04 March 2019 22:56

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Harrison Ford: 'Elect people who believe in science'

Our latest development roundup deals with grizzled farm dogs voiced by Hollywood icons, a female-led pirate series coming from Ubisoft, and the craziness of Black Friday in a dystopian future. Up first is a brand-new teaser for The Secret Life of Pets 2, which introduces us to Rooster, a wizened and grizzled old farm dog voiced by the great Harrison Ford. "Ubisoft is known for creating innovative video games that combine immense worlds with rich narratives," the company's director of development for television, Danielle Kreinik, told THR. It's the start of a new year, which means it's time for another stern talking to from Harrison Ford. Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai this week, the 76-year-old actor and climate activist practically begged us to stop electing people who don't understand science.

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"All of us whether rich or poor, powerful or powerless, will suffer the effects of climate change and ecosystem destruction," he explained in his speech. For nearly three decades, the actor has used his platform to support scientists working on climate change and the severe biodiversity threats that our planet is currently facing. But Ford also knows that without cooperation from world leaders, all those decades of work will probably be for naught. Without mentioning anyone by name, Ford managed to drag all the world leaders who deny climate change right over the same coals they so desperately want to bring back. "Around the world," he said, "elements of leadership including in my own country to preserve their state and the status quo, deny or denigrate science. Already this year US President Donald Trump has tweeted multiple times about climate change, mocking those who accept this reality and conflating weather with climate. In an interview with CNN before the Dubai Summit, Ford made his disdain for the President explicit, calling out his administration for its environmental disregard. "We've got to elect leaders who are going to face the realities that we're talking about, and do something about it," he told CNN. The 'Indiana Jones' star is coming to Dubai's World Government Summit this week to speak about climate change He's immortalised the characters of Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan on screen, but Harrison Ford's most long-standing part might just be that of activist. The Air Force One star is perhaps most passionate about the issue of climate change, a topic he will explore on-stage this week as part of the World Government Summit in Dubai. Ford will speak at the Future of Our Oceans plenary session on Tuesday, February 12, where he will deliver a 20-minute address on marine conservation to audiences. Ahead of his appearance, the trained pilot released an impassioned video, revealing that climate change presents "the greatest moral challenge of our time". The actor's work in protecting planet Earth's natural resources dates back more than 25 years, with Ford joining Conservation International's board of directors as vice-chair in 1991. The American non-profit is dedicated to conserving food and water sources, livelihoods and a stable climate, and has helped protect more than 601 million hectares of land, marine and coastal areas, according to its website. As part of his work with various conservation societies and organisations, Ford has spoken out about the threat of climate change on multiple occasions. "Young people around the world recognize the need and are committed to meeting the challenge," he said during his acceptance speech. In 2014, Ford appeared as the first guest presenter on Years of Living Dangerously, a documentary series that interviews people affected by, and those seeking solutions to, global warming. Actor and climate change activist Harrison Ford tells high-level delegates at the World Government Summit in Dubai that the planet will be irreparably damaged in just 10 years if we don't act now. DUBAI, United Arab Emirates--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Actor and conservationist Harrison Ford said climate change presents humanity in the 21st century with its most urgent moral crisis in an impassioned speech at the seventh World Government Summit (WGS 2019) in Dubai today. Ford said global cities including Dubai, London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong are under threat from rising sea levels caused by warming oceans. All of us – rich or poor, powerful or powerless – will suffer the effects of climate change," the Conservation International Vice Chair, 76, said in front of a packed out plenary hall at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai. He argued when it comes to protecting oceans the world has proved woefully inadequate, stating, "The earth and seas are the legacy we leave our children. The UAE is the world's first nation to have a Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, and Minister Dr. Thani Al Zeyoudi introduced Ford. Ford warned delegates at the event: "We are facing what I believe is the greatest moral crisis of our time. "If we are to survive on this planet – for our climate, for our security, for our future – we need nature now more than ever. The three-day World Government Summit 2019 runs until February 12 at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai. You can watch the whole Harrison Ford interview on Connect The World, Wednesday 13 February, 10am ET, 3pm GMT. (CNN) Actor Harrison Ford has criticized the Trump administration's stance on climate change, saying "the current government is bent on dismantling all of the gains we've made in the protection of the environment." Speaking to CNN's Becky Anderson in Dubai, where he will be discussing ocean conservation at the World Government Summit, Ford said climate is "probably the most pressing issue that we have on a global scale, and it's a global problem that needs global solutions." But he added that governments around the world were lagging behind when it came to climate action. "There's this isolationism, nationalism that's creeping into governments all across the developed world," said Ford. The actor was in Dubai last week to deliver some hard-hitting lines on climate change American actor Harrison Ford speaks about ocean conservation at the World Government Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2019. Harrison Ford is a man who has the knack of being in the right place at the right time. Or maybe Ford would have moved back to his home city of Chicago — though the storms hitting the United States Midwest are very severe, the climate variances there are becoming very extreme. But because Ford was the right man in the right place at the right time, the part-time actor and whole-time casual carpenter happened to be working on the set in 1973 of what would become a cult classic, American Graffiti. Now, aged 76, Ford has an extensive ranch in Wyoming, flies planes and helicopters as a hobby, has houses around the world — all the trappings one would expect from an actor who was the most bankable of Hollywood A-listers, the bullwhip-cracking archeologist hero Indiana Jones, and the star of so many blockbuster hits it's just not funny. He was in Dubai last week, attending the World Government Summit, and delivering a strong and moving warning to the 4,000 delegates, heads of state, Nobel laureates and leaders of business corporations and international organisations on the need for urgent and sustainable action on climate change. "Around the world, elements of leadership — including in my own country — to preserve their state and the status quo, deny or denigrate science," he said. Ford said the Earth's temperature has risen by 40 per cent, accelerating climate change beyond our predictions, which, given that 75 per cent of the world's largest cities are on a coastline — including Dubai — could lead to devastating effects. While oceans cover 71 per cent of the planet, the impact of rising temperatures would wipe out many island populations, Ford warned. The world will also experience more violent weather and unpredictable weather patterns as global warming rates increase, he said. "We are faced with, what I believe, is the greatest moral crisis of our time. "All of us whether rich or poor, powerful or powerless will suffer the effects of climate change and ecosystem destruction," he added, while calling on humanity to work together and develop practical strategies by investing more in science and adopting behaviours that protect the climate. Harrison Ford and Forest Whitaker headline a star-studded, hilarious commercial for Amazon which aired during Sunday's Super Bowl. Whitaker, the Oscar-winning actor, makes a cameo in the ad as he asks Alexa to play a podcast on his electric toothbrush. Harrison Ford headlines a star-studded, hilarious commercial for Amazon which aired during Sunday's Super Bowl Ford, the Indiana Jones star, is seen yelling at his dog as it barks instructions to order dog food through the 'Alexa collar' Ford reacts to the electricity being turned off thanks to the Alexa malfunction aboard the International Space Station The commercial then shows Alexa turning out the electricity throughout the United States after it malfunctions aboard the International Space Station. Finally, the commercial ends with Ford standing on his porch while Amazon delivers numerous bags of dog food ordered by the pooch through the 'Alexa dog collar' Finally, the commercial ends with Ford standing on his porch while Amazon delivers numerous bags of dog food ordered by the pooch through the 'Alexa dog collar.'