@nachitoodz) December 6, 2019 The @youtube rewind is pathetic. You have an entire year to plan for a video that could highlight so many of the truly magnificent creators on this beautiful platform & instead make it a self-indulgent pity-play to highlight the already clearly highlighted videos?? Pretty disappointed in YouTube rewind tbh.. We need to give people credit for their effort/talent, not how much attention they get. Jake Paul goes in on YouTube Rewind It's not just rattled YouTube fans, but the titans of the platform too. In a recent Twitter post, he argued: "YouTube rewind was awful. It was basically a terrible music video?" He continued: "Idea: YouTube should bring in and meet with creators every year to help them come up with the rewind..." He even added to his stance in the comments: "They even said it in the intro 'because you're better at this then we are'... SOOO LET US HELP instead of making ANOTHER terrible rewind.. (I'm not even saying me) I'm just saying utilize the amazing people & storytellers on your platform who understand YOUTUBE. It seems a lot of people share his views.