09 January 2021 02:42

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4

Star Trek Discovery boss explains how finale sets up season 4

The series co-showrunner Michelle Paradise has now revealed to ComicBook.com she didn't "think it was a conscious thing" to wrap up character arcs, but she liked the idea of a blank slate going forward. "I mean, we've been waiting for Burnham to take the captain's chair and this felt like absolutely the right season to do that. Related: Star Trek: Discovery season 4: Release date, filming, cast, plot and everything you need to know Paradise added that season four will continue asking those sorts of questions which really resonate with fans that find "ways for our characters to grow and change and yet obviously still feel like the characters we know and love". She explained: "Those smaller character moments that sometimes mean everything in a scene or in an episode, digging deeper in the relationships, all of those things that were strong areas of focus for us in season three, continue and will always be part of the show." Star Trek: Discovery airs on CBS All Access in the US and Netflix internationally, including the UK. RELATED STORIES Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Finale Recap: O Captain!

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Finale Recap: O Captain! Star Trek: Discovery Renewed for Season 4 at CBS All Access Warning: This post contains spoilers for Thursday's season finale of Star Trek: Discovery. Thursday's finale saw Burnham lead the Discovery crew in a fierce fight to retake the ship from the evil Osyraa and save the Federation — and she was ultimately rewarded by being named the Discovery's new captain. (CBS All Access renewed Discovery for Season 4 back in October.) TVLine chatted with Discovery co-showrunner and executive producer Michelle Paradise (who wrote the finale) about Burnham's big promotion, and we also hit her with a couple of nagging questions, too. It felt like we have taken her on this incredible journey over the course of three seasons, and we knew at the start of Season 3 that that's where we wanted her to end up.

It's something that I think people have been expecting from the time the show started, and so when we began Season 3, the conversations we had were: Well, if that's where we want her to go, how far away from that can we take her at the top of the season, so she has the most satisfying Season 3 arc possible, but so that it also pays off the journey that she's had over the course of Seasons 1 and 2? So giving her the opportunity to come into this new future and be here for a year without the rest of our heroes on Discovery, and allowing her to grow and change during that time and come back and figure out where she fits in, it felt like the right kind of journey for the character. So that felt like an important journey to start at the end of our season: How do we press forward in the process of reconnecting worlds with one another? Now that they have a cache of dilithium, and certainly they'll have to be responsible to not repeat the mistakes of the past and just overuse it, but it felt like the right place to both end the season and tee up whatever is to come. Just given what's happening in the world today, that just felt like that would be an appropriate message to end our season on, especially coming from him.

That was one of those things, by the way, that we, over the course of Season 3, wanted to do was make sure that our characters, whatever they were experiencing, that their emotional responses were grounded, and that we didn't blow past things. TVLINE | Book made quite an impact this season, as did his cat Grudge, and it looks like they're part of the Discovery crew going forward. I think coming into this season, we knew that we wanted to explore different sides of Burnham. I think the relationship the two of them have, they are able to push one another in new ways and help one another grow, and that was really exciting to find over the course of the season. According to Inverse, the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery will revert to a hybrid model of storytelling, mixing in both episodic and serialized forms of television.

…Even in our new iteration of Star Trek, it feels like we harken back to TOS and some of the other great series." This isn't all that surprising, even though Inverse didn't quote Paradise directly in their article, this is the exact same thing that Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will be doing when that series finally launches. Is Doug Jones leaving Star Trek: Discovery leading into the upcoming season 4? One of the things about Star Trek: Discovery that we appreciate so much is the camaraderie with all of the crew, and we're sure that this is very much going to remain at the foundation of the show moving forward. Related News – When could Star Trek: Discovery season 4 premiere on CBS All Access? What do you most want to see when it comes to Star Trek: Discovery season 4?

But what could this possibly mean for Saru in Star Trek: Discovery Season 4? Will the former captain still play a major role in the upcoming season or is it finally time to say goodbye to Doug Jones' character? In Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 13, Saru spent most of his time with Su'Kal, the child-like Kelpien who was revealed to be the cause of The Burn. In addition to that, fans are concerned that this would mean Saru will not be back in Star Trek: Discovery Season 4. Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 13 is currently streaming on CBS All Access. Related: Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Spoilers: What is the New Mission?