29 July 2020 04:38

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PC Andrew Harper’s mum calls manslaughter conviction a ‘miscarriage of justice’ as 163,000 sign petition to overturn it

An online petition to overturn the verdicts in the killing of PC Andrew Harper has more than 200,000 signatures. Last Friday, three teenagers were convicted of the police officer's manslaughter but cleared of murder. Newlywed PC Harper, 28, died from catastrophic injuries when he was dragged for more than a mile behind their Seat Toledo car after his ankle was caught in a strap behind the vehicle as he tried to apprehend them. The driver, Henry Long, 19, and passengers Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole, both 18, were trying to escape capture at Sulhamstead, Berkshire, after stealing a quad bike on 15 August last year. View photos From left to right: Henry Long, Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers have been convicted of the manslaughter of PC Andrew Harper.

View photos Albert Bowers, left, and Jessie Cole, centre, laughing at a previous court appearance - the pair have been convicted of the manslaughter of PC Andrew Harper. The police officer's widow, Lissie Harper, said she was "immensely disappointed" the three teenagers were cleared of murder. View photos An online petition has demanded that the manslaughter verdicts in the killing of PC Andrew Harper be overturned. The teenagers admitted plotting the theft and Long pleaded guilty to manslaughter but each denied knowing that PC Harper was there. The mother of a police officer who died after being dragged for more than a mile behind a car has added her name to a rapidly growing petition calling the jury's verdict a "miscarriage of justice".

Debbie Adlam has commented on the petition over the case which recently finished at the Old Bailey, where Henry Long, 19, Albert Bowers, 18, and Jesse Cole, 18, were found not guilty of the officer's murder. After adding her name, Ms Adlam posted in the comments section, saying: "Andrew James Harper is my son. Speaking on Friday (July 24) PC Harper's wife Lissie said she was "immensely disappointed" at the jury's verdict. Long, Bowers and Cole will be sentenced at the Old Bailey this coming Friday (July 31). They met Long, Bowers and Cole head on in Admoor Lane, an unlit single track road, at 11.28pm.

PC Andrew Harper's mother has said she is 'utterly and bitterly disgusted' that his killers have been cleared of murder. Debbie Adlam slammed the manslaughter convictions given to Henry Long, Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole. PC Harper had tried to stop the three thieves from stealing a quad bike in Sulhamstead, Berkshire, in August last year. Long, 19, and 18-year-olds Bowers and Cole hugged as they were convicted of manslaughter via videolink from HMP Belmarsh in London on Friday. Debbie Adlam (pictured with her son) said she was 'disgusted' Henry Long, Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole did not get locked up for murder How jury was protected amid fears of intimidation - and one was dismissed after mouthing 'Bye boys' to the defendants The PC Andrew Harper case was dogged by alleged attempts to 'frustrate' the investigation and fears over jury nobbling, it can now be reported.

Detectives quickly tracked down the car which dragged PC Harper to his death in Berkshire to the Four Houses Corner travellers' site. While we were frustrated by family and friends, we have been able to work through that and establish exactly what happened and who was involved.' Supporters of the teenagers - Henry Long, 19, Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole, both 18 - had crowded into the public gallery of the Old Bailey as the case got under way in March. Bowers and Cole were convicted of manslaughter after the jury deliberated for 12 hours and 22 minutes. Despite the verdict, he made clear his view that: 'This was murder and will not in any way take away the pain of what's happened, it's about justice and for those that committed the crime. Long drove off with Bowers in the passenger seat and Cole riding the bike.

Police mugshots of (left to right), driver Henry Long, 19, and his passengers Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers, both 18 The court was told Long must have known he was dragging the officer and with the music blaring and his friends screaming at him, it was said he tried to free PC Harper by zig zagging along the lane. The Seat Toledo with tow rope and the police car in a similar position at the site of the meeting of the vehicles during the Old Bailey jury site visit to the scene in Sulhamstead on July 1 Long, Bowers and Cole all admitted conspiracy to steal a quad bike and Long admitted manslaughter. They insisted they had no idea that PC Harper was trapped behind the car but a macabre re-enactment of the incident with a mannequin showed they must have known the officer was being dragged to his death. During the trial Long, Bowers and Cole smirked and laughed as details of PC Harper's horrific death were read to the jury. Long and Bowers, both of Mortimer, Reading, and Cole, of Bramley, Hampshire, each denied murder and were acquitted. Tragic PC Andrew Harper's heartbroken mum believes the manslaughter convictions for his killers are a 'miscarriage of justice', as she joins 181,000 to sign a petition to overturn them. Albert Bowers, 18, Henry Long, 19, and Jessie Cole, 18, whose car dragged the ­officer for a mile to his death, were sensationally cleared of murder at the Old Bailey on Friday. Writing in the petition comments, she said: "Andrew went to work to serve us all. Dedicated PC Harper, who worked for Thames Valley Police, had ­finished his shift for the day on August 15 last year but took on one more job after reports of a stolen quad bike in Sulhamstead, Berkshire. Sickeningly, the car was zig-zagged as Long tried to dislodge PC Harper, who had ­married his wife Lissie, 29, just four weeks before his death. Ms Adlam's full comment reads: "Andrew James Harper is my son. PC Andrew Harper's mum calls manslaughter conviction a 'miscarriage of justice' as 163,000 sign petition to overturn it THE devastated mum of PC Andrew Harper has branded verdicts of manslaughter for his killers a "miscarriage of justice". Albert Bowers and Jessie Cole, both 18, and Henry Long, 19, who had stolen a quad bike near Reading, hugged after the verdicts. Andrew's wife Lissie, who married him less than a month before he died, said after the Old Bailey verdict: "I now have my own life sentence. Bowers, Cole and Long face sentence on Friday.